Ballbreaker (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,343
4 Ratings (4.3)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, cropping, sex toys, HEA]
Samantha Coulton hates her job. She loves father, who she can’t say no to, but unfortunately he is also her boss and relies on her to be the ballbreaker in his hardest assignments. She is the only one that is likely to be able to broker a deal between Jeremy and his brother Mike Sandford after their father dies, over management of their sheep. If they can’t agree, then she gets a vote and the majority wins.
Trouble is, the Sandford boys have other ideas. With her stuck on their sheep ranch until the deal is done, Jeremy plans to seduce her and Mike scare her off. But as both of them fall for her, and she them, things don’t go exactly according to plan, jeopardising the future of the farm unless Samantha can find a way for the brothers to work together against a common enemy.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Ballbreaker (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Ballbreaker (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,343
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
The best of the erotic novels I have read so far.
Simone Sinna’s new book, Ballbreaker, which takes place at an Australian sheep ranch called High Camp, was an excellent read. I would have liked it to be a bit longer since I thoroughly enjoyed the handsome sheep rancher heroes, Jeremy and Michael Sandford, and the heroine, Samantha Coulton. Sam is a daddy’s girl who can’t say no—to her father or to the two hunky ranchers who are total opposites but who have some interesting plans for her. The story is fun and the BDSM sex is edgy and hot.
When Samantha’s father talks her into visiting High Camp to negotiate a business plan for the ranch, she is caught between the two brothers who have opposing points of view, a scheming ex-girlfriend and the nefarious plans of her own ex-boyfriend. I loved the two dogs, Snape, the Chihuahua, and Fang, the pony sized Schnauzer/Rottweiler mix, gold digging ex-girlfriend, Monica, and conniving cousin, Russell. The intrigue that endangers the future of the ranch and the sexy encounters in the hayloft and dungeon add spice to the story as Samantha learns to expand her horizons and get past the tragedy of her mother’s death.
It was fun to learn a little about modern sheep ranching in Australia and to feel as though I had taken a trip to the Outback. I always like to come away with a little piece of new knowledge after reading a good book. All in all, an excellent book I highly recommend. – Skye Michaels
Skye Michaels




Samantha had decided to discard the jacket even if it meant a step down in how much authority she conveyed. With the debacle that had heralded her arrival, she probably could have done with all the help she could get, but the dog’s saliva stain was now a large wet patch and besides that, the air conditioning wasn’t that good. Despite the house being spacious and elegant, with carefully positioned antiques, it hadn’t embraced the new century and was relying on ceiling fans.

Samantha left Snape curled up on an eighteenth-century chair, looking like she had finally found her place in life, and shut the door to ensure her dog and Fang didn’t meet again anytime soon. Her heels clicked noisily on the wooden floors as she went in search of the study. She passed the living area, a wide spacious room with a grand piano. For a second she had a strong urge to go and play, lose herself in a piece, and pretend this nightmare wasn’t really happening. She wondered if either of the men played and rather doubted it. Probably the lace-cuffed man hanging over the mantelpiece had.

“So,” she said as she walked briskly into the dimly lit room lined with books where she found the Sandford brothers. “Shall we get down to business?”

“What’s the rush?” Jeremy had three champagne glasses on the desk and was uncorking a bottle of champagne.

“Not for me, thank you,” said Samantha firmly. She caught the label. Shit. Bollinger. Maybe if there was a drop left in the bottle she could scull a glass later without them noticing?

Jeremy gave his brother a glass. “Teetotaller?”

“No,” said Samantha. “Professional.”

Mike turned an obvious laugh into a cough. Samantha glared at him, trying not to remember how soft and sweet he had looked when she had made such an idiot of herself.

“So which of you wants to give me your business plan first?”

As she guessed would happen, Jeremy volunteered. Having smoothed over his annoyance at her not allowing herself to be seduced into drinking and hence mellowedConsulting Class 201, never drink alcohol during a negotiationhe gave her a concise, polished presentation that could have had been delivered in any of the Melbourne bank boardrooms.

“To conclude,” he said, having had only one sip of champagne, “if we don’t modernize and move into the twenty-first century, and actively go after the top-shelf market, we may as well sell now and cut our losses.”

Samantha, though, appearing to be focused on Jeremy, was aware that Mike’s fury had gone from simmering to near earthquake levels.  “So, Michael,” she said, “what I’d like you to tell me, if Jeremy didn’t have this plan, what would you do with High Camp?”

Mike opened his mouth then closed it again. He looked like he was debating about whether to tear apart Jeremy’s plan regardless of what she had asked for. In the end he capitulated.

“Dad was pretty sick toward the end and making some dumb decisions.”

Samantha restrained herself from putting a fist in the air. Okay, the two men at least agreed on this!

“I know this country, have lived here all my life,” Mike continued. His glance at his brother suggested this should win a loyalty point. “More importantly I know about the effect the drought has had on this land.”

“The drought broke,” said Jeremy dryly. “Didn’t anyone tell you?”

Samantha maneuvered her “I am in charge” smile to change it to the “and I’ll make sure you know it” version. “This is Mike’s opportunity, you’ve had yours. He didn’t interrupt you. Perhaps you could afford him the same courtesy? I assure you there will be another chance to voice your opinions.” Hell. She saw his change in expression and reminded herself that she was here for work and to ignore the fact that both men were so hot that being in the same room with them had her so on edge she wanted to go running for a vibrator.

“Yeah, I noticed,” said Mike. “Also noticed that the incidence of fly strike has gone up. The fancy wrinkled breed you want here need mulesing. You’ll spend all our inheritance on them and then no one will buy the wool because PETA will have us black-banned everywhere.”

