The Guest (MFM)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,715
0 Ratings (0.0)

School teacher, Julianne Matthews, has been married to her own real life Prince Charming, the hunky Jared Matthews, for over a year and they couldn’t be happier. That is, until Jared invites his old college buddy, Cole Richardson, to be a guest in their home for the weekend. Cole is a wealthy investment banker from out of state who has plans of going into business with Jared. He came to visit one weekend in order to sort out the details of that business but when these three get into a room together for the first time, the chemistry among them is something none of them had planned for.

Julie realizes she’s just as attracted to Cole as she is to her husband and would like nothing more than to be sandwiched between the two hot men in bed. However, she knows that will probably never happen and feels completely guilty for even thinking about it. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that neither man finds the idea repulsive in any way and that they had both been having similar thoughts all along.

What will become of Julie’s perfect marriage when her husband’s house guest gets invited into their bedroom?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), bondage, sex toys, public exhibition, anal play

The Guest (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Guest (MFM)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,715
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

“You’ll like the feel of it even better.” He took the glass from her hand again, setting both of them aside before pulling her to him. Then his mouth was on hers, hot and demanding, drinking her nectar like a starving man. The mixture of wine and his own masculine essence was a heady flavor on her tongue. She kissed him back with fervor, stretching up on her toes to snake her arms around his neck so she could give as good as she got.

When he pulled away, her lips felt swollen from the onslaught. She watched his chest rise and fall rapidly as he fought to control his own ardor. The look in his eyes was akin to a hungry beast intent on devouring its innocent prey. That predatory look had her stomach roiling with molten heat. Her pussy softened and moisture spilled down to soak the intimate place between her legs.

Jared stepped back, putting a considerable space between them while his gaze raked over her from head to toe. “Take off the dress,” he told her, his voice firm and commanding.

Instinctively, her hands found the slender straps of her dress and pushed them downward, letting the dress fall off her shoulders. It hitched on the tips of her breasts and she quickly used her hands to slide it off her aching nipples, over her hips and down her legs. Then she straightened and stepped out of it, kicking it out of reach.

“Fuck!” Jared said harshly when he realized there were no more clothes for her to relieve herself of. “You were intent on driving me mad tonight, were you angel?”

Her lips curled in a shy smile and she nodded. “That was the plan, yes.”

He folded his arms across his chest, his eyes gliding over her naked figure again. “Well I will be sure to remember that. Now, let your hair down.”

Julie wasted no time obeying his order, reaching up to remove the clip that held her hair up. The thick, dark tresses came tumbling down to rest against her back and breasts and she was pleased when she noted the way his emerald eyes darkened at the sight.

“Fucking gorgeous,” he whispered, his voice now severely addled with need. He stepped toward her again, leaning in to give her another kiss before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a dark silk scarf. “Turn around.”

Her thighs quivered with expectancy as she did as she was told. Gently, he covered her eyes with the scarf then knotted it at the back of her head. She gasped as darkness enveloped her, struggling to adjust to the slightly discomfiting sensation of not being able to see even though her eyes were open.

“Are you okay? Is it too tight?”

“N—no … It’s fine.”

“Good.” Then his big hands were on her, his fingers trailing along her spinal cord up her back, over her shoulder and down her arm until he was holding her hand. She shivered when he lifted her hand and brought it to meet his warm lips in a gentle kiss. “Come,” he said.

She followed him tentatively, her footsteps unsure because of her temporary blindness, but soon the back of her legs hit the edge of the table and he was assisting her to sit on it. He moved to stand between her spread legs, his hands cupping her cheeks and then his lips claimed hers in another passionate kiss. When he broke the kiss, his lips were replaced by something small and firm, a grape maybe.

“Open for me,” he commanded and she did, allowing him to slip the small, juicy fruit into her mouth. She bit down on it, relishing the burst of flavor that inundated her tongue. He slipped another grape in, allowing her to chew on it while his fingers traced the soft outline of her lips. Then his hand moved away and when it returned it was with something softer. She opened her mouth to take it in, welcoming the new flavor—this was a piece of peach.

She began to chew and to her surprise, his mouth closed over hers as she did so. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, delivering yet another piece of fruit on it. “Mmm.” She moaned, totally enjoying the fruit flavored kiss.

But then he pulled away and began kissing the side of her neck, nipping her ear lobe as he neared it. Soon his mouth was journeying down passed her shoulders, all the way to the tips of her breasts. By this time Julie was on fire, her pussy so wet she feared she would soak the blanket under her. When his mouth covered one hardened nipple and gently sucked on it, a soft cry exploded from her lips, her back arching like a cat to thrust her nipple further into his mouth.

He worshipped her breast with his lips for a while then treated the other nipple to the same attention before moving away from her and whispering, “Lie back for me. It’s my turn to feed.”

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