For the Love of Dragons (MFM)

Dragon Love 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,136
7 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Peyton Henley and her best friend Shirley are in Las Vegas to go wild. Peyton’s determined to throw off her “good girl” routine and live dangerously. When a handsome man decides she’s his good luck charm and gives her a gold ringlet bracelet in the shape of a dragon, she decides to roll the dice, keeping the bracelet while enjoying the man.
Dalton Valconai and Roman Sterling are friends, but they’re both after Peyton. When the sacred dragon bracelet involved in an age-old prophecy is stolen from his clan’s protection, Dalton soon learns that Roman knows more than he’s saying—including the fact that he’s given the bracelet to a beautiful tourist.
Dalton and Roman must work together, keeping Peyton safe while also keeping her in the dark. Another dragon clan, bent on taking the bracelet and its power, threaten her. Dalton and Roman are ready to lay down their lives for her, but how can they keep her safe without exposing what they are?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
For the Love of Dragons (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.1)

For the Love of Dragons (MFM)

Dragon Love 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,136
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Dragons are my "thing" right now and I loved this book!!




“You’re my good luck charm.” Roman pulled the chips Walter had set before him closer. He quickly divided up the stack and gave her half. “This is the start of a winning streak. I can feel it.”

Using his money to gamble with was pressure enough. Now he thought of her as his lucky charm? “Trust me. I’ve never been lucky. You shouldn’t count on me.”

He gave her a curious look. “Of course I should. A man knows when he’s met his Lady Luck. Right, Walter?”

Walter, however, remained silent, his expression emotionless.

Thanks a lot, Walter.

The next game came and went so fast she barely knew what she’d done. More chips were placed in front of Roman and even a few more in front of her.

“See what I mean? It’s not often that Lady Luck wins, too. Her luck’s usually meant just for the man who falls for her.”

He was flirting with her. Much like betting, it was making her uncomfortable, but in an entirely different way. “I don’t even know what I did. Besides, you don’t know me.”

“But I’d like to.”

She wanted to say something yet couldn’t think of anything.

“Take it easy, baby. I’m harmless. At least, most of the time.” His laughter washed over her like a warm rain on a cold day. Unless Shirley needed her, she could sit next to him all night and into the next morning.

Several hands later, the pile of chips had grown substantially higher. Roman leaned toward her and wrapped his arm around her waist. Not around her shoulders as a friend would do, but around her waist. She hoped he couldn’t feel her tremble.

“You, Peyton Henley, are definitely my lucky charm.”

His gaze settled on her, his eyes glinting with humor and—was she imagining it?—real sexual interest. At any other time, she would’ve been too shy and would’ve ducked her head to stare at her lap, but not this time. She’d promised herself to be bolder and more adventurous than she’d ever been before.

“Thanks. I’m glad I could turn your luck around.”

He leaned even closer, putting his mouth next to her ear. She sizzled, her breath going shallow. Would he kiss her?

“We were meant for each other, Peyton.”

He was flirting again. And yet she couldn’t help but wonder. For good luck? Or more?

She admonished herself for giving into such a romantic notion. Being more outgoing didn’t mean acting like a damn fool. “If you say so.”

Suddenly, the heat in his eyes changed, and his expression grew tense as he looked over her shoulder. She started to turn around, but he stopped her, his palm cupping her cheek. Inhaling one quick breath, she waited, too enthralled by his touch to do anything more.

The look he gave her spiraled down inside her. She would’ve sworn he had dived into her soul and wrapped an invisible hand around it. She couldn’t have moved if she’d wanted to. And God knew she didn’t want to.

“Peyton, you believe you’re my lucky charm, don’t you?”

Where she’d assumed he’d been flirting before, she couldn’t help but think he was completely serious now. “I don’t know. I mean—”

“No. Don’t doubt what you are.” He checked the spot behind her and again kept her from turning around to see what had pulled his attention away for even one brief moment.

She didn’t notice him reaching into his shirt pocket until it was too late. By then, he’d wrapped a golden bracelet around her wrist. The circular twist of the piece reminded her of a serpent slinking around her wrist. Or was it a dragon? At one end was an arrow-shaped point with a wicked end to the tip. The head, surrounded with tiny horns, had a forked tongue at the other end of the golden ringlet. Judging from its shining gleam and the heaviness of the bracelet, it was made of the highest quality gold. Her costume earrings and necklace, pieces she’d scrimped to buy, appeared cheap in comparison.

“Roman, I don’t understand.”

All at once, he relaxed and leaned away. “It’s customary for a man to give a token of his appreciation to his lucky lady.”

She held up her arm to get a better look at the jewelry. He took her arm before she could lift it more than a few inches then put her hand back in her lap.

“No. Don’t pay any attention to it yet. Later, once you’re back in your room, you can stare at it all you want. For now, I want all your attention to be on me.”

She resisted the urge to ignore him and give the bracelet a good study, anyway. Instead, she moved it around her wrist and noticed the fine details of the piece. “I can’t accept it. Even without really looking at it, I can tell it’s way too much.”

“You have to.” The urgency in his tone flowed over her. “I’m counting on you to keep it safe.”

“Safe from what?”

He glanced away, his mouth thinning before widening with one of his beatific smiles. “I want you to have it. Please, promise me you won’t take it off while you’re in Vegas.”

Again he caught her chin and kept her gaze up before she could study it more.

“Like I said, it’s way too much. I don’t know you. I wouldn’t accept costume jewelry from a stranger much less anything more expensive. It’s already bad enough that I’ve gambled with your money.”

“You gambled, and you won. I’m happy, and you’re happy. Beside, isn’t taking risks what life’s all about?” He was distracted, too busy checking out those around and behind her.

What or who is he searching for?




Please. Kiss me there.

Taking his time—is he trying to torture me?—Roman licked around her bare mons then skimmed his way to the soft spot between her leg and her crotch. His touch was light yet elicited strong sensations. His murmur against her skin couldn’t be understood yet said everything she’d ever wanted to hear.

At last, he parted her folds and let his tongue dance its way over and around her clit then down to her entrance. Her breaths came in ragged puffs, her heart pounding against her chest, demanding to be set free to soar. Her fingers laced together in an effort to keep from reaching down and grabbing a lock of his hair. She wouldn’t do anything to interrupt his progress.

He sighed, matching her own feeling, as his tongue flattened against her clit. Her nub burned with his touch and ached for her release.

“Please, Roman.”

He said something again that she didn’t understand or care about. As long as he gave her the relief she needed, he could say anything he wanted. Now was not the time for sweet words. Now was the time for him to give her what she hungered for.

One finger then another entered her sheath. He sucked on her clit, tugging it into his mouth, holding it with his teeth. She cried out as her body’s internal burn flamed higher. She was being torn from the inside out and loving each minute.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the rush of sensations he gave her. Filled with a need beyond anything she’d ever experienced, she couldn’t wait until he plunged his cock inside her.

The climax took her fast and hard, wiping the breath from her. Surprise morphed swiftly into exaltation, leading into more emotions than her mind couldn’t handle. Her moan grew into a cry, her hands reaching for him, needing him to keep her in this world.

When he sat back on his calves again and brushed her hands away, her cry of release slid into a cry of sorrow. She needed to hold him, to feel his skin under her fingers. “Roman, give it to me.”

“And what would that be, princess?”

She growled, low and mean, letting her frustration flow out of her. “Damn it. You know what I mean.”

He laughed then, all at once, gripped her legs and lifted them higher, bringing them over his shoulders. Her butt was off the bed, her body bent at an angle.

“All you had to do was ask.” A muscle clenched in his jaw as he rammed his cock deep inside her pussy.

He filled her completely, stretching her. The friction took her to another level, a second climax racing toward its culminating height.

Again, she reached out for him. Instead of brushing her hands away again, he took hold of the belt and tugged her arms toward him. She tightened her legs against his neck, trying to pin him as he’d done her, but he was still the one in control.

His body moved magically, like a dancer who knew every move by heart. Her arms pushed her breasts together and drew his hand to her nipple. He pinched and twisted, giving her zings of sweet pain that spiraled inside of her to mix with the swirling need working outward from her core.

“Let it go again, princess.”

He’d been in control of her before now, but with the sound of his voice, the next orgasm burst from her. She brought her bound hands to her other breast and squeezed then reached out again, needing to touch him. But her fingertips could only graze the soft hair leading to his crotch.

She screamed this time until her throat ached. Roll after roll of passion flew from her as she rode the sweeping orgasm.

“I have to taste you again.” Roman thrust her legs off his shoulders and, coming to her side, bent over her to place his head between her legs. He slurped at her cream, sighing every so often.

She had no energy to move even if she’d wanted to. If she could’ve made a wish, certain that it would come true, she would’ve wished to stay right where they were, with Roman between her legs. Bringing her arms above her head again, she concentrated on the sounds of his thirst.

Roman lifted his head and smiled at her. Her juices formed a film around his mouth, but it was gone as he wiped it away with the back of his hand.

She smiled in return. If nothing else happened in Vegas, if he demanded the bracelet back and led her out of his penthouse, she would still be forever happy she’d gone to bed with him. He was the reason she’d come there, the reason she’d vowed to do things she’d never dreamed of doing.

“I know this is cliché and corny as hell, but I have an overwhelming urge to ask you.” He brushed the hair away from her face.

“Ask me what?”

He chuckled and fell to her side. “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

She rolled over so she could look directly into his face. “Better.”

“Hmm. Then to quote a very wise woman…wow.”

“You can untie me now.”

“And if I don’t want to? If I want to keep you prisoner?”

For only a second, she was sure his eyes had flashed red. She blinked, and his silver color had returned.

“Would you treat me well, oh, master?”

“You tell me. Haven’t I already treated you like a princess?”

“Yes. So I’m a captive princess?”

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