As the only child of two very industrious entrepreneurs who started businesses during the early dot-com years, Trent Johnson is a lucky man. He owns his own apartment, his own business, and is surrounded by very loyal and trustworthy employees. When his parents move to Mumbai, India, to expand their businesses, Trent feels more alone than he ever has. Dating is fun, but Trent is no longer a man in his twenties. He wouldn’t mind settling down with that special someone. Where he will find that special someone remains a mystery to Trent, until one very special and unexpected night.

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Trent had carved out his own little niche in the high tech world, although the world his parents had built was a big part of that niche. Trent owned a small software development company that specialized in interactive medicine. San Francisco was a leader in the field of healthcare, having the first universal healthcare system in the country, and Trent never lacked for something to do.

Trent walked over to the window again. “I love this city,” he said to no one. “It has so much energy, so much drive.” Trent jumped when the phone rang. “Hello,” he said, not expecting a call today. “Oh, dear. Okay, I’m on my way.” He turned to his two cats. “Well, guys, there’s a problem with one of the software programs, so Daddy has to go to work for awhile.”

Marshmallow and Tootle barely opened their eyes. They were already settled in for their morning naps. Trent locked the door behind him, and headed for the office. He loved not having to get into his car to go to work. San Francisco was considered the most walkable city in America. Between the walking and the cable cars, Trent could go an entire week without using his car. And, the exercise was good for him, he had to admit.

Trent opened the door to the office and found Troy sitting there, looking frantic. “Hey, there’s my good friend. What’s the problem?” “Trent, this is awful. There is some kind of glitch in this one program and I cannot figure out what the problem is.” “Well, let’s take it from the start, Troy. We’ll figure it out.” “I’ve got to get out for awhile, Trent.” “Okay, no problem. Go get yourself some lunch. How long you been here, anyway?” “Since very early,” he said.

Trent knew he couldn’t change Troy. He was a workaholic and a worrier, but the two of them worked well together. They had just seemed to mesh well from the first day they had started working together. Troy had helped him get the business off to a good start, and Troy now had partial ownership in the business. Trent didn’t know what he would do without him. Trent did wish that Troy would slow down just a little, or let Trent hire some help for him, but Troy insisted on doing it all himself. Trent had just recently gotten Troy to take a day off.


Trent walked into his apartment to the sound of the telephone ringing. He hurried to answer it, thinking that everyone he knew would call him on his cell phone. “Hello,” he said, in a hurried tone. “Is this Mr. Johnson?” a very young girl’s voice asked. “Yes, this is Trent Johnson,” he said slowly. “Um, my daddy is sick, and he said to call you,” the sweet voice said. Trent thought that the girl must have dialed his number by mistake. “Are you sure you have the right Mr. Johnson?” “Um, I think so. Can you help my daddy?” Wanting to do whatever he could for such a sweet sounding girl, Trent replied, “I will certainly try. What is your daddy’s name?” “Troy Landis,” she said. Trent almost dropped the phone. He had known Troy for awhile now and he had never mentioned a daughter. Trent knew he had to say something, anything. He could hear the little girl breathing on the other end. “Yes, honey, I can help your daddy. Is he there with you, at home?” “Uh, huh,” she said. “What is your name, sweetheart?” “Victoria,” she said, with all the sweetness of a young girl. “I’ll be right there. Tell your daddy I’m on my way.” “Okay,” she said, and hung up the phone.

Trent rushed to get himself ready. He quickly fed Marshmallow and Tootle, and then hurried out the door. Troy lived well within walking distance, and Trent jogged most of the way. He knocked on the door of Troy’s house. “Victoria, it’s Trent Johnson,” he said. The door opened, and Trent saw a little girl with the face of an angel. Victoria’s eyes were almost as big as the rest of her. “Hi, Victoria,” Trent said, squatting down so that he was at eye level with the young girl. He held out his hand. “Can you take me to your daddy?” She said nothing, but took Trent’s hand in hers. Trent closed and locked the door behind him.


“Here you go, Daddy,” Victoria said, running into the room and handing the bottle of water to Troy. Trent offered Victoria a knee to sit on and she climbed up into his lap. “Looks like you’ve made a new friend, Trent.” “I sure have,” he said, giving Victoria a hug. “I do need to go home and check on my cats, Marshmallow and Tootle. You can come with me if you want to, Victoria, and if it’s okay with your daddy.” “Okay,” Victoria said quietly. Trent let go of Troy’s hand, and Troy looked at him. Trent patted Troy’s arm, and he and Victoria made sure that Troy had everything he needed before they left.

As they left the bedroom, Trent turned around as they were leaving and smiled at Troy. Troy looked at Trent, and although neither spoke a word, each was wondering if there was something in the look they had just shared. I’m probably imagining things, Trent thought. Troy was thinking the same thing as he watched his little girl leave with the man he admired more than Trent knew.

When they got to Trent’s apartment, Victoria was thrilled to see Marshmallow and Tootle. “Can I touch them?” “Sure. You can help me feed them.” The two cats loved all the attention from this new little person. “They like you, Victoria.” “They are very soft,” she said, trying to pet them both at the same time. Trent put their food in a bowl and handed it to Victoria. “You want to feed them?” They had already begun to eat before Victoria had a chance to put the bowl down. “I can pet them while they eat,” she said, surprised. “Yeah, they love attention any time.” “What else do they eat?” “They eat their dry food whenever they want throughout the day and night,” Trent told her, pointing to their food and water bowls. “They take lots of naps during the day, short ones, and eat small meals often.”

Trent continued to talk to Victoria while he changed clothes and straightened up. When he noticed that she had stopped talking, Trent hurried to the living room, afraid that she may have left the apartment without telling him. “Oh, how precious,” he said aloud. Victoria had fallen asleep on the sofa by the window, and both Marshmallow and Tootle had jumped up to join her. Trent got a small blanket and covered her. Then he stretched out on the other sofa and fell asleep.


He washed Troy’s neck and then his arms. He looked down at Troy’s nipples that had become hard from the water, and he closed his eyes. Trent’s wet clothes clung to him, and he could feel his pulsating cock against the tight denim of his jeans. When his hands moved down along Troy’s chest and his fingers met Troy’s nipples, Troy gasped. Trent looked up at him. There was no mistaking the look in Troy’s eyes, and Trent knew the same look was in his own eyes. The look of desire could not be missed now by either man.

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