Witch's Curse

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Witch's Cold: Donal
0 ratings
For over four hundred years he fought a curse placed on him that left him not as human but as cold. He haunted the snow banks of mountain passes and floated with the bergs on the seas. He made only a few friend MORE...
Witch's Heat: Cian
0 ratings
Sex and war. Can they go together? Well, maybe, if you take a well-trained Special Ops who happens to be female and beautiful, trained to kill with almost any weapon on the board but who loves her J2000 best of MORE...
Witch's Moisture: Breandon
The mists that swirl within the highlands of Scotland give a different feeling to each person who sees them. Some find them relaxing and calming, as well as a tie to the past because the mists have been in thes MORE...
Witch's Smoke: Aaron
1 ratings
Think how much fun it would be if you were a puff of smoke. If you were a naughty ten year old, you would look at your sister’s diary. If you were a teenage boy, you could drift into the girls’ locker room. If MORE...
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