The Look of Lust

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,800
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of six erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

The Look Of Lust by Jade Taylor This is the story of Kate, whose previously sexually-charged relationship with Nate appears to have gone off the boil, so she decides to spice things up a little by getting some sexy photos taken for him. She gets more spice than she reckoned with when she meets stylist, Alex, and photographer, Joe, a wife and husband team who specialise in intimate photo sessions. As they try to make the photos sexy the erotic positioning and caresses become something a whole lot more …

Farm Hand by Lucy Felthouse When Ramona’s walking route takes her through a farmyard, she’s pleasantly surprised to note the farmer is far from the gruff old man she’d expected. Watching his muscular form heft bales of hay sends her libido into overdrive. Faking an injury, Ramona gets the hunk’s attention. His hands-on assistance results in some rough and tumble in the barn and sends her on her way with her sex drive well and truly satiated – and that particular walking route well and truly on her favourites list.

Come Between Us by Lynn Lake When Vanessa arrives home early from work and finds her husband eating out their babysitter, Tina, in the swimming pool, by all rights she should storm over and confront the wanton pair. But she doesn’t. She watches, taking pleasure from the scorchingly erotic scene. Only later does she break down with the realisation of what’s happened, and what she’s done. But Tina is there to comfort her, as well. It seems the gorgeous young hussy is equally as adept at seducing wives, as she is husbands.

Eighteen Wheels To Ecstasy by Arlie MacGregor On her way to a business meeting, a female executive takes a wrong turn and has to rely on a truck driver for directions. The instructions he gives her though, take her to a destination she didn’t know existed. For a woman who is used to being in charge, giving up control to a total stranger is an intoxicating freedom.

Bound And Free by Victoria Blisse During a frank discussion in bed with her boyfriend, Lisa is finally able to admit that she is turned on by the idea of being bound. He instantly indulges her fantasy and she discovers there’s lots of fun to be had when your hands are tied!

Spa Daze by Louisa Harvey When Claire visits the health spa, she’s expecting a relaxing – yet uneventful – day. However, when hot sports masseuse Jackson catches her misbehaving in the Jacuzzi, her relaxing day turns into a knicker-wetting, pulse-pounding erotic adventure. Sweaty fun with hunky Jackson in the steam room gives Claire the best therapy a girl can have.

The Look of Lust
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Look of Lust

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,800
0 Ratings (0.0)
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The liquid courage I’ve had in a conveniently located wine bar helps calm my nerves as I ring the bell. Fortunately from the outside the studio looks like a trendy office with no garish advertising that would make me feel as if I had to sneak inside unobserved.
The woman who lets me in is absolutely gorgeous.
It shouldn’t be allowed in a place like this.
She’s tall and willowy with dark hair that’s trailing down her back in loose curls. She holds out her hand as she looks me up and down, green eyes peeping from under dark lashes. She’s only wearing casual T-shirt and jeans, but looks more glamorous than most women would in the most expensive of evening gowns.
I should feel intimidated by her, but all I can think is how effortlessly sexy she is. It’s not just her looks, though they obviously help, but her confidence.
But that’s what I came here for.
‘You must be Kate.’ She takes my hand, but doesn’t shake it, holding it gently as I try to regain my bearings. ‘I’m Alex. I do the bookings and the make up.’
Alex smiles, and I’m fixated by how her tongue flicks over her perfect rosebud lips.
She leads me to a small room and sits me in front of a large mirror, talking to me quietly as she delicately removes my make up.
‘So is this for a special occasion?’
I laugh cynically, wondering how many women come here to provide their men with birthday or anniversary gifts. ‘Not really, I just wanted to remind my partner what I look like, I hardly think he notices any more.’
Her fingers are soft, smoothing on foundation as she meets my eyes. ‘You’re a very beautiful woman, and if he can’t see that then it’s his loss.’
Hmm, I think, I didn’t know a pep talk came as part of the package.
‘And mine,’ I say, and as she looks at me quizzically I add, ‘his attention seems to be elsewhere.’
I can see she wants to say something peppy again, maybe tell me I’d be better off without him (and I’m starting to wonder if that isn’t true) but instead she limits herself to, ‘well let’s do something to get that attention back then.’
I close my eyes as she picks up eyeliner, trying to relax as she draws it on slowly. I keep my eyes closed when she’s done, enjoying the sensation of her fingers brushing across my skin. It feels strangely erotic, and I can feel myself getting wet as she works her make-up magic on me, and as she uses her thumb to apply lip gloss I’m tempted to stick my tongue out, to draw it into my mouth and see what could happen.
I’ve never had thoughts like this about women before, and although she’s undeniably attractive, it’s more than that, the sensuality she exudes making me want her. I open my eyes and see she’s watching me, and for a moment I think she can see what I’m thinking, and I blush. I see her notice my blush, see her lick her lips slowly, and wish I could taste them, see if they are as soft as they look.
‘So what do you think?’ Alex asks, her voice low and seductive, and I almost answer, believing she’s asking what I think about kissing her. ‘You like it?’
I turn, unwilling to pull my gaze away from her, and study myself in the mirror.
I look gorgeous. Maybe I’m not supermodel material, but I look sexy and confident. I look like the gorgeous girl I used to be.
‘I love it.’
Her hand goes to my cheek, and as she pulls away her fingers slowly trail across my lips. ‘Me too.’

