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All’s not well in Alex’s universe. A pregnant Grace is missing, and John Large goes berserk. Is it part of a greater plot? Can Alex find Grace and their baby in time? A worldwide search is undertaken. Gods, lo MORE...
Going Home
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Alex is in shock, having just met and left the Goddess Tefnut, who claims to be her daughter. She leaves Cairo to meet Grace’s extended family and finds all of her aunts enslaved to an unknown entity. Can Alex MORE...
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Alex is a hermaphrodite. Is there more to life than sex and money? Alex leaves on an extended journey of self-discovery to find out. Grace accompanies Alex as a companion. Their feelings evolve, but Grace has h MORE...
Autonomous Love Entity Version X
The project was to develop the perfect sex toy. Dr. Dugg doesn’t see the reality of his creation, his competition did. Industrial espionage leads to competitive action, but the Autonomous Love Entity, version X MORE...
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Alex is a hermaphrodite. This is her/his story, a journey of self-discovery. It starts with a one-month-old baby deserted in front of a church who grows up in an orphanage. While exploring her/his body as a tee MORE...
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