Redrae Gunn

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“I’ll take Authors Bio for $200, Alex.”

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, there isn’t much to say. I grew up with parents that were high-school sweethearts and are still married, had four younger siblings to torture during childhood, and made it into adulthood, thankfully, with minimal scars.

I reside in the middle of America with an intense husband, a son who takes after his father, and a daughter who likes to kick it with mom on weekends. The order on the totem pole is clearly apparent, but I also find that kind of abandonment enjoyable.

What is twisted, and aren’t we all?

“And that is the answer to the Daily Double. Thank you all for playing.”

Q: What does your husband think of your story and has he read it?

A: My husband won’t even read the instruction manual on a shiny new gas-powered, manly-man, make loud noise, power tool. I doubt he will read the story. That being said, I’m sure that he will think I am writing about him in every love scene.

Q: Does your family know you write erotic romance?

A: I have told certain members of my immediate family. My son’s friends have all wanted to get their hands on it since he has blabbed about it to everyone. It’s not appropriate reading for a teenager but it takes that kind of taboo to get them off the phone and headphones out of their ears.

Q: What inspires your ideas?

A: Anything. I think of secondary stories, primary stories, and other little things all the time. I sometimes feel like there is a constant movie playing in the back of my head and it is all these characters that are asking me to tell their story.

Q: What do you like best about writing?

A: The God factor. I am the controller of my creations in the story. I make them do exactly what I want them to do. If they stray off course and I don’t like the direction they’re headed, they will be punished. If I like what they have done, and I am pleased, I will make sure they are rewarded. It’s kind of a head trip to have that type of power.

Q: What is your favorite type of character to write?

A: The strong female, with her issues, and with all of her sensuality. Women have been afraid of being seen as a sexual beings for too long. I want the females to know what they want. Then I'll find the right man to give it to them, literally. Then they will have happiness.

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