[#220 Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Western Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F]

As the illegitimate daughter of a kept woman, Amanda Dupree is considered unmarriageable. So she sets her sights on building a career as a private investigator. But when a disgraced businessman threatens to get even, she decides it’s a good time leave town. She even has a destination in mind: Waco, Texas, the cousin she’s never met and a quest for lost Confederate gold.

Texas Ranger Adam Kendall and lawyer Warren Jessop are two lawmen with a secret. Lovers at a time when their actions could net them the death sentence in some places, all they want is enough space and privacy to live as they choose. The moment they meet fiery-haired Amanda Dupree they know she belongs with them and vow to help her on her quest.

But will the desperados on their trail destroy all they hold dear, or will the treasure they seek be the key to their happy-ever-after?

A Siren Erotic Romance


The Lost Collection
The Lusty, Texas Collection
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Morgan Ashbury writes as Cara Covington


Morgan Ashbury/Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author

Love Under Two Lawmen (MMF)
104 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I really enjoyed this story and the way the dynamics between the characters grow and strengthen from the moment they meet until their happily ever after. It was a wonderful read.
Susan Hayes
Loved the old west setting for this book and loved the hot male characters. Can't wait read more of the series.
D Ful
Professional Reviews

5 TEA CUPS: "Love Under Two Lawmen is set in the wild west Waco, TX. Amanda Dupree arrives on a train, not looking for love, but to find a legacy that her father gave her on his death bed; a father who didn't even claim her till his death. Seeing the two gorgeous lawmen on the train platform caused Amanda's body to react to their sexual magnetism. She tried to remember that she couldn't trust the law; they were as crooked as the crooks. Amanda learned long ago never to depend on a man; she was strong, and knew how to defend herself, she didn't need men for that. She had a successful business in Richmond, VA. This was to be a quick trip to come get her legacy and go. Adam Kendall and Warren Jassop were waiting for Amanda Dupree, supposed to take her to their friend’s house. When they spotted her they both knew that they would have her, she was gorgeous. Even though they loved each other, they knew the time had came to take a woman to make themselves complete. Even though they didn't know why she was there, they knew that she wouldn't be going back east. Amanda's hidden passion was going to be discovered by these two lawmen, but she knew the danger she was in and their extra protection was a bonus. Going after the treasure brought them closer. They showed her what true passion could be. Amanda loved watching the two men as they showed their love for each other and each showing Amanda that they could love her separately. In the end, it was not the hot and steamy sex that Amanda was running from, she needed to know that her men trusted her to let her be what she needed to be…independent. That even though she loved the hot sex and them she couldn't lose herself or become what her mother had. Adam and Warren's love showed her that she could have it all. They weren't there to stifle her independence. They wanted to be a part of it. In the west, sex was hot and dirty and Cara carried it out to the end. Who wouldn't want two lawmen to protect love and cherish them? This story is worth a second or third read. Also this is a sequel to Love Under Two Gunslingers, but can be read alone. Cara weaved the two stories so that you could easily follow." -- Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Amanda Dupree is an illegitimate daughter of a mistress so she chooses an unconventional road in her career choice. When she becomes a private investigator, her investigations put her in danger and on the run. She decides to seek refuge with a cousin she has never met, while also searching for her father's legacy. In Waco, Texas she meets two lawmen who set her heart racing. Warren Jessop and Adam Kendall are the perfect men to help her find the treasure her father has hidden. Amanda's past comes back to haunt them all, leaving them racing for their lives to find the treasure before the bad guys find her. I grow to love these books more and more, the farther I get into the series. With the second and last book in The Lost Collection part of The Lusty, Texas Collection, I learned more about how the wonderful town of Lusty, Texas and its inhabitants came to be. In this book we meet the Kendall/Jessop branch of the family. Once again, Ms. Covington, manages to grab interest from page one with a heroine on the run. The books in this series are a perfect blend of intrigue, passion and love. In this book there is the added bonus of a treasure hunt, long lost family and the promise of the perfect town that we see in present day Lusty, Texas. I did not mind knowing going in that the characters would have a guaranteed HEA. It was the journey and the adventure and there was more than enough of it to keep me occupied. Also, as per Ms. Covington's trademark, the sex scenes were steamy enough for me to avoid reading them in public lest my blush give me away. It is a must read book for people who love The Lusty Texas Collection and would like to know more about Lusty, Texas and its beginnings and the beginnings of the founding families." -- Ursula, Fallen Angel Reviews

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"We’re both going to fuck you at the same time and see if we can feel each other’s cock inside you.”

Amanda groaned. Warren’s words, hot and provocative, made her want to rub her legs together. The delicious sensations coursing through her would lead to heaven and she very much wanted to go there again and again with these two men.

“Is that even possible?” She heard the note of excitement in her voice and didn’t care if it betrayed her most base desires. When they were together, like this, when Adam reached around and began to unbutton her trousers, there could be no pretense between them.

Her shirt and pants both surrendered to the will of her lovers. The fire, banked high, cast warmth and an orange glow on the tips of her breasts and, she imagined, on the rest of her naked body.

“Both of us fucking you at the same time? Oh, yes.” Warren flashed a wide grin, then leaned forward to give her a quick, chaste kiss. “A woman’s body is extraordinarily accommodating. One of us will slide his cock into your cunt. The other will slide into your ass. Whether or not we’ll feel each other? I don’t know. This is a first for all of us.”

