Heartbreaker (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,661
4 Ratings (4.5)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, cropping, knife play, ice play, sex toys, HEA]
After her mother dies, Savannah James travels to the USA to search for the father she has never met, the only clues in a box her mother left her. But someone wants to stop her and is prepared to go to extreme lengths. 
Ben and his FBI brother Zac Masterton want the religious militia group that is chasing her, but not quite as much as they want Savannah. She and Zac have never been the stay-around types but as they make sense of the secrets of her past, they may also be able to find a way no one ends up heartbroken.
As the search takes them from San Francisco to the East Coast, the stakes are raised after a shootout, and finding Savannah’s father may be the only way to keep her alive.
Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Heartbreaker (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Heartbreaker (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,661
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Heartbreaker, the third book of Simone Sinna’s Breaker series, takes place on a fast-paced journey across the U.S. from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. via New York. The Aussie heroine, Savannah James, has hooked up with an ex-cop private eye, Ben Masterton, and his step-brother, FBI Agent Zac Bateman, who are trying to keep her safe while chasing her roots, her mysterious father, and the terrorist connections of the right-wing Christian militia group, The Soldiers of Leviticus. They are attempting to prove the patriarch of the fundamentalist group is a terrorist responsible for bombings in the 1980’s and the recent attempts to kidnap Savannah and prevent her connecting with her biological father.
Clues to the mystery are provided by items in a keepsake box left to her by her dead mother, the ballerina Audrey James. The brothers are trying to determine the involvement of Savannah’s unsavory step-father, Sal Mazzola aka a Palestinian named Salil El Massari, who may have a connection to the current mystery as well as the 1980s bombings in California and Rome.
When the Christian fundamentalists are successful in kidnapping Savannah and holding her hostage at a farmhouse in Vermont, Zac and Ben, the FBI, and Savannah’s father’s special forces team mount a rescue operation. A desperate swim in a raging cold river, a fast foot chase through the woods after the dangerous zealot, and a heartwarming first meeting between father and daughter keep this book moving right along.
Savannah’s visa is about to expire, and she has to return to Australia. Would the two handsome brothers be able to let her go? Will there be a happy ever after for the three lovers?
The sex is ménage and hot – ice cubes, nipple clamps, and crops, oh my! Champagne, warm chocolate syrup and whipped cream, on no! Altogether a very satisfactory read.
Skye Michaels




Ben Masterton was bored. He had been tailing this one guy for three weeks. Three weeks of nothing. Before that it had been an attempted child abduction that had been so badly executed his grandmother could have stopped it. Worse, returning the child to the father hadn’t given him any satisfaction at all. The man was more interested in scoring points against his wife than the child’s welfare. As far as Ben could see the wife’s country had granted her custody, so this was just time and money for the lawyers at the expense of what was best for the child. He was beginning to think private security wasn’t for him. He’d already tried being a bouncer while he had been recovering from injuries, but at best it was boring. At worst, his six-four frame and wall of chest muscle made him a target for drop beats trying to prove themselves. The scar across his chest was from a gang that had tried to take him on when he’d said no at the nightclub door. It added to the bullet wound in his thigh that had retired him out of the San Francisco Police Department.

He was being paid well enough, and his boss was convinced that something would happen soon, certain Corey Kincaid was the key to the whole operation.

Ben knew all about Corey. Knew he was born in South Carolina where he spent his early years, then later with his mother’s family in the Tennessee hills. His father had been a truck driver, killed in a fight when Corey was ten. After that Corey hadn’t done a whole lot of schooling and mostly drifted through his early twenties. Then he had gone off the grid until reemerging at thirty in San Francisco looking neat and clean, but only as far as not having a beard and what his official record said. After three weeks Ben knew he was one mean son of bitch who drank heavily and didn’t have much respect for the law or women.

Mostly Ben watched him going to the supermarket for liquor and the women leaving in the early hours of the morning, teetering on high heels going in, staggering and bruised with shoes in hand on the way out. Sometimes Corey had one or two buddies with him. Same ties back to Tennessee, same bad attitude, but one of them had a long record. Mostly offences for violence.

Ben had made the mistake of offering assistance the first time, and the woman had told him in no uncertain terms to fuck off. She dropped her card and later he’d called the agency to warn them. But they kept sending the girls. Which got him to wondering about where Corey got the money. Man sure didn’t seem to work. These days Ben left as soon as the girl arrived. Corey wasn’t going anywhere after that.

This particular day didn’t seem different to any other. Corey partied late so he was never up before nine, but Ben was always there at eight, with a thermos of coffee and plenty of donuts. He didn’t actually like donuts that much, but if he didn’t get a chance to get anything else, they kept well, and he had a lot of bulk to feed. He had just poured his first cup, strong and black, when his day started to get a whole lot more interesting. The garage door went up and out came Corey in his pickup.

Following him wasn’t hard. Corey wasn’t the brightest and had had no training. Ben had. His car was unobtrusive and he held back. It became clear where Corey was going as each time he took the well-marked turn-offs, so Ben held back even further. Just in case. Corey was heading to the airport. Ben rang the man from South Carolina who had hired him.

“This could be what we’re waiting for.”

