Sweet Snacks

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Christmas And Gingerbread Men
Pitney Winters is sure he’ll never find a proper boyfriend. He owns a mirror and knows he’s neither a handsome stud nor a cute twink. When an ex fuck-buddy visits Pitney at work, a handsome man interrupts their MORE...
Milky Coffee and Office Gossip
Corey Williams’ life at work is pure hell since he stalked one of his colleagues in an attempt to secure a date. Thanks to office gossip, all his coworkers know what he’s done, and their jabs and cruel jokes ju MORE...
Marshmallows and the Snow
1 ratings
Ruben, a young man from London, enjoys his first vacation with his first boyfriend in Norway. But soon, the ski-adventure turns into a nightmare. First, Ruben finds Toby fucking one of the hotel’s employees in MORE...
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