(wife swapping / bi-sexual)

After seven years of marriage, Ellen and Paul's once hot sex life has lost its luster. Suspecting her best friend Cassidy and her husband enjoy great sex, she looks to her for help. Shocked when she finds out, Cassidy and her husband have become swingers, Ellen wonders if wife swapping can bring excitement back to their dull predictable sex life? She intends to find out.

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Cover Art by Dee Dawning

"And so it worked?" Cassidy asked softly into her cell.

It was ten o'clock in the morning the next day and both of them were at work. Ellen had the door to her private office closed, so she could talk freely.

"Worked?" Ellen exclaimed her voice ecstatic. She was happier than she'd been in months, maybe years. "I had the best sex I've had in, like, forever last night! I can't thank you enough." "You're more than welcome," Cassidy said, her voice slightly smug. "And so we're definitely on for this weekend, and you're gonna let me fuck Paul, right?"

A long silence went by. Ellen's heart suddenly pounded at the thought of what she was about to commit to, but Paul had seemed okay with it. She grinned as she thought about the way he'd reamed her pussy so deliciously last night—he'd made her come twice before he'd finally gone off inside her that second time they'd made love--and finally answered resolutely, "We are. Five o'clock at your place, right?"

"You bet. Ed is very excited. He's already bought filets for the grill, some imported beer and some great wine to serve with the steaks."

"What can I bring?"

"The briefest bikini you own and a salad of some kind. Potato salad might be good."

"That sounds easy enough. We'll see you then."

* * * *

That night when Ellen got home, she pulled out every piece of swimwear she had amassed over the years and examined the collection with a critical eye. All of the suits seemed a little too conventional to wear to her first swing party ever, now that she looked them over.

Tomorrow night, after work, I'll go bikini shopping, she resolved as she skimmed off the Hawaiian suit and stuffed it and the rest of her swimwear back into the drawer.

"Jesus, that's my absolute favorite look on you, darling."

She spun and saw him standing there in the doorway, dressed in his suit and tie, a huge grin on his face as he leered openly at her nude body. She started to cover her nakedness with her hands, out of modesty and habit, but then she thought about it and dropped them back to her sides. She flashed a sexy smile and proudly showed off her bare assets to him.

"I was just trying on some suits for this swim party on Saturday," she explained. "But I just decided that I need to buy a new one tomorrow. Mine are all too conservative for this particular affair."

"Ummmmm!" Paul sighed and stared at her nude body with unhidden lust. "Buy whatever you want, doll, the skimpier the better."

As he looked up from her bare breasts, he asked, "So we're definitely on? You confirmed everything with Cassidy?"

Ellen smiled and sauntered over to him. She put both hands on his tie, and slid them up and down teasingly as she whispered, "Yeah, you'll definitely be fucking her Saturday night, big boy, but I guess until then you're stuck with little old me!"

Paul made his new little growling sound, gathered her into his arms and marched right over to the bed. He placed her naked form in the center, then straightened back up and tore off his suit coat, tie, and dress shirt…

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