Darkest Star Saga

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Forbidden Summons
2 ratings
Jadoree was compelled to seek out means to travel through the stars and to a new universe, but the moment she arrived, all compulsion went out the window. What now? Diyar had always known his match waited for MORE...
Broken Ties
2 ratings
Ibbi is on the run. She broke from her family and disappeared into the stars. The current world she lives on wants her to use her talent as a seer, but it will be akin to putting a target on her back. With no MORE...
Called by Honour
2 ratings
Living as a bodyguard for a Whichan noble, Avvel is shocked and betrayed when her charge trades her for an Asku bodyguard willing to be his lover. She must take on her new position with dignity or shame her peo MORE...
Dreams of Fire
2 ratings
Xia has been running from dreams of fire her entire adult life. She warns, threatens and begs, but no one will listen when she tells them she knows when and where the fire will strike. Across twelve worlds she MORE...
A Hunted Darkness
2 ratings
Ceezee has lived her life as a thief for her clan. Rented out to the Asku she is prepared to find an object that the warriors themselves cannot retrieve. She faces her commander with grace, style and a collecti MORE...
Dancing for the Skylord
Teera has grown up learning, reading and loving the intricacies of interplanetary law but when she is requested as a Mediator on her mother's homeworld protocol subverts her role in the world and she has to knu MORE...
Warlord's Prize
2 ratings
A stranger to her own people, Enari has never felt that she had a place on Fennar. When the lottery destines her to be a bride of the Asku, she makes her displeasure known, even though her battle against a secu MORE...
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