Black Daddy - white sissy

Romance Divine LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 7,567
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It’s the year 2039 and the Matriarchal Revolution is complete. Women are now permitted multiple husbands and lovers, and males have been classified as Alpha, submissive or worker drones. Rachel Thorn has taken Lamont as her alpha-male black husband/lover, and her former ‘husband’ is now her sissy-wife, Juli. Sissy-wives are the latest craze and an essential for any modern household where they function as maids and sex toys. Sissy-wife Juli is getting a makeover and is excited to welcome home Black Daddy Lamont when he returns from his business trip.

Black Daddy - white sissy
0 Ratings (0.0)

Black Daddy - white sissy

Romance Divine LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 7,567
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Excerpt 1:

Rachel Thorn fussed with the pink bow in his blonde hair with the pink and purple highlights. “Oh! Daddy is going to be so pleased with you.”
Sissy Juli batted his long dark lashes and nodded his head. A reply was impossible, due to the large black penis gag in his mouth, his pink lips stretched hideously over its imposing girth. Still, it’s not as large as Daddy’s cock, he thought.
Her hands reached out to adjust the large titties of her sissy-husband. Current sissy-fashion called for breasts and nipples to always be exposed and the latest sissy dresses, and even coats, were designed to display a sissy to the fullest extent. It amused women to see a sissy in the winter, their overcoat exposing the titties which were usually prominently displayed on some sort of rigid shelf bra or corset. Many women in cold northern cities took delight in taking their sissies outside. While the women strutted in long fur coats, tall leather boots and long leather gloves, their hapless sissies, teetered behind on high, spindly stilettos, their short frilly dress and stockinged legs the only protection against the chilling wind, their lace gloves providing no warmth. The thin overcoat exposed the large breasts that nearly every Mistress-Wife splurged on for their sissy-husband. A winter afternoon stroll along the boulevard gave a healthy, rosy glow to a pair of sissy-titties, the oft-surgically-extended nipples exhibiting even more prominence…and sensitivity.
For now, Rachel simply adjusted the titties to achieve a pleasing display for her black Alpha Male husband, who would return home soon from a business trip. Like many women of the time, she enjoyed two husbands, the strong Alpha Male black husband and her own, original husband, now transformed into a sissy-maid-husband.
She took a brush and applied makeup, highlighting the cleavage already in place by the large breasts and architectural-inspired bustier. “Oh my, yes, I think Daddy is going to simply love his new white sissy.” She tweaked his nipples and smiled as her sissy-hubby flinched and batted his eyelashes.
“Good girl,” she patted his cheek. A sissy must always show appreciation when given attention. She backed away, “Up! Model.”
Juli rose from his special sissy-chair, an accessory in every home with a sissy-husband, his eyes going wide as the large black plug on the chair slipped from his bottom. Once more he batted his long eyelashes and gave a quick wiggle of his bottom to show his appreciation at being filled with a large black butt plug.
Juli placed his hands, clad in long elbow-length white gloves, his outrageously long nails poking through slits in the fingers, on his nipped-in waist and executed dainty quarter-turns on his six-inch stilettos. He tried to smile around the large cock gag; Sissies should always be cheerful in their service, and thrust out his large titties.
Rachel nodded with approval; her once-husband was now the perfect sissy-maid, after years of training and extensive surgery and body modifications. She had a sissy-husband and a strapping black husband and lover, what more could a modern wife want? Alpha-husband Lamont had been on a business trip for the last five weeks and Rachel was anxious for her man to see the new Daddy’s-little-white-sissy-girl. It was customary for the sissy-hubby to be referred to as ‘Daddy’s girl’ or ‘Daddy’s sissy’, and for the sissy to call the Alpha husband ‘Daddy’. The wife, on the other hand, was usually referred to as ‘Mistress’ or ‘Miss Rachel’. Such were the conventions in the new modern marriage hierarchy.
Rachel thought back to yesterday and the trip to the Sissy Salon…

Excerpt 2:

