Alex is a hermaphrodite. This is her/his story, a journey of self-discovery. It starts with a one-month-old baby deserted in front of a church who grows up in an orphanage. While exploring her/his body as a teenager, she accidentally makes herself pregnant. Fearful of discovery, she leaves the mid-West for the big city, Los Angeles. She starts to have visions and realizes she is both herself, and the baby she is carrying. Her intellect increases during the pregnancy.

She falls prey to the big city, getting sucked into prostitution. A hermaphrodite is in demand, a novelty for the rich and powerful. She becomes their plaything and seeks revenge. Alex evolves, turning the tables on the elite, becoming a very young rich widow. A second baby opens her mind further, but life becomes tangled when the Mob gets involved.

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Cover Art by Latrisha Waters

George was very good the last few months of my pregnancy. He didn’t insist on sex, although I did seduce him a couple of times as I wanted to make sure he didn’t forget what a great deal I was. We did go to his club once, for a change I didn’t go dressed as a young man. With my being nine months pregnant, he thought I should be dressed as his bride. We got lots of stares as we walked in, George complete with Monkey mask with his pregnant bride.

Very soon the place thinned down as people paired up and disappeared to have sex. Some liked to be watched so a couple of small orgies were developing on the corner settees. I watched for a while, turned, George had wandered off! I found him in the pole room enjoying the show, glancing every now and again at the very explicit lap dances going on in the corner. I sat on his lap looking at the show. A different girl was performing, slim build about five-feet-three inches tall. She was very, very good, long natural-blonde hair hanging loose, medium-size boobs, with areolas large and dark. She would climb up to the top of the pole, hook her leg, shake her head, and hang. Hair cascading down, she slowly slid and rotated around the pole. It was an art form. I walked across and waited. She crawled slowly over to me blue eyes locked onto mine, she didn’t want to let me escape, I slipped a twenty dollar note into her G-string.

“Hope to see you again, after…” Patting my extended stomach, she looked me in the eye and smiled. “Ask for Grace at New Horizons, you’ll be in for a treat.”

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