Beau to Beau Romance

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Mike and Trevor have been each other’s lifeline, confidante, and partner in “mischief” for as long as either of them can remember. When Trevor asks his best bud to open a business with him, Mike quickly agrees MORE...
If You Just Smile
3 ratings
Matt has everything that he has ever wanted, or at least he thinks he does. His career is blossoming, and he has recently been promoted to vice president of the bank in the small town where he has worked since MORE...
Bear Hugs
2 ratings
When Eric spends a day in the park in search of just the right setting for his painting with a romantic flair, he meets a man who is both passionate and charming, and who very quickly wins Eric’s heart. Eric s MORE...
Trey's Daddies
9 ratings
After suffering a minor concussion in the postseason games, Derek decides that it is time to end his career as a running back for the National Football League before his career ends his life. Derek and his bes MORE...
Family Shades
3 ratings
David’s life is very fulfilling. He has a great career, good friends, and now he has a son. David had thought that as a gay man he would not be able to have a family. But now he has Trey, and Trey is his lif MORE...
3 ratings
As the only child of two very industrious entrepreneurs who started businesses during the early dot-com years, Trent Johnson is a lucky man. He owns his own apartment, his own business, and is surrounded by ve MORE...
A Time For Us
1 ratings
Originally titled "The Year Of Us." Sold in print as "The Year Of Us." Tanner’s life had all been planned for him, and falling in love with his boss was not a part of that plan. Tanner is new to country life MORE...
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