In this sequel to the best-selling novel, The Oasis, Elias and Josh are celebrating their first anniversary. When Elias’s baby mama, Carina, takes their son, Julio, to the Disney resort in Hawaii, Josh urges Elias to organize a romantic vacation in Palm Springs. He wants some place private and cozy, and he wants to invite gay porn star, Samuel Colt, since they did promise the guy an anniversary threesome.

And then… disaster. From the start, everything goes wrong. The lakeside house Elias booked turns out to be a creepy, clapped-out, wreck of a trailer. He also has bigger worries. He can’t get Carina to return his calls. What is going on with her and why is Elias’s mom hiding in Carina’s hotel room closet? Why did Carina’s new boyfriend give Julio a weird animal for a birthday gift and why has some lunatic targeted Josh and Elias when this is supposed to be a fun-filled holiday weekend? And, uh-oh. Look who just showed up. Samuel Colt, looking less than impressed with the vacation house from hell…

The Haven
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

When Julio stormed in and jumped on us, we fell out of our new sleigh bed.

“What the hell!” Josh hollered. “Earthquake!”

One glimpse of Julio’s frightened eyes calmed him down. This jumping on the head thing was new. Julio’s see-sawing emotions were not.

He knelt on the bed as we covered ourselves quickly, putting on trousers and tops. We slept in underpants when it was our turn for visits with Julio, but still… Being scrutinized by Child Protective Services hadn’t been that long ago. We were still nervous.

I checked the time. Nine minutes to five. Really? Didn’t my son have an ‘off’ switch? I looked at him. His chin wobbled dangerously.

“Happy Birthday!” I flung myself at him.

“Happy Birthday!” Josh echoed.

Julio laughed and laughed as Josh, and I hugged, tickled, and kissed him. His new puppy whined from the crate.

She doesn’t have an ‘off’ switch, either.

“Can I let Thor out?” Julio asked.

“No!” we shouted in unison, but it was too late. He slipped out of Josh’s arms and quickly released his partner in crime. The twelve-pound barrel of white fur hurtled out of the crate, licked Julio’s face clean, then squatted and peed.

All over my nice, new hardwood floors.

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