The Protector's Keeper - Book 3

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 91,250
7 Ratings (4.0)

Catalina Gasalla returns home from a trip to the USA,only to discover her adopted older sisterhas disappeared, her house searched,and her horse mutilated. The last thing she expects is to find is the one male she's spent years searching the world over for--her one True Mate.

When Sebastian Malone, a Protector and pilot for the Weres,is sent to Spain to find his King's missing twin sister, Samantha Woods, he doesn't expect to find the one woman who can complete him, body, heart, and soul-- orthe very real danger stalking her and her adopted sister.

As the danger surrounding all Were shiftersintensifies,with the help of their allies, the newly mated pairrace across theglobe,intent onreaching Samantha before their enemy can capture her again. But things are not always as they seem, and a straightforward rescue, becomes anything but.

With treachery seemingly everywhere, and danger lurking around every corner, it will take the combined forces of all the Wereshifters--Wolf, Cat, and Bear-- to defeat an enemy no one had seen coming. But would they discoverthe secret to theirfoe's downfallbefore it was too late? Find out in The Protector's Keeper...

The Protector's Keeper - Book 3
7 Ratings (4.0)

The Protector's Keeper - Book 3

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 91,250
7 Ratings (4.0)
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Sebastian was mesmerized. His gaze raked boldly over her. With her olive skin and long blonde hair combined with her sea-green eyes, she was an exotic beauty. Her jutting breasts were firm in his hands, and her hair was like strands of silk as they wrapped around his hands, his body.

He liked the way she looked in their bed. They were finally at home in this room. As though the previous minutes had never happened, he began a slow exploration of Catalina's body, using lips, teeth and tongue, driving her to the edge. He was a big man and he wanted her well prepared for him. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her during their joining.

"Please," she begged him.

"Your body's not ready to accept mine yet, but you will be. Soon. I promise."

"What do you mean I'm not ready?" She gasped.

When she instinctively began to move against his finger, he eased a second inside her and then finally a third, stretching her as much as he could so that when he entered her he wouldn't cause her pain.

Catalina easily rolled Sebastian onto his back and began her own exploration. "I need you," she said in a low voice, husky with unspent passion. "Now."

Sebastian sat up, drew her astride him and then leaned back against the headboard, letting her set her own pace, getting her used to the feel of how hard he was for her. He didn't want her to be frightened when he entered her. He could feel her wetness against his swollen cock, and it about killed him to let her have free reign over his body.

He gasped as her fingers wrapped around his cock, lightly squeezing then softly stroking his heavy sac. She trailed her fingers up and down the length of his erection until he groaned. She moaned with need, with desperation. Sebastian rolled them over until he was again on top, then growled, "Roll over, honey. This first time might be a little rough, but we have to mate this way for our vows to be complete."

She rolled onto her belly and Sebastian trailed a finger down her spine. Then he studied her bottom, taking each cheek in his hands. They were a perfect fit, high and firm. Her body was in prime condition, well toned and sleekly muscular. His mouth was watering. He couldn't wait any longer to mount her.

Ever so slowly, he eased into her from behind, entering just a bit and then stopping until her body could adjust. Inch by inch he sank into to her. She was so wet for him and tight. It was like being wrapped in a silken fist.

He kept his movements slow and steady until he reached her maidenhead. After a brief pause for the pain he knew she was going to feel, Sebastian broke through the proof of her virginity and thrust home.

He was so deep inside her, he could feel her womb pressed against his cockhead. The only thing he could think of at that moment was that it was too bad she wasn't in heat for then he could give her his child. That time would come soon enough though.

Gates of Paradise


106 pp 26500

Aliana Maddock runs for her life when she discovers the gift her father plans to bestow upon her for her twenty-fifth birthday. It isn't the inheritance her mother promised before her death, but a contract for a marriage to a man twice her age--a criminal associate of her father's.

Sent to guard one of the gates of Paradise during the Sabbat when the veil between their world and the humans' becomes thin, Griffin Bedard and Dracen Giacomo find a half dead woman lying unconscious on clan land. Drawn to her in a way they can't explain, they risk their lives and the discovery of Paradise to keep her.

Can the two men protect her from the evil that follows Aliana or will they all succumb to the danger that follows her to the gates of Paradise?

Drace inhaled sharply. Was she trying to kill him or just unman him? Her passage wrapped around