After seven years of marriage, Ellen and Paul's once hot sex life has lost its luster. However, after a round of hot, wife swapping sex with her best friend, sexy Cassidy and her handsome husband, Ed, they become born again swingers. Could anything be any better than hitting the sheets with their sexy friends? Ellen is about to find out, when the following week they have been invited to a Sex Party with a cadre of Cassidy and Ed's wife swapping friends.

Sex Party
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Cover Art by Dee Dawning

By Friday afternoon, Ellen paced the bedroom, and glanced at the clock, wishing it would move faster. She stepped over to her closet and took out the two possible party outfits she'd narrowed her choices down to and laid them on the bed. One was a simple, elegant little sundress with big swirls of black, purple, and gold intertwined. It had a low-cut neckline and a short hem that stopped two inches above her knees. The other outfit was a jumpsuit with a scooped neckline, a plunging back and a short-hemmed, short-shorts style bottom half.

After looking at them both for another minute or so, Ellen picked up the phone, and speed-dialed Cassidy's house. "Cass?" Ellen asked when someone picked up the phone.

"Nope, it's me, El, Ed," Cassidy's husband answered. "I'll find Cassidy and give her the phone. I think she's in the kitchen. Are you excited about tomorrow?"

"God, yes!" Ellen sighed. "How about you?"

"I'm very excited—mainly because you're going to be there, cutie."

His voice sounded low and sexy on the phone.

"Oh? Am I that exciting?" Ellen laughed, flirting a little and loving it.

"You bet, doll! I've partied with all of the other gals who are going to attend several times before, but I've only been with you once, last weekend. So I'm dying to get together with you again, El!"

Ellen laughed, feeling her cheeks flush with excitement. “How flattering! A girl likes to hear that she's made a good first impression."

"Hah!" Ed chortled. "A good first impression? Neither Cassidy nor I can stop talking about you, babe! We both are anxious as hell to play with that elegant, classy body of yours again, Ellen!"

That drew a happy giggle from her, along with what felt like an even deeper blush. She started to say something in return, a compliment to Ed—how impressive his huge c**k is—but Cassidy' brassy voice came on the line.

"What's up, El?"

"I'm in a quandary about what to wear, Cass," Ellen admitted. "It's come down to a choice between this great, sexy jumpsuit I bought with a plunging back that goes all the way down to my butt crack, and this hot little sundress with a low back and a low front. Which would be best, in your opinion, for a party like this?"

"Wear the sundress and nothing else but shoes—no bra or panties," Cassidy advised her. "The jumpsuit may be smokin' hot, but you can't get in and out of one of those things easy enough to be practical at a f**k party like this one. With the sundress, if you meet a guy who you want to make it with, he can just bend you over a couch or table, flip the back of the sundress up and…voila, he's f**king you, see?"

Ellen felt her face redden at that mental image. Nevertheless, she had to admit, her p**sy began to get wet and her nipples firmed up, when she thought about some hunky guy flipping her dress up and bending her over and…giving her his c**k like that! After all, total primal hedonism was the whole point of a party like this, wasn't it?

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