“Rachel, darling!” Summer Carswell, owner of the Sissy Salon, embraced her client. She glanced at the sissy trailing behind; the pink leash held in Rachel’s gloved hand. “And Juli, so good to see you again, sweetie.”
Juli curtsied, “Yes, Miss Summer.” The ladies in the salon laughed at Juli’s sqeaky voice and the way he lisped, ‘Mith Thummer’.
“It seems we’re getting ready to welcome Daddy back home?” Summer teased.
“Oh, yeth, Mith Thummer.”
“Oh my God,” Summer laughed, “I love that voice, those techs at the clinic are really good at the whole sissy-girly-voice thing.”
“I agree,” Rachel jerked on the leash, pulling Juli forward on his spike heels, “Lamont hasn’t heard it yet. Our little Juli went to the clinic a few weeks before he left on his trip. He hasn’t seen his little girl in a while.”
“Well,” Summer reached forward to pinch one of Juli’s exposed nipples, “let’s get our little girl a-l-l ready for Daddy.”
“Rachel?” A tall, stunning redhead stepped up. The woman had to be almost six-foot-six in her six-inch platform pumps. She too had a sissy in tow, the poor thing absolutely dwarfed by her towering presence.
“Diane,” Rachel turned to embrace her old friend. “I haven’t seen you for ages. You were in Europe?”
“Yes, Rance was doing some work abroad, so we went to live there for the duration.” She nodded to her own sissy, “I put Prissi through the Frankfurt clinic. It was pricey, but well worth it.”
“She is stunning,” Rachel agreed. She looked at the timid sissy-maid, perched atop what looked like almost seven-inch stilettos that still left him cowering in the shadow of the imperious Mistress Diane.
“And is this Juli?” Diane approached sissy Juli, who curtsied.
“Mith Diane,” Juli used his fingertips to lift the hem of his pink satin sissy dress, exposing his stocking tops and the garter straps that extended from the rigid and boned corset.
“She’s precious,” Diane said. She looked down on the sissy. “And sooo tiny. You went for the miniaturization as well as the rest?”
“Yes,” Rachel’s voice held a tone of pride, “She’s only four-foot-eight now, with a twenty inch waist and forty-two inch hips. It’s absolutely amazing what they can do at the clinic nowadays; the way they can take off the height, make a former male husband a tiny and docile creature. Even in her six-inch heels, which she wears almost constantly, she’s only five-two, such a tiny and insignificant thing.”
“And those breasts!” Diane exclaimed.
“Yes, forty-four double-F,” Rachel said. “With those tits and that ass my guests, especially Lamont and his male friends, have a field day with my now sissy-slut-husband.”
Diane reached out, her elbow-length black leather gloved hand reaching out to grab a handful of Juli’s tit. She hefted the mass in her hand, “Quite nice.” Diane flicked with her finger at the extended nipple and Juli sighed, shuddered and batted her lashes. “Mmmm, you splurged for the extra-sensitized nipples as well, how nice,” Diane purred. She narrowed her eyes and studied Juli, “It’s a remarkable transformation; I’m going to have to dig out some old pictures of Julian to really see the difference.”
Juli blushed at the mention of Julian, his original ‘male’ name before he accepted the sissy transformation. With the advent of the revised marriage laws and the male segregation statutes, submissive males were given the choice to undergo ‘transformation’ or be sent to state work farms or factories. Julian still loved Rachel and made the decision to become her sissy-husband, ‘Juli’, while she wed Lamont as her husband. He also preferred a life in a house and clothing, as opposed to the prospect of life as a naked drone, toiling twelve hours a day, seven days a week for the rest of his life in a slave factory or farm.
So ‘Julian’ was replaced with ‘Juli’, he underwent the extensive transformation to Juli, his feminized self, devoting himself to a lifetime of being a feminized sissy-maid. Rachel had left his penis intact, although many wives had their sissy’s castrated or neutered. Rachel followed a popular practice of keeping the penis, but putting the sissy in chastity. Hormones and lack of use caused the penis and balls to eventually atrophy. A year into his transformation Rachel removed the chastity device during a party and made Sissy Juli masturbate for everyone’s entertainment. Of course Juli was unable to erect and ejaculate, bringing the embarrassed sissy to tears of frustration and shame, and completing Rachel’s objective. The withering, and captive, piece of flesh locked away between Juli’s legs served primarily as a reminder of what once was…and how far the sissy-slut had fallen.
“Ms. Thorn,” a salon technician approached, “we’re ready for Juli now.”
Rachel handed Juli’s leash to the technician whose name tag read ‘Pam’.
“C’mon,” Pam tugged Juli down the hall, “we’re gonna take good care of you cutie.”

“Cute dress,” another technician, Stephanie, said when Pam and Juli entered the treatment room.
Juli curtsied, “Thank you, Mith.”
“Jeez,” Stephanie said, “I love it when they give them those girly voices and stuff. Makes them sooo sissy.”
“Yea,” Pam snapped her gum, “I’m gonna do the same when I get my own sissy-husband.” She turned and picked up a large black, cock-shaped dildo from a shelf, “Gonna feed the little slut a lot of black cock, too.” She nodded at the chair in the center of the room, “C’mon sissy, you know the drill.”
Again, Julie curtsied his acknowledgement of a command issued by a superior female, “Yeth, Mith.” He stepped up to the treatment chair and lifted his dress turned and looked over his shoulder at the large glistening black plug on the chair seat.
“Yes,” Stephanie said, “your wife paid extra for the lube. I think she spoils you. I personally like to watch sluts try to get it in dry, but…”
“Sit!” Pam ordered.
Juli took a deep breath and wiggled his bottom onto the plug; very much aware at how much the technicians enjoyed his struggle. Even with the lube it was a challenge and he winced as it probed at his puckered opening, making them snicker. Finally he whimpered as he settled into place with a final gasp.
“Good sissy,” Stephanie patted his cheek and then began to fasten the leather restraints to his ankles and wrists.
Pam waved the black dildo in front of Juli’s face. “Want this? Huh, sissy, want some black cock?”
Juli’s eyes suddenly glazed over. Relentless training and behavioral modification took control. Subliminal messages encoded in numerous training videos, happy and contented white sissies sucking black cocks, filled his mind. He nodded, “Pleath, Mith, pleath. Black Cock, tho yummy.” He had no idea he was saying it, conditioning reared its head and he wanted, he needed, that black cock. His eyes begged, his lips parted, the hungry sissy tongue searching.
Pam held it teasingly close, but just out of reach, enjoying how sissy Juli frantically, and silently, begged for the black cock. “Here you go, sweetie,” she slid it past the hungry lips. “Oh my God, this one is such a cock whore.”
The two young women watched as Juli’s cheeks now moved as the bound sissy-slut sucked at the cock.
“Mmmm,” Juli moaned as his sucking action got the fluid within flowing, and the black come reached his tongue. He sighed, and relaxed into a steady and contented sucking motion. The subliminal messages flowed in his mind: Black cock makes me happy. Sucking black cock is good. I love the taste of black come. It is important to please black men. Juli is a cock whore.
The young women shook their heads and marveled at the conditioning of sissy males.
“Addicted to black come.”
“And the way it makes them so docile.”
“The little sluts just zone out when they get black come.”
“Okay,” Pam picked up the list, “let’s get started.”

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