Shifted Perceptions

Purple Sword Publications, LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,734
8 Ratings (3.6)

Two men. One woman. When love is involved, complications up the stakes.

Dali Bowman has a secret desire, one that she’s already witnessed her closest friends discover for themselves. When Rex Adkins and Gage Hall come into her life, she likes what she sees, and is willing to take the chance. On her terms.

Rex and Gage have been friends since high school, as close as brothers in almost all aspects of their lives, from the secret they both share to the craving they have to find a woman that will complete them as a family. When Rex and Gage meet Dali, the attraction is instant. The confusion is their wolves’ muted interest. Are they wrong? Is Dali the one woman for them?

When they take away Dali’s freedom of choice, she runs, slamming the door on them and their advances. Can they salvage their chance or has their impetuous behavior cost them more than either could imagine?

Shifted Perceptions
8 Ratings (3.6)

Shifted Perceptions

Purple Sword Publications, LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,734
8 Ratings (3.6)
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Cover Art by Anastasia Rabiyah
I liked it but wish it would have been longer and more in depth.

“Is that a good bet?” Rex asked her. Music played in the background as the bar had filled with Thursday night customers and couples, the insides getting decidedly noisier. The other two tables were being played now too, so she had to stay kind of close to Gage and Rex. Not that she minded. And now, he’d made a bet.

Dali’s heart raced. Two kisses. Or two men running their hands all over her. She tried to find moisture in her mouth. She’d gone bone dry. Her stomach fluttered, heat oozing to settle between her legs.

“I’ll take it.” It was a win-win for her. Rex flashed a smile that could only be deemed as predatory. “One condition,” she cautioned. He stopped circling the table, waiting. She walked up to him and Gage followed her.

“No matter the winner, later or outside, but just not here. I’m not an exhibitionist.”

Rex actually sighed his way through a tender laugh. “Dali, we’re not animals.” He cupped her cheek and held her for a moment, his thumb stroking her. It was just as well that he’d made the bet. It was getting late enough that she needed to get home. The last dose she’d taken to stop her sneezing wouldn’t last for much longer, and she still had an antibiotic to take. She’d been proactive and made sure there was something she could take with the meds if she’d needed, glad now that she had. She wasn’t about to sniffle and sneeze the whole evening. She couldn’t wait until the antibiotics did their thing, and she could feel normal again.

Dali went to return to her spot when Rex let her go, and she flattened right into Gage’s chest, unaware he’d been right behind her. His arm swept around her naturally. “Easy, darlin’,” he said gently at her ear. His breath was warm, smelling faintly of the beer they’d been drinking. “There’s something you should know.”

She tried to swallow, but it was a wasted effort. “What?” she managed. Her lungs had ceased to work. His arm was strong and gentle at the same time, holding her upright, which was good. She was too close to melting to the floor again.

“Rex and me, we take good care of our woman.” His thumb lifted, stroking right beneath her breast, his nail dragging seductively across the bottom of her bra. Her body tightened and her pussy ached, throbbing for more, for touch.

Woman. One. She knew she hadn’t misheard him. Liquid heat spread, reaching to between her legs. She spasmed, aching.

Rex stood, frozen, watching them, his eyes glittering like blue flames in the bar lights. The world around them vanished with that spark of desire burning in his blue eyes and Gage’s hard body enveloping hers.

Dali’s heart thrummed, the entire process taking no more than a second to dissect. She hadn’t been misreading them! Both of these men wanted her. It sent her heart careening into her ribs for several seconds as lust and desire washed through her.

She knew Jason, her boss and the owner of the health club where she worked, and Victor, his oldest friend, shared the woman they both loved, Leesa. Those closest to them knew their idiosyncrasies, and Dali had been friends with Jason and Victor for a long time and had more than one opportunity to hear about Leesa’s happiness while at work. Dali also knew she’d never be more than friends with either Jason or Victor, but they’d opened her eyes to something. She wasn’t what most would call normal. She didn’t crave the same things most women did.

Well, maybe she did. She wanted a man to look at her like he couldn’t live without her. She wanted a man to respect her, protect her, cherish her. But what she wanted physically, couldn’t be done with just one man. She needed, desired, and hungered for two. Two men to love her body, to please her as she could pleasure them. What Jason and Victor had proven could be done, she wanted. And it looked like she wasn’t alone in the wanting.

Leaning relaxed into Gage’s chest, she dared, “Make your shot, Rex.”

His jaw twitched and he laughed. “Minx.”

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