Helping Hands

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Lycan Limbo
0 ratings
After spending more than a hundred and fifty years in Limbo, to suddenly find himself in a modern world with technology that baffled him, and women who wore pants, was a huge shock. Discovering that men were al MORE...
Invisible Threat
0 ratings
The people of Supinity prepare for a peaceful holiday season, but the feds just won’t leave them alone. Chad Brooks knows they’re planning something, but he can’t figure out what and the powers that be aren’t t MORE...
An Illegal Immigrant
When Agent Chad Brooks picks up a young hitchhiker in the middle of nowhere late at night he’s surprised the hitcher is on his way to Supinity. Why would a young man want to settle in such a small town? Was he MORE...
Circus Lion
1 ratings
When his partner buys tickets to a circus performance because of a supposed wolf sighting, Jordan reluctantly accompanies him because he hates the circus. When the lions come out, he decides to leave and wait i MORE...
An Angry Wolf
1 ratings
Dylan McIntyre arrives home with fantastic news to find his lover with another man, but worse, they’ve both been brutally murdered. After his arrest, Dylan’s one phone call is to his sister, Mariah. She contac MORE...
Agent Chris
0 ratings
With Connor captured, it is now up to Silver and Connor’s family to rescue not only Hank and his pack, the other ones that were taken, but most important to him, the love of his life as well. Will their rescue MORE...
Freeing Silver
0 ratings
When undercover agents approach Silver in the local bar, the question is, who is he and why are they after him? There is only one solution—Silver needs to remember his past. But how?
Connor's Lair
0 ratings
Connor built his cabin to be alone, to escape, and to live with the memories of his lost love. After he finds a wounded wolf in the forest he nurses him back to health and falls in love with the animal. He deci MORE...
Helping Hands Bundle 1
When the Feds begin hunting shifters, vampires, and witches, the town of Supinity becomes the go-to haven for the hunted. These beings ban together and form Helping Hands, an organization that fights for the MORE...