Alex leads me through to the studio, casually calling out, ‘That’s Joe, my husband.’
Although he’s gorgeous, with eyes so dark his pupils are lost, black hair so curly he looks like an untamed gypsy, it seems wrong she’s his, and I feel jealous as he touches her bottom as she walks by.
Alex sits me on a chair in the centre of the room, then sits at the back watching as Joe tells me the different poses to strike. Occasionally he stops, and without having to tell her what he needs she adjusts my hair or touches up my make up, they’re so attuned to each other’s need that words are unnecessary.
‘These are just the warm up shots,’ Joe tells me, ‘So you can decide how far you want to take this.’
It’s good to know he’s not going to instantly ask me to strip, and I’m finally getting into it, Joe no longer having to tell me to stop knotting my shoulders, to relax, to smile, when Alex opens my shirt slightly, pulling it slightly to one side, exposing black bra and toned shoulder. She touches my face to turn me slightly, and although her husband’s here, watching and taking photos, I wish she’d touch me more, can imagine her pulling my face towards hers, our lips softly meeting.
I shake my head, trying to dispel these thoughts. Alex misinterprets it, and quickly pulls my shirt back up.
‘Sorry, just thought we could get a bit sexier.’ Her words are an apology, but her eyes flash a challenge.
‘No,’ I laugh, embarrassed, ‘That’s fine, I want to look sexy.’
Her hands go to the front of my shirt, and this time her hands touch bare flesh as she opens more buttons, making me breathe in sharply, and as she pulls away I can’t help but grab her hands. ‘I really want to make these photos special.’
Now it’s Joe who coughs, embarrassed. For a moment I think it’s because of the way I’m touching his wife, that he’s seen how much I want her. Then he explains. ‘If you’re sure you’re OK with me taking the photos we’ve got some outfits you might be interested in ...’ His voice trails off; worried he’s overstepped the mark.
I wonder exactly what his wife told him about this assignment.
I meet his eyes, watching him nervously lick his lips as I answer, ‘that would be great.’
Alex leads me to a changing room, and I undress nervously, glad I have my black bra and matching thong on. I pull on a kimono style dressing gown, unable to walk out wearing nothing.
Alex is waiting, and takes my hand as we walk back across to the studio, sending a jolt of desire through me as her thumb brushes across my palm.
Now she doesn’t position me on the chair, instead Joe pulls down the backing sheet, and she places me on the bed behind.
Her hands feel like they’re all over me, but she refuses to meet my eyes as she lays me face down, head on hands, leg up, and pulls my kimono open slightly. She steps back as Joe snaps his photos then steps back, this time opening my kimono more, so my bra is visible. Joe takes more photos.
This time when he stops she meets my eyes as she says, ‘excuse me.’ Her fingers trail around the top of my bra, teasing my nipples through flimsy material. ‘Just trying to get them hard,’ she lies; they’ve been hard ever since I met her.
I hear Joe swallow a moan as he takes more photos.
Next pause and she pulls my kimono off, pulling the bed sheet away as I reach for it instinctively, and pulls me into a sitting position, letting the camera see everything.
As the camera flashes I can feel myself getting wetter.
This time when Joe stops Alex slips cool hands inside my bra, pinching my nipples, as I close my eyes, blushing.
Joe moans aloud.
I know the camera is still flashing as she continues to touch me, but I don’t care, her hands are on my breasts and that’s all I can think off. She trails her hands across my shoulders and neck, stepping out of frame momentarily as she lets my straps fall. Alex pushes me back on the bed, then her mouth is upon mine, and it’s not like kissing a man at all as her soft lips and gentle tongue slowly meet mine.
I can hear the camera still going, can hear Joe’s breath getting louder as I touch his wife, but I don’t care. All I want is to touch her.
I reach for her T-shirt, cupping her breasts, running my thumbs over her nipples, feeling them harden. Her breath quickens in my mouth, then she pulls away, out of frame as the camera shoots again. This time I really am into it, posing as Joe and Alex watch me, kneeling and cupping my breasts, then lying down, trailing hands down my thighs, then on all fours, rump in the air as I smile cheekily over my shoulder.
The photos should be good, but I no longer care about them, I just want Alex to watch me, to want me the way I want her.
She comes back into frame and now I pull off her jeans, legs tangled together, hands everywhere as Joe calls his encouragement. Alex lowers her mouth to my breast, sucking nipples through my bra, then roughly pulling it off as she sucks my breasts into her mouth, a hand going between my legs and stroking me, feeling my wetness drenching my panties. She pulls away again, and now my hands are all over my body, pinching my nipples as the camera continues to catch everything, pulling my panties down, hands coyly covering cunt, and then lewdly pulling apart slick lips, my fingers delving inside and playfully teasing clit. I watch as Alex mirrors my actions out of frame, taking off her bra quickly, pinching her dark nipples, pulling down panties showing cunt with dark hair, showing wetness as fingers slip inside.
‘Come here,’ I demand, and she does, and doesn’t pull away this time.

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