Samantha’s smile was now borrowed from Class 301you don’t have to be an expert in everything, just help the other parties understand each other. Judging from the Sandford boys’ looks they understood each other perfectly. But as far as she was concerned they might have been speaking German.

Mike took pity on her. “Mulesing,” he explained, “is when you remove the skin around the back area of the sheep to stop blowflies laying their eggs there.”

“And PETA,” said Jeremy, “is an animal rights organization. A very powerful one that has already run several campaigns against Australian merino practices.”

“Good heavens,” Mike said in mock surprise. “So you do get your head out of the Ivory tower sometimes.”

“Shall we get back on topic?” asked Samantha, thinking she understood this. “So, Mike, back to the original question. How would you propose to run High Camp?”

Mike clearly hadn’t done an MBA class. Or a consultants class. Or a public speaking one. After ten minutes of meandering around the topic Samantha stopped him.

“Can you summarize that in one sentence?”

Mike rubbed the stubble that made him look particularly hot in the rugged sort of way she didn’t usually go for. Russell looked more like Justin Bieber. Oh God she needed a life.

“We stop mulesing. It’s the only ethical thing to do. We move to a hardier sheep and into wool for carpets. And targeting? Yeah I know all about that. How about China? They must have a few people wanting carpet.”

Great. Samantha’s smile was the “great work guys and now let’s find a win-win.” Trouble was, both plans as far as she could tell had major up sidesand downsides. A quick assessment in her estimates was that it had to be an either/or because of costs and risk, and because the will specified that the property couldn’t be divided while they were both alive. Unless someone came up with a third plan, they were stuck. And from the Sandford boys’ expressions, neither had any intention of budging one millimeter from the plan they had.




“So what does our little ballbreaker fancy?” Jeremy whispered in her ear.

Samantha was aware of how very wet she was and couldn’t think beyond wanting the men to take her.

“Whatever my Master says,” she murmured.

“Very good,” said Jeremy softly as a finger dipped below her ass and into her cunt. “I might just let you undress Mike and lower yourself onto his cock. Does that appeal?”

Mike’s hand now went under her panties and to her clit. She moaned as a wave of pleasure made her juice even more.

“But you must not come,” said Jeremy as she helped Mike take his jeans off. “Or else we’ll have to punish you.”

Mike lay naked back in the hay, peeling on a condom as his eyes took every part of her in. But Jeremy made her stand up, still, as he pulled off her shirt and then slowly, from behind, eased down her panties, a finger trailing down between her butt cheeks.

“Sit astride him,” Jeremy ordered. Mike appeared more than happy enough with the direction his brother was taking things. Samantha put a knee on either side of his torso and rubbed her clit against the base of his balls. She felt a sharp sting as Jeremy slapped her butt.

“I didn’t tell you that you could do that did I?”

“You didn’t tell me I couldn’t either!” Samantha retorted.

Jeremy slapped her butt again, and just as he did, Mike’s hand went to her clit and rubbed hard. The sting of the slap and the pleasure from her clit merged and she gasped. Behind her she could hear Jeremy undressing as her eyes closed and she focused on the feeling of Mike’s fingers over her clit and between her pussy lips. She longed for them to enter her, and stifled a moan, wriggling her hips as she did.

“I rather think, dear brother, she might want to be taken,” said Mike, cock more than ready to do just that.

“Does she just?” asked Jeremy, now naked and a condom in place. He knelt next to her, finger dipping into her juices and moving to her asshole, circling firmly. “Do you think you can do that without coming, Samantha?”

Samantha nodded though she wasn’t at all sure she could.

“Say ‘yes, Master.’”

“Yes, Master.”

“Then why don’t you fill yourself with Mike’s cock then?”

Samantha’s hands went to the base of Mike’s cock. It seemed far too large to be swallowed up by her. Stroking it, she watched Mike smile in appreciation, even more so as she let the tip glide over her pussy until it got to her opening. As she tentatively lowered herself, let him fill her, Jeremy pushed his finger harder into her ass. Her first reaction was to withdraw, unfamiliar with the feeling. Jeremy chewed on her ear and whispered, “Do as you’re told unless you want to be punished.”

She gritted her teeth and breathed. The feeling went from unfamiliar to uncomfortable, then suddenly she thought she was going to come. She gasped, muscles tense, finding she had to concentrate on holding back.  She found herself starting to rock her hips, revelling in the feeling of Mike’s cock stretching her, and the added pleasure as well as the uncertainty of just what Jeremy was doing and what he might do next.

“Lean forward,” Jeremy ordered. Samantha did as instructed, and Mike drew her to him, kissing her, tongue in her mouth as she felt Jeremy’s fingers entering her from behind again and then his tongue over her ass. It felt above all naughty. Certainly a long way from any previous experience. There were sensations she had never had before. Jeremy was providing both a level of unknown pleasure as well as a feeling there was more to come. Mike, in her, was thrusting his hips gently upwards as she clasped harder over him, taking the full length of his cock. As she did she felt the surge of excitement.

“Naughty,” said Jeremy, slapping her butt again. The sting was followed by him running his mouth, hot and wet over the area, momentarily unbalancing her. “Brother dear, she seems in danger of coming.”

Mike pinched her nipple and Samantha gasped. “Can’t have that, can we?” he murmured in her ear before biting her earlobe lightly. He eased off from thrusting and Samantha wanted to cry out in frustration as her excitement eased down a level.

Jeremy stood up and repositioned himself behind her, kneeling in between Mike’s legs. Samantha felt him rubbing his cock against her. She felt herself trembling, part in fear as to whether or not she could cope with what he had in mind, and part in anticipation of being filled by both men.

“What do you think, Samantha?” asked Jeremy. “Do you think you can handle two of us?”

“Yes, Master,” Samantha managed to whisper.

“Louder, subordinate!”

“Yes, Master,” said Samantha through gritted teeth.

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