“Yes siree,” agreed the man Ben had never met. He received orders via phone and email, with payments going directly into his bank account. There was no indication from the Southern drawl that this was anything other than routine. But Ben heard his breath get heavier, guessed that his employer with the deep pockets had been waiting for this trip. “You know what to do.”

“Don’t lose him, and more importantly, don’t lose whatever it is he picks up,” Ben said, repeating the instructions his boss had given him weeks earlier.

“Yes siree. Call in when you know more.”

But Ben’s surprises for the day were far from being over. He followed Corey to the airport, propped his car in the five-minute pick-up zone and set up the camera. Then he waited. The officials looked to move them on but Corey, fifty yards ahead of him on the strip, got out of the car, gestured and glared. Never worked in Ben’s experience but then Corey pointed, waved a finger and the official stood, arms folded. Ben looked to where Corey had pointed. A slim woman in her late twenties, with a mop of dark curls, was standing alone with a backpack, looking lost. She was, Ben thought, seriously hot. He couldn’t drag his eyes away. He had been doing surveillance too long. It was time for a vacation and to find a girl. There hadn’t been anyone serious since Laura had left him back when he was a cop. This woman was gorgeous. He couldn’t see how she could have anything to do with a lowlife like Corey. He took a photo anyway. He could always dream of her during those long stakeouts.

But then instead of her joining Corey, the woman turned to the city bus. This made no sense. Corey must have gotten the wrong woman, or more likely, was just trying to get rid of the official.

Ben frowned. Corey got into the car and started it up. And then, even more confusing, he followed the bus.




Savannah let her body relax back into his, warm and hard, his hands coming over each breast, his head bent and tongue thrusting into her ear. “What would you like Ben to do to you?” he whispered.

“Touch you here maybe?” Ben’s hands brushed her inner thighs from where he sat on the bed, as he spoke.

“Yes please.”

“I think we should make her wait, make sure she’s really ready,” said Zac, pinching her nipples.

Ben stood up, sandwiching her between them. He took her face in one hand and kissed her, tongue opening her mouth and exploring her, tasting her and imprinting himself on her memory. He looked at Zac and a silent message passed between them. Savannah was burning up with her need on them, their body heat on either side of her fueling the desire. She could feel Zac’s cock hard behind her as he pulled her hips into him, the cock laying between her butt cheeks and rubbing. In front of her Ben knelt and took a nipple in his mouth, licking and sucking while a hand caressed the other. From behind, Zac’s hand curved around her hips and over her pubic hair, pulling her hard towards him as he ground his cock up and down her crack.

Ben’s sucking was getting harder. He changed breasts, this time biting the new nipple hard. Savannah let out a gasp.

“I think that maybe she likes it a little rough,” Ben murmured, and bit her again. This time Zac’s hand went to her clit, circling briefly in an urgent manner. She stiffened as electrical feelings travelled up and down her body as if she’d just been rewired.

“I think, kid,” said Zac, “you might be right. But she’s in danger of coming too early.”

“We could let her come early, more than once even.”

Zac laughed, a deep and intensely meaningful laugh, only she didn’t know what the meaning was. She felt her juices start to run down her leg.

“She’ll need to earn that.” Into her ear he added, “If you come before I give you permission you get spanked.”

Right now Savannah wasn’t sure if that would be a good or bad thing. She ground her hips against his fingers, wanting them deep inside her. Instead he pulled his hand away and stepped back. “Over by the door,” he ordered.

Ben gave her nipple one last suck and leant back to give her space. She walked to the door, feeling self-conscious, and stood there, arm over her breasts, watching Zac.

“Not like that.” The softness had gone. He was all FBI. “Turn around, arms up on the door,” he said. He walked over to her, and she could feel him just behind her. “Feet back a little.”

Savannah did as she was told, heart beating so loudly she was sure he could hear. Suddenly his foot kicked between her legs so she had to step apart to keep her balance.

“Good girl,” Zac said. “Just like I like my subjects to be frisked. And it won’t be my female staff doing this deeply, ah…” his voice quietened and his mouth went to her ear “…personal exploration.”

He left her standing there for a moment and she pictured him commanding Ben with a look. Ben moved to her left as Zac moved to her right.

“Stay completely still. If you don’t, do you know what will happen?”

Savannah gulped and shook her head.

“Even if you so much as shake your head, understand? I will take great pleasure in punishing you.”

Her stomach tightened. She said bulldog in her mind, reminding herself.

Ben knelt down, his hands starting with her feet, tickling and brushing them. Zac licked her ear, before kneeling down, slightly towards her back as Ben went slightly forward. She felt Zac opening up her butt cheeks and steeled herself, but it was his tongue she felt on her ass as his fingers bit deep into her flesh, exposing her. Ben’s hands were now on her thigh, teasing her by brushing close to her cunt but never quite getting there and always withdrawing. She fought hard to stop herself moaning, to stop her knees bending. Then Zac’s fingers, without warning, trailed right over her pussy and her knees did buckle slightly, his arm going around her waist to stop her dropping further.

“Very naughty. Not only are you a sopping wet mess, but you moved. And that has to be punished.”

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