The Legend of Summer Swan (MFM)

The Witness Tree 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 66,643
21 Ratings (3.9)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Multiple Partners]  
Summer Swan comes to the tribe as a slave and soon enslaves two mighty warriors with her love and sexuality. Tall Tree and Soaring Eagle are bonded to her as no other men before or since. Their love becomes a legendary saga of lust and love. 

Only men of her tribe were shaman or medicine men, but no man could match her skills and magic. She knew things no one else did. She communicated with the gods, the dead, and animals. She hunted better than most men. She could be as hard as rock or as soft as a kitten. She could laugh and cry for those she loved and showed no mercy for those she hated. 

Life gave Summer Swan other trials as bad or worse than slavery. Here is her legend and the story of her life and loves. 
  Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.
A Siren Erotic Romance

The Legend of Summer Swan (MFM)
21 Ratings (3.9)

The Legend of Summer Swan (MFM)

The Witness Tree 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 66,643
21 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


Morning began before dawn when two pair of robust little lungs announced hunger pangs. Little Crane was already in search of soft leaves to use for diapers that she tied around the kicking feet with sinew. Summer Swan lifted her shirt and put one hungry mouth to each tit. Watching her from the dark were several warriors. The younger, unmarried ones were enthralled with her huge, dark tipped breasts and long legs. Those whose wives were gone looked at her, wondering if she would eventually choose a mate from among them.

She approached Soaring Eagle and asked permission to go downstream to wash herself. He growled at her. “Do as you wish. You are a free woman, not my slave. All I want from you is your milk for my sons.” With that, he turned away as if angry.

She shrugged off his abruptness, left the camp and walked until she found a sandy shore where she removed all her clothing. She moved into the water that was warmer than she had expected. It felt wonderful to wash. She used ashes from the fire pit to scrub her body and hair, and then rinsed it all away. Once clean, she lay on her back, letting the current move her into the middle of the creek before she rolled over and swam gracefully back to the beach.

Sitting in the water, she ran her fingers through her hair to remove the tangles. Some cattail plants grew near her, so she picked one and used it to brush her hair even smoother. She then braided it, adding a spray of flowers as she reached the ends.

A snap in the wooded area behind her caused her to freeze. She felt no sense of danger, so slowly arose, still naked, and turned to look in that direction. Two figures began to run away and she smiled. No normal man could pass up a chance to see a woman in her bath. No matter, she did not care who it was, but she did hope it might have been Soaring Eagle. No, she told herself, he would never spy and she was right.

She was beautiful by any standards, tall, slender, and graceful. She had been married and was no inexperienced girl. She knew those watching her would have erections. She hoped they were so hard they hurt, it might teach them a lesson.

Once back in camp, she knew within minutes who it had been, as neither of the younger warriors would even look in her direction. She made a point of walking near them and asking just loud enough for them to hear. “Did you enjoy my bath as much as I did?”


Soaring Eagle felt a sense of anger, at what he was not sure. He did not like the idea of her naked body in the water with Tall Tree, but that was none of his business. If she wanted to flaunt her curves and temptations to Tall Tree, who was he to care?

But he did care. He knew he did. He remembered her floating in the water, hair spread around her, huge breasts, hard nipples, long legs, and curly black hair. He pictured himself between those legs, his cock buried in the black hair, and his mouth on hers. The picture in his mind caused him to harden until his penis hurt.

That night, she lay playing with the babies across the tent floor from him blowing on tiny tummies until little laughter erupted from deep within his sons. The sounds made both Summer Swan and Soaring Eagle laugh. Her long hair fell to the sides of her face and the babes grabbed handfuls and tugged. She talked to them as only a woman can and he smiled. He watched the firelight flicker on her skin. Her nipples were still hard from the babies’ mouths. He rolled over and feigned sleep, even emitting a soft snore, until she was sure he was asleep. She threw off her blanket and stepped outside to relieve herself.

When she returned, she lay uncovered. The moon rose and emitted lighted through the smoke hole in the top of the tepee. He could see her clearly though his slitted eyelids. By the Gods, she was beautiful. His stirring penis brought thoughts of She Who Smiles and with those thought, knowing that his wife would want him to love again, or at least find a relief for his needs. And such a relief was a scant few feet away.

When he was sure Summer Swan was asleep, he arose and walked to her. Standing over her lovely body, his penis grew rock hard and throbbed. He knelt beside her and bent to kiss her. Instead of compliant lips in return, he received a hard punch in his chest.

“What do you think you are doing? I am not yours. Get away from me. Or I swear I will leave this tent this minute and not return.”

He dropped to his back, lying beside her. “You are so damn beautiful. How could any man ignore you? Do you not have needs, too? We can help each other and enjoy the pleasures the gods gave to us.”

“You are the most arrogant, stupid, unthinking man I have ever met. Is this your way of approaching a woman, of inviting her to your bed? Well, you are sorely mistaken if you think I am interested at all in pleasures with you. Now, get away. I mean it.”

Soaring Eagle did not move. “I will move away if you give me a chance to please you. I promise. If you do not like my touches and caresses within time it takes the moon to move away from the smoke hole, I go back to my sleeping robes. But if you do, will you be honest enough to admit it to me and to yourself?”

When she did not answer, he raised himself up on one elbow and let his head bent over her body. His tongue touched the end of her nipple as his free hand moved to envelope her other breast. He tasted the milk that she provided for his sons and that excited him even more. His lips encircled her nipple and he gently suckled it, feeling it harden in his mouth.

His free hand moved down to rub her stomach, then her hips. The woman smell of her excited all his senses. His tongue followed until she pulled his head up and met his lips with her own. There was no doubt that they would couple and it would be good.

His fingers moved between her legs, sliding into the wetness there. She moaned in her throat as he touched her clit. He began to rub it and felt it growing. She opened her legs wide and pushed her hips up to meet his hand. She held his head to her breasts as she began jerking side-to-side, up and down, whispering ‘more, more, more’ until she dropped back on the sleeping robe.

He knelt between her knees, lifting her buttocks up as he slowly pushed inside her. His excitement built too fast for him to control and his semen spurt into her like a flood. She held him to her, inside her, and raised her lips to his again as he dropped down atop her sweating body.

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