“It’s going to hurt some when I begin to fuck your ass,” Adam said. He feathered kisses on her ear, then reached around with one hand to cup a breast and pull and pinch her nipple. “I’ll be careful. I’ll stop if you give me the word.”

“I won’t want you to stop.”

“We appreciate your enthusiasm.” Warren tailed one hand down her belly until his fingers combed through the hair that shielded her pussy. “However, we don’t want to hurt you unduly. It might take a few tries for us to get where we want to be, physically. Where we all want to be. The same place we are right now—spiritually.”

“Connected,” Amanda said, because it was true and she’d felt it almost from that first moment standing on the train platform in Waco.

“Connected,” Adam said.

“I only have one question.” Amanda’s nipples had peaked into hard buttons, and her cunny yearned to be filled. Their words had done nothing to diminish her arousal, and all she wanted was for the loving to begin.

“And that would be?” Warren bent down just long enough to take her other nipple into his mouth and give it a tiny nip and suck. Then he straightened, his smile dazzling in its devilry.

“How are y’all going to manage to fuck me if you’re still dressed?”

“Good question.” Adam didn’t move away from her as he began to peel out of his clothes. She could feel the motions happening behind her that she saw taking place right in front of her.

They moved in tandem, quickly. Adam only stepped back from her long enough to take off his boots and peel out of his socks. When he returned to her and brushed against her, she felt his hot, hard cock against the crack of her ass.

He combed his fingers through her hair, then tilted her head back. She opened her mouth to him, needing his flavor, the sensation of his tongue in her mouth. She needed him and Warren and this connection between them like she needed to breathe. How could her body have so quickly decided that these two men and what they gave her, what they took from her, was necessary to her very existence?

Warren brought his body close to hers, close enough that she felt his cock brush against her belly. When Adam released her mouth, she sought Warren’s. The sensation of his kiss, the press of two aroused male bodies at her front and back spiked her own arousal. Here, with no one within miles, she freely let loose the groan of greed, the whimper of need. It didn’t matter if her lovers heard desperation in the sounds she made. They would never use her vulnerability against her.

Warren broke their kiss. His eyes glittered as he looked down at her breasts, then up at their lover, whose chin rested on her shoulder. When Warren leaned in and mated his lips to Adam’s, such love filled Amanda that she didn’t know if she could hold it.

“I never knew I could feel this way.” Warren’s whispered confession told her they truly were connected, for he’d expressed her very thoughts.

“Complete. Whole.” Adam echoed the same sentiments.

Amanda stroked Warren’s face. No matter what happened in the future, she would be forever grateful she’d had this experience, this time to touch and be touched. A woman could live all the rest of her years alone, she thought, if she had a box of such memories as these to hold in her heart forever.

“It’s the same for me,” she said. “I love you.” She tilted her head to the side so she could see Adam. “I love you both.”

“Mandy.” Warren bent to take one nipple in his mouth while Adam caressed and played with her other.

How easy to reach out and down to grasp a cock in each hand. She stroked them the way she’d learned they loved to be stroked, her grasp firm, the motion slow and rhythmic.

She felt fingers on her cunny, and in it, and fingers caressing across the tight pucker of her ass. Moisture came out of her and she groaned, the sound so needy, she wondered anew she didn’t feel diminished even as she begged.

“Please.” She whispered that plea and knew she was safe to do so, that she could reveal her deepest need or her slightest insecurity to these men and they would never think less of her or play her false.

“Yes.” Warren stepped back and then laid down on their pallet, his back flat on the blankets, his cock rigid and rising above him. “Come here, sweetheart. Slide that hot cunt onto my cock. Take me inside you, let me feel you hot and wet around me.”

Adam’s hands returned to her shoulders, turned her, so that it felt as if he directed her, as if he offered her to their lover. The thought was a thrilling one, and she went willingly, eager to feel Warren’s cock inside her. Adam’s hands guided her so that she straddled Warren. Adam got down on his knees beside them. He reached out, stroked Warren’s hard cock, then brought it to the opening of her body.

Lifting up slightly, she felt Adam’s hand and Warren’s cock together against her dewy folds, and the combination sent a shiver through her. She sank down slowly, relishing the hot, wonderful glide of male flesh into her pussy.

“Lean over him, baby. Place your hands on the ground on either side of his head.”

Amanda complied, a humming sound of pleasure escaping her as that action changed the angle of Warren’s cock inside her. The movement brought her clit to rub against the hair that nested his shaft while his flesh nudged deeply.

“Taste me, Mandy. It’ll be easier if you get me wet first.” Adam, still beside her, thrust his hips toward her, his cock mouth-wateringly close. She opened for him, taking his hot flesh deep into her mouth. She loved this, loved feeling the two of them in her at the same time and could barely contain her excitement. As she moved her head up and down on Adam’s shaft, she played her tongue along his flesh and sucked gently.

“That makes me hot, watching you suck my lover’s cock,” Warren whispered.

Adam drew back from her, and she felt Warren open his legs, then Adam moved until he knelt behind her. The heat of his body warmed her, thrilled her. She looked over her shoulder and met his gaze.

Lust shone from his eyes. That look quickened her heart and deepened her arousal. Warren reached up and cupped one of her breasts at the same instant he surged his cock up and into her, his stroke powerful and sure.

“You feel mighty fine around my cock, Miss Dupree.”

Amanda moaned and laughed at the same time. “Lawyer Jessop, I do like the way you’ve mastered that rod of yours.”

Adam stroked a hand down her back, pushing slightly, and she followed his cue and laid her head and chest on Warren, leaving her ass pointing skyward.

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