Savage Lust

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,000
36 Ratings (4.1)

Topaz Fiero is shocked when her mother's long time lover leaves his entire estate in Texas, which she didn't even know he had, to her. Upon arrival at the Douglas ranch, she also discovers John Douglas had three sons, and she's inherited them to go with it.

The Douglas brothers are madder than hell. How dare their father pass in such an untimely fashion, and worse, leave his estate to an unknown woman whom they suspect is probably his mistress. They are ready for battle. No way will they give up their inheritance. When Topaz arrives, they are astonished that she's young enough to be their father's daughter.

Anger is abound and Christmas does not promise to be the pleasant holiday Topaz was so looking forward to--unless she can wiggle her way into the three men's hearts.

Savage Lust
36 Ratings (4.1)

Savage Lust

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,000
36 Ratings (4.1)
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A story about a woman and three men you'd think would be alot more steamier than this one was. Its good to see the heroine loves all three men although at times I didn't feel that throughout the story. I was kind of left feeling a little sorry for Johnny and Sam the younger brothers who were just as hot as their older brother
This book was alright. A little too long but ok
Professional Reviews

Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

Chad, Sam and Johnny are stunned when they discover their father left the majority of his estate to Topaz. They just know she is their father’s mistress and they are not going to stand for it. They inform the attorney that he is to file the necessary documents to contest the will.

Topaz is absolutely stunned when she finds out about the will. She had no idea about the other life of the man her mother had loved. Topaz is battling the brothers’ anger, as well as kidnapping and murder plots, as she tries to make sense of the feelings she is starting to have for the three men.

The author does not take long to make you feel like you are a part of Savage Lust. The emotions that the four have are so intense, you think you are right there as they let their feelings out. There are some elements of the paranormal included as Chad ends up talking to his father. I found it very unusual for a story about multiple partners to only hint at and did not have many sex scenes until the last part of the book.

The main secondary characters are just as interesting. One suggests the solution that Topaz eventually approaches the three men with as she falls in love with all of them. Those that like ménage and more will enjoy this one and is one to be reread.

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Annoyed, the Douglas brothers sat down to wait in the empty waiting room while their lawyer finished his long-distance telephone conference.

"Damn, we had an appointment and we're on time," Chad muttered.

"The receptionist did say he apologized and that it was an unexpected and quite-urgent call," Sam said.

"Half an hour isn't that long," Johnny added, watching his brother get up and pace the room. "It's not like we don't know what's in Father's will, so why so annoyed?"

"I've got better things to do. As you said, we know what's in the will. Father showed it to us some years ago, so why do we have to listen to Terry read it?"

"Legalities, I guess," Sam said.

Johnny watched Janet, the receptionist, as she left her desk. She opened the door that had a sign on it telling him it was a file room. She was young, a sexy blonde who displayed plenty of cleavage and a pair of beautifully shaped legs. The short, tight miniskirt and tight top left nothing to the imagination. He'd caught her glancing at them from under hooded eyelids and long eyelashes several times and once, he caught her gaze that sent him an open invitation. He was horny. After not having a woman for a considerable time, he could stand a one-night stand with a sexy gal. While he was fantasizing about her, his growing cock increasingly uncomfortable in his tight jeans straining against the rough fabric, she called out suddenly.

"Could one of you gentlemen help me, please? There's a box I just can't manage to reach."

"I'll go," Johnny said quickly, sensing an opportunity to ask her out on a date. Sam and Chad didn't react. They were absorbed in their magazines. Johnny hurried to the file room. After he entered the dimly lit room, he saw Janet perched on a little ladder trying to reach for a box on top of the filing cabinets. Her skirt was hitched up because of the way she strained and he looked at a delectable, naked bottom. She wore no panties. Now, his cock really jumped to attention and throbbed like crazy. His balls grew hard and he could hardly stand the ache in them. To make it worse, she lifted one leg to brace herself against the cabinet. Her pussy was clean shaven, the lips opened slightly, the point of a pink clit just barely visible, the soft folds moist. Ye gads, he wanted to touch her.

"I'll get it for you," he said, startling her and causing her to lose her balance. He caught her. Blue eyes gazed up at him, full sexy lips opened invitingly. He wasted no time and kissed her.

She melted in his arms, her hands already undoing his belt and opening his jeans. Vaguely he saw her kick the door until it was almost closed.

"Oh, I've wanted this for forever and a day," she whispered. "I've watched the three of you for a long time."

"We can't really," Johnny whispered back. "Not here."

"We can do something. That's if you promise to take me out," she said very softly.

She sank down. "Aaaah, you're so big and hard," she whispered, glancing up at him before she worked her magic on his cock. She licked and sucked it as if it were a popsicle. Her hands kneaded his balls while her mouth worked its wonders. Lapping around his cock, she stuck her tongue inside the hole every now and then, until she finally took it into her mouth fully. He placed his hands on either side of her head and helped her move back and forth as she sucked hard and took his cock fully until it was almost down her throat. It only took seconds for him to come. Beads of perspiration dotted his face as she swallowed and licked his cock clean.

"Now you have to help me," she whispered and promptly bent and spread her legs, her pussy opening up wide for him. He inserted a finger, then three and bent forward to knead a breast.

"Oooooh, yeeeesssss, harder, John, harder," she whispered, almost too loudly. Then she came and he had a hand full of her cream. A huge sigh left her sexy lips as she stood up, straightened her top and skirt and with a little smile, she reached behind him and handed him a cloth. "Wipe your hand," she said. "Then you can get the box for me."

"I'll meet you at Mike's Bistro at seven on Saturday night," Johnny whispered. "Wear something fancy."


He quickly fetched the box down for her. "Is there a washroom around here?"

"Yes, in the hallway just outside the office. I'll give you the key. Don't forget our date, baby."

Johnny left the room first. It was as if Chad and Sam hadn't noticed that he wasn't there. When Johnny looked at his watch, he'd only been gone five minutes. It had seemed way longer. But he felt immensely relieved, at least for the time being. He'd deal with the promised date later. Things were too chaotic right now. He'd phone her and postpone it till after the holidays, after things had settled down a bit.

"Here's the key, Mr. Douglas," Janet said loudly, holding the key out to Johnny.

Chad looked up from the magazine he was reading. "Key for what?"

"The washroom."

"Oh. Hurry up. Terry should be done soon."

It wasn't long after he returned from the washroom that Terry called them into his office. The reading of the will was boring, at least the first legal part of it. And then he came to something that shocked the living daylights out of them. Chad stood up from his chair, almost knocking it to the ground. Sam and Johnny sat frozen as they listened to the rest of the will.

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