Mike and Trevor have been each other’s lifeline, confidante, and partner in “mischief” for as long as either of them can remember. When Trevor asks his best bud to open a business with him, Mike quickly agrees, bringing his carefree and somewhat reckless attitude with him to work every day. The much more mischievous of the two, Mike secretly advertises that their business includes doing “odd” jobs. Trevor knows that Mike is up to something, but Mike is Trevor’s best friend, so he overlooks his buddy’s wayward ways. Trevor is waiting and watching, however, for Mike’s carefree ways and mischief making to go a little too far and get him into something that even Trevor may not be able to get his good buddy out of.

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Mike really wasn’t much of a businessman, and had never quite grown up, at least according to Trevor. Mike was the one who was usually “found” by mischief, and Trevor was usually the lucky guy who had the privilege of getting his good friend out of his too numerous to mention “sticky” situations. Trevor had often joked that he was not unlike one of the guys at the circus who had the wonderful privilege of walking behind the elephants and cleaning up their messes. Mike was a people person and much preferred being out in the public, meeting the customers. He let Trevor take care of what he considered to be the more mundane aspects of the business.

“I’m Mike. You called for some help?” “Yes, Mike. Thanks for coming on such short notice. Come on in.” Mike hadn’t missed the man’s stare. Mike was hot, and Mike was sexy, and Mike was well aware of his sex appeal. Mike noticed the pictures leaning against the side of one wall. “Are these the pictures, sir?” “Yes, and it’s Charles. Let’s have a drink first, shall we?” “Sure. Beer, if you’ve got it,” Mike said. Does the man realize that it’s only ten in the morning? I usually don’t drink this early, Mike thought. Charles tossed a can to Mike and then opened one for himself. “You been in the city very long?” “Just moved in, Mike. I have businesses on the East Coast, but I like the weather here. I will be running my businesses out of my home right here in Idaho from now on.”

Mike tried to look interested, but Mike had never been interested in his own business, and he certainly wasn’t interested in someone else’s entrepreneurial efforts. Mike was sure that this man had asked him to come all the way out here to his grand mansion on the lake for only one thing, and Mike was also sure that that one thing was not hanging pictures. Mike had a solid reputation for being good in the sack, but this guy actually had pictures to hang.


Mike turned the key in the ignition, but Spuds just sputtered and then stopped. “Come on, Spuds,” Mike begged. “Mike, did you remember to put gas in Spuds, like I asked you to?” Mike looked at the gauge. “Uh, I guess I forgot, Trev.” “Mike, you have got to be more responsible. I am not running this business all by myself, am I?” “If it weren’t for my charm, Trevor, we wouldn’t have a business, or have you forgotten my charm?” Trevor couldn’t deny that Mike had a way with the customers. “No, I haven’t forgotten your charm, Mike. Come on.”

Mike followed Trevor back into the cabin. “What are we doing back in here? Looking for a phone?” “You’re a smartass, Mike. No, I’m not looking for a phone. Unless you want to walk home, we’ll be staying here for the night. Now come and help me.” Mike followed Trevor down the hallway, more than a little confused. Roughing it was not exactly Trevor’s thing. He was quite fond of his creature comforts. Trevor started tugging and pulling at one of the old mattresses. “What are you doing?” Mike asked. “I’m putting the mattress on the floor. The bed is too small.” “Oooh, are we sleeping together tonight, honey?” “Funny, Mike. No, but from the floor there is a little sliver of light coming from a streetlamp way out there.” Trevor pointed out the window at the light in the distance. “Are you for real? You still can’t sleep in the dark, can you?” “Yes, I can sleep in the dark. I prefer, however, not to.”

Mike shook his head and went to the other bedroom. He was beat. He was almost asleep on the little bed when he heard Trevor rummaging around. “Trevor, what are you doing?” “Nothing,” Trevor lied. Mike heard the footsteps of his friend as Trevor padded down the hallway. Mike got up and followed Trevor to the kitchen. “What are in the world are you looking for, Trevor? I’m tired.” “I just thought that maybe there was a flashlight in this old cabin somewhere.” Then he noticed the light on Mike’s wristwatch. “Let me wear your watch, Mike. I can set the alarm that way. I certainly can’t count on you getting us up on time.” Mike started to take his watch off, and then he stopped. “I know why you wanted the flashlight and now my watch, and it isn’t for the alarm. A flashlight wouldn’t have had an alarm. It’s still too dark for you, isn’t it?” he teased. “So what if it is? At least I don’t have to get laid every five minutes.” “Shit, Trevor, you are unbelievable. Come on.”

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