No Going Back (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 84,084
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Interracial Consensual BDSM Romance, voyeurism, flogging, sex toys, HFN]

Living on her own had never been a problem for Tayen Lone Wolf. Living in society had always been a problem. Thankfully she had her best friend David to help her through her social awkwardness. So after finalizing the divorce and closing the chapter on the worst year of her life, Tayen accepts David’s invitation of cohabitation only to meet the gorgeous, reserved, and available penthouse neighbor Caleb Wilson. Caleb’s schedule as a music producer requires him to be away from Tayen frequently, and he hopes that his need to be in control, his ability to seal the deal, and his attention to contractual details will keep his trust issues at bay, especially since Tayen’s honesty is one of her most endearing and defining traits. Tayen needs both the men in her life, one for friendship, the other to satisfy her more carnal desires. Feeling complete for the first time in her life, Tayen knows that she can’t return to the life of settling for mediocre. She wants it all and nothing less.

A Siren Erotic Romance

No Going Back (MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

No Going Back (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 84,084
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I bought this on a whim, and found myself sitting at the computer. Reading. For 2 hours. Yes, I read it in two hours. Dinner is going to be late this evening. I got caught up in the complex relationship between David and Tayen and then between Caleb and Tayen. Her almost immediate ability to trust and love Caleb was difficult to understand, because his inability to trust any woman was fairly obvious. I would recommend this book, for a complex read.



“You did what?” Tayen asked, hands on her hips.

“We’ve gotta find you a date in two days,” David replied. When she said nothing, he continued, “I couldn’t say no. We’d be off the guest list forever. It’s like, an obligation or something.” David handed Tayen a set of keys. “Those are to the elevator and the front door. I’m sure you’re going to leave now so you can have the last word.”

“I’m not going, David.” Tayen’s voice was firm. She was determined not to run, but she took the keys anyway, just in case.

“Do this for me, Tayen,” David said, knowing he was pushing her limits. “I love you and want you to get back into having a life again.”

“I’m not bringing a date,” Tayen said as she set her jaw. “I don’t want to have to go through…I just finalized the worst year of my life, drove halfway across the fucking country, and you want me to bring a date to an elite social gathering in two days?” Her anger brimmed to the surface. “I. Am. Not. Going.”

“You are,” David replied, not letting her off the hook. “You can’t hide for the rest of your life because one asshole screwed you around. I already have several eligible bachelors ready to accompany you.”

“I don’t need your pity, and I don’t need your help.” Tayen backed up to the door and opened it. “I am not bringing a date. Uninvite me, David. I am not going.”

Tayen stepped through the threshold, slammed the door, and backed forcefully into Caleb, who had his arms full with two bags of groceries. The bag of oranges that was precariously balanced on the top of the bags fell to floor and oranges scattered everywhere.

“I’m such a klutz,” Tayen said, startled, and she started to pick up the oranges. “I didn’t mean to…” She trailed off.

Caleb set down his bags of groceries and helped Tayen gather the oranges. “I’m Caleb, by the way.” His deep voice rumbled in her chest. He extended his hand to her.

Tayen looked up and stared into the most intense, green eyes she’d ever seen. They were hidden behind the soft-brown hair that cascaded around his face. She reached her hand out and licked her lips, her mouth suddenly dry, her body reminding her that it still had needs. “Tayen,” she said managing to get her voice to sound confident, self-assured.

“So, were you uninviting yourself from the ever so prestigious, Fourth of July, couples-only party?” Caleb tsked softly and shook his head. He released her hand, his eyes not leaving hers.

“Yes,” Tayen said looking around for any straggling oranges, relieved to have something to do with her eyes besides ogle the handsome man kneeling in front of her.

“I’m not ready to date, don’t want complications, and certainly don’t want to worry that my date is scoping out a more attractive prospective,” Tayen said as she gave a half grin to Caleb. “There’s my insecurities laid out on the line for a stranger. So are you going?”

Caleb hesitated. Her complete honesty was a little disarming. Usually girls were deceptive and had their own motives. Caleb felt that stirring he’d felt once before. When it had been good. He leaned forward. “I am in the same predicament, except usually the dates I bring are only interested in my money or an angle into my business. I’m a music producer.”

Tayen chuckled a little. “I have money, too. It’s just that sometimes living middle class is just so much simpler. Kick back a case of beer with a buddy, grill some steaks, go fishing, anything but live up to the social expectations of the privileged. Blah, I don’t know why David did this to me.”

The oranges were gathered, but the grocery bags were already full. Tayen pulled out the bottom of her blouse and gathered the oranges into the bottom. She stood and faced Caleb. “I’ll walk these to your door for you. It’s the least I can do, and I am sorry.”

“Thank you,” Caleb said as he gathered the two bags of groceries. “So, Tayen, would you accompany me to the party of the privileged? I mean, I don’t want the exhausting effort of finding a date that isn’t looking for a better angle, and the thought of you having to do the same seems ridiculous if I am in the same boat.”

Tayen eyed Caleb. “It is better than uninviting ourselves and facing social disgrace, isn’t it?” She rolled big, dark eyes and managed to keep back the sigh that she wanted to give.

“It is.” Caleb smiled. His Dominant side rose to the surface. Of course she had wanted to please him. Caleb mentally shook himself. She’s not submissive, Caleb, stop those thoughts.




Tayen had shaved her pussy completely bald. There wasn’t a trace of stubble. He brought his mouth close to her soft mound, letting her feel the heat from his breath and letting the deep scent of her feminine arousal fill his lungs. Her lotion combined with her own natural scent and Caleb had to stop himself from literally tearing into her with his teeth.

Caleb planted his hot mouth over the place where her clit was hiding. He stroked his tongue down one side of her soft fold and then the other. He nudged Tayen’s hardening clit softly with his nose as he continued running his tongue up one side and down the other. Caleb continued his torturous pattern, prepared to wait as long as it took for Tayen to admit that she wanted something.

“Caleb, please,” Tayen finally whispered, her breath shallow as her legs pulled against the soft rope. “More, something more, please, Caleb, sir.”

“What is that something more?” Caleb asked, continuing his torturous pace.

“I don’t know.” Tayen tried to relax the muscles in her legs, but Caleb’s assault on her pussy was relentless. He held her on the edge, and her brain wasn’t processing anything except the pace of his tongue and the heat of his breath. “Pressure, pace, more, Caleb, that’s all I can think of, is more.” Tayen’s muscles strained against the ropes now at all points.

Caleb smiled, pleased. She didn’t even know what she really wanted. Tayen was his, right now. The next few moments of Tayen’s life belonged completely to Caleb.

“You need to come,” Caleb said softly and then he waited.

“Yes please, Caleb,” Tayen breathed, straining against the ropes.

Caleb continued the slow pace. She hadn’t said it yet. Tayen hadn’t completely given in. He waited.

“Caleb?” Tayen breathed. She tried to bring her hips up to increase the pressure of Caleb’s lips on her clit, but his hands held her hips to the bed.

“Yes, Tayen,” Caleb whispered back.

“I want to come,” Tayen said. “Please, Caleb, I want to come.”

“Finally, Tayen admits she actually wants something,” Caleb whispered as he thrust two fingers into her soaking pussy. He increased the pressure and pace on her clit and watched as the muscles in her stomach began their agonizing clenching from her ribs down.

Tayen’s limbs went limp as her stomach, abdomen, and pussy clenched down in one of the fiercest orgasms Caleb had witnessed a woman experience.

“Oh, Caleb,” Tayen cried out as the warm tingling rocked her body. She breathed deeply, concentrating on the exquisite pleasure coursing through her body. Finally her heartbeat slowed and then she breathed softly. “Thank you.”

“Tayen,” Caleb said as he slid between her legs and rolled the condom over his straining penis.

“Yes, Caleb?” Tayen asked as sweat broke out in a mist along her sternum. Her breasts rose and fell with the breathing of her lungs, and Caleb was temporarily mesmerized.

“I’m going to take you now,” Caleb said. “I’m going to take you hard and fast.”

“Oh yes, Caleb, please,” Tayen said. Caleb tilted his head and studied her expression for a moment. Yes, Tayen did want it. She wanted it hard and fast, brutal and carnal.

Caleb pulled the blindfold away from her eyes.

Tayen blinked her eyes and looked up at Caleb’s glorious body.

Caleb positioned the tip of his penis at her entrance and slid in just the tip so both of the piercings were inside. “Relax, beautiful,” Caleb said as Tayen involuntarily flexed her muscles against the intrusion.

“Things are still all excited,” Tayen whispered, a little in wonder. She’d never had a night of marathon sex. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time that she’d had this many orgasms in so few days.

Caleb smiled down at her innocent but honest assessment of her “things.” “It’s okay, Tayen.” He slid in further, giving her time to adjust to his size. Caleb did a couple of slow strokes and then couldn’t take it any longer. He plunged every inch into her soft flesh, watching her expression go from calmly sedate to hungry beast.

Tayen’s lust-filled glare taunted Caleb to do his worst, and Caleb knew that this was not some mindless submissive who just wanted to be a good girl. This was a woman who knew that this was the type of sex that she had craved all of her life and she wanted it so badly from him, now.

Caleb plunged deep and hard into Tayen knowing that she would probably have bruises on the insides of her thighs tomorrow. If she wasn’t bruised, she would definitely be sore. Caleb had planned on taking more time with Tayen, getting to know more about her body, but he also wanted her to know that for the next three months she belonged to him and no one else.

Tayen watched Caleb plunging in and out of her bald pussy. It was so hot and sexy to watch. It was like watching a porn flick while having sex, except this time she was starring in the feature film.

Caleb watched Tayen’s expression change from lust to once again wonder as she looked into his eyes.

“Come for me, Tayen, do it for me,” Caleb said. “Come all over my hard cock.”



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