[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
Living in New York City was something that Jenna Talbot loved. It provided her with endless opportunities for adventure and satisfied her needs. She hadn’t lied when investigators questioned her about other employees and their embezzling activities at the firm she worked for, but because of her honesty she was out of a career.
Jace Kline and Anthony Hanson grew up together as best friends on a farm that Jace’s parents owned. They did everything together. Always had and always would. The middle of North Dakota was a hard place to find good help for a reasonable price, but a friend found a connection and they were desperate for anyone they could get their hands on.
Jenna has always needed more than just one man to feel fulfilled. All Jace and Tony want is a woman to love both of them for who they are and understand that sometimes needing more isn’t a bad thing.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Needing More (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
this was a frustrating book, i really loved the characters but i couldn't keep up with what was going, it was like it often skipped a sentence or a paragraph & then things didn't make sense untik the next page.




Jenna woke and stretched her legs. A faint jingle came from under the covers. Jenna looked at Tony, who had stirred slightly. She carefully pulled her foot towards her but every time she moved she jingled. Jenna’s mouth dropped when she saw that she had a fishing bell tied to her ankle. She wiggled her other foot and heard another bell.

“We didn’t want to wake up holding each other again,” Jace said as he turned towards Jenna. He propped his head up with his hand and yawned. “I’m getting you two little cat collars when we get home so that I can hear you wherever you are in the house.”

Jenna smiled at the improvised little warning bells and she slid out of the bed to use the bathroom. She jingled the entire way, eliciting chuckles from both of her men. When she came out of the bathroom the men were dressing and stripping down the sheets. Jenna frowned and sighed.

“We have to go home today, huh?” Jenna asked.

Jace nodded his head.

“Home isn’t that far away,” Tony reminded her. “We will do this more often. Even if it’s just for a night.”

“I haven’t taken a vacation in years,” Jenna admitted. “This was really nice. I didn’t check a computer. I didn’t answer my cell phone. The crazy thing is that I didn’t miss either of those things.”

“Maybe once we move the cattle to the other pasture for the winter we should consider taking a vacation away from the farm,” Tony said to Jace though he knew that Jenna could hear.

“Yeah because the three of us would be so accepted wherever we went.” Jace scoffed and shook his head. Most people didn’t really accept the fact that two men are with one woman.

“There are resorts that have theme weeks,” Jenna offered quietly. “I’ve never been to one but I have done some research.”

“Research?” Tony asked. She had wanted to do this before with other men? Obviously she wasn’t a virgin. She had told them on more than one occasion that this wasn’t her first rodeo but Tony was surprised by the flare of jealousy that crept into his bones.

“Whenever I would get depressed or think that I was never going to find happiness I would dream of my perfect wedding,” Jenna said. She sat down at the kitchen table and the men sat across from her on the couch.

“My dream was to be caught off guard,” Jenna started. “I would be whisked away, not knowing what was going on. The first stop would be at a jewelry store where I would get to choose wedding bands for my men. They would choose wedding rings for me.”

“Two rings,” Jace said and his heart did a flip in his chest.

“Of course,” Jenna said. “One for my left hand and one for my right. The men would wear their rings on the same side as mine.”

“Why?” Tony asked.

“So that we would match.” Jenna blushed. “It’s stupid, I know that, but I also think it’s perfect.”

Jace nodded his head.

“After purchasing the rings we would drive to wherever the connecting flight was, and then we would fly to the resort,” Jenna said. “The resort would be able to do a ceremony. I know that I can’t marry two men but they can do a joining ceremony where the three of us would commit the rest of our lives together. The rest of the time would be committed to worshipping each other’s bodies and having fun without being judged while we planned the rest of our lives.”

Jenna was staring at the ceiling of the camper with the most peaceful expression on her face. It was more than just something that she had researched. It was probably a dream she’d had since she was a little girl.

“In this dream did you want a morning or evening ceremony?” Jace asked. He couldn’t help himself from asking. He had nearly seen the vision as she described it.

“Morning,” Jenna said. “Sunrise.”

“Why?” Tony asked.

“Because I know that it’s the start of a new day and a new life,” Jenna said. “Plus I would have the rest of the day to know I was committed and the anticipation for the night of lovemaking would be so intense. I want to walk around in my wedding dress the entire day because for that one day I want to feel like a princess.”

“Where would you find your dress?” Jace asked.

“I think the dress would find me,” Jenna said. “Some place would have exactly what I wanted.”

Jenna shook her head from the fantasy and smiled at the two men who smiled back at her. “It’s just a dream, but it’s a good one,” Jenna said as she stood up and went to the bedroom to get dressed.

