Four Ever More

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Take Me Fast
4 ratings
Nisa has been working with the priests to host weddings at their abbey and bring joy to newly wedded couples. When a bride asks Nisa to formalize her vows instead of head of the order, the clone is honoured but MORE...
Take Me Hard
4 ratings
Breaking her mates out of imprisonment is not Zoe’s idea of a first date, but then how can you plan meeting three loves of your life? Zoe has lived her life knowing what she was and who she was destined for. W MORE...
Take Me Now
3 ratings
Raeda has lived her adult life traveling from world to world, seeking the men who were designed just for her. Kenvin is the world where she is knocked out and dumped at a bride auction, caged to wait her turn. MORE...
Take Me On
4 ratings
Reesha has spent her adult life planning harvests for the colony on Worrik, she tells them where to go, how to plant and what crops will do best. When her assistant sends her off on an impromptu vacation, a mor MORE...
Come and Go
8 ratings
Normia Broker has enjoyed her life as voice and body double for one of the galaxy's most popular singers, Halariel. With her tattoo covered she has been able to live a life of fun and frolics. When a series of MORE...
Come and Get Me
16 ratings
Kalli Next runs Hell, a bar and cafe on a new colony jungle world. One night she uses her psi talents to stop a bar fight and the next thing she knows, she is staring at three new lawmen that she knows in her b MORE...
Kingdom Come
8 ratings
Raleigh Avel has had moderate success with her jewellery shop, but when she is robbed, she has to face the new lawmen on Elsinor. She wouldn’t have bothered, but she had no way to dispose of the body. Azeel, MORE...
Come to Me
21 ratings
Growing up on a frontier world is hard enough, but never being able to reach a climax without ending up halfway across the world is getting a little tiring. Pelly has been fighting a battle with her body for ye MORE...
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