Enchanted Crossroads

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Twist In Time
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Teal was content in her place as the swan prime. She helped her people recover from wounds and officiated shifter weddings. Life was serene until her mother lets her know that her husband has been chosen, and t MORE...
Cute to the Bone
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Sireno has grown up knowing that she is the key to the magic that keeps her parents apart. It hasn’t been a fun burden to bear when her mom announces that it is time for her to head to the Crossroads to b MORE...
Hunt and Seek
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Roxanne has spent her adult life as a seeker, looking for fugitives for the guild. She is very good at her job, and she considers the trade of her mother’s medical care for her service to be fair. When MORE...
Tangled Heart
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Aster was cut off from her tree in a weird turn of events that had her planting her tree in sacred soil and waking a forest god with the power of her oak. Her life was in a static spiral from there. She join MORE...
Match Mage
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Tomas has lived a carefree life, his family is gone, and he has no one to cater to but himself, so he spends his nights drinking and paying for it with magic. It was supposed to be a small spell to let young MORE...