She removed the collars from her ankles and returned to the kitchen area. Both of her men were outside folding up the chairs and taking down the canopy. The dream was even better when she imagined Jace and Tony being the two men that starred in it.




Jace squeezed the head of his cock as he rolled on the condom. It wasn’t one of the extra-large condoms he usually wore and the restriction made his balls ache. The damn thing only went halfway down his…Jace groaned when Jenna’s little hands wrapped around the flesh at the base of his cock. Then she started licking and kissing all up and down his shaft. She was gently sucking on just the tip of the head and then she started back down the shaft while continuously stroking him.

Tony knew he had the little bullet positioned perfectly when Jenna hummed as she had the tip of Jace’s head in her mouth. Jace’s mouth had opened and his head had leaned back. It was about time the man had a woman’s lips on him. Tony started the bullet and hit the settings on the remote to low. Jenna’s soft, muffled moan of protest pleased him. He smiled at Jace when Jenna’s moan made his friends eyes fly open.

Tony donned his condom and lubed Jenna’s ass. He loved taking her there. He couldn’t wait to see her take Jace in her ass. The thought of watching Jenna struggle and in pain while she tried to take Jace would be amazing. The way that Jenna would nearly get off on the sexual pain and the struggle would be even better.

Jenna was kissing the base of Jace’s shaft when Tony entered her. Jace watched as Jenna closed her eyes and breathed through the intrusion, though her one hand continued to stroke and tease the head of his penis through the condom. A sharp inhale and an exhale, Jenna’s breath rolled over his shaft as Tony pushed forward into her. Jace’s balls throbbed for her to make that sound again. She did when Tony pushed the rest of the way in.

Jace leaned back and brushed Jenna’s curly hair out of her face. She moaned against the tip of his cock and he couldn’t help but fist his hand in her hair. “Take off the condom, Jenna,” Jace said. His voice sounded deeper than normal. It was gentle but still demanding. He didn’t want anything between his organ and her sweet attentions. The way she quickly took off the condom and licked every part of him that had been covered had him pushing her lips down to the base of his shaft. He loved the way she licked him right where his balls descended into their sack.

Jenna had whispered Tony’s name and Jace looked down. She was breathing fast and hard. Her back had arched. The thought of a woman calling out another man’s name would’ve offended most men. Not Jace. Jenna trusted him to understand. She trusted him to know that she needed them both. Jace grabbed more of Jenna’s hair into his fist and told her to say Tony’s name again.

When Jenna called Tony’s name again Jace couldn’t help it. She was sucking, tonguing and moaning out her orgasm all over his cock. The first spasm of cum shot across her face and ricocheted into her hair. Jace tried to cover his cock with his hand but Jenna was milking him with both hands. Her mouth was slightly opened as she bucked her hips backwards against Tony and Jace could only watch as the next streams of cum coated her face.

Jace watched Jenna’s tongue flick out from her mouth and capture the drips of cum that had glazed her lips as Tony ground out his own orgasm. The way Jenna’s tongue kept flicking out to lick the head of his cock made the orgasm seem to last forever. He closed his eyes for a moment as the panting and heavy breathing in the camper slowed.

When Jace opened his eyes again Jenna was still kissing and worshiping his cock. Her eyes were closed and dots of his white seed coated her face. Tony handed Jace a damp towel and Jace mumbled his thanks as he started to wipe off Jenna’s face. Sweet Jenna was already smiling and when those brown eyes finally opened and she looked up at him Jace’s heart flipped in his chest.

“I’m sorry that I ever said no to you.” Jace smiled down at Jenna.

Tony came back, cleaned Jenna and he told her to relax as he retrieved the bullet. The way that she hissed and spasmed around his fingers as he extracted the little device told him that he would definitely be using it again before the weekend was over. He made sure that he checked Jenna for any injuries. He never wanted their needs to get out of control.

Tony cleaned the bullet and then held it up for Jenna to see. The blush that crept across Jenna’s already flushed face made him happy. He liked how she embarrassed so easily about her needs but still took what she needed despite the embarrassment.

“Jace and I will be using this the rest of the weekend. It will be a group effort that I’m sure you will enjoy.” He smiled and he knew that his eyes were dark and his face was still tight from the orgasm he had enjoyed.

Watching Jenna say his name with her mouth full of Jace’s cock had brought out the dark man. The dark man side of him was pleased and for the first time in a long time Tony felt really good about himself. It was a nice change from the guilt he nearly always felt after the dark man appeared. Jenna liked the dark man. She needed him. Tony knew that Jace would never let him go too far. He also knew that if Jenna ever said “apple pie” the dark man would stop. Immediately. Because the dark man needed Jenna to trust him to be fulfilled. And Tony certainly felt fulfilled.

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