Galactic Alien Mates

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Mated to the Jardan Pirate (MF)
This space pirate may have captured her ship, but she'll never let him steal her heart... Sylvis Trasker is captain of one of the galaxy's premiere luxury cruise ships. But when her ship is boarded by pirates, MORE...
Mated to the Warrior Prince (MF)
She's the bodyguard, but who will save her from the warrior prince? Melika Gendressa's job should be simple. Protect an alien from the assassin robots sent to kill him. Only Vorgyn Mar'Don is a Jardan prince.. MORE...
Mated to the Jardan Warrior (MF)
A tough space cop chasing a fierce alien warrior. This girl has just met her match... Nena Brax is a galactic police officer on the hunt for Ryrke Zo'dan, a fierce and renowned Jardan warrior wanted for murder MORE...
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