Elias has worked so hard to get into shape, and it hasn't been easy considering he never met a donut he didn't like. His whole life is a pressure cooker, and love, his distant fantasy, is nowhere on the horizon.

When his best friend and roommate, Josh, talks him into a weekend getaway, he says yes but soon wishes he'd said no. Elias doesn't think he's ready for a trip that involves Gay Leather Pride Weekend at The Oasis resort in Palm Springs.

Elias is finally starting to feel good in his clothes. Can he really parade around in a leather anything, or God help him, naked in front of dozens of horny men?

Can he handle a pornado of a weekend?

The Oasis
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

As they wrapped up the session, giving the space over to a company shooting food photography, Van took Josh aside.

“You know who I’d love to shoot?”



Josh froze. “Elias? You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Why? He’s hot! And he’s slimmed down a lot. He looks even better.”

“No, it’s out of the question.”


“He’s a serious guy, for God’s sake. He’s got a serious career.”

“So? So does Frankie. He installs pacemakers in heart patients. You can’t get more serious than that.”

Geez…if I ever have a heart attack, I hope I don’t get him. Josh packed his gear, letting Van verbally fantasize about filming Elias in a sex scene. The truth was Josh didn’t want to see somebody he cared about get caught up in the skin trade. Not Elias. Not that Elias even showed the slightest inclination to do so.

“So, how about it?” Van asked.

“How about what?”

“Will you ask Elias?”

No. “Sure.”

Josh hoisted his bag back over his shoulder. Porn had been good to him, but the truth was he preferred passion to this kind of orchestrated, phony sex. He appreciated the work. Hell! This wasn’t work. It was pretty good fun, but to him, it had nothing to do with sex. He wouldn’t bring this issue up with Elias. Besides, Elias was too sensitive, too…romantic…to even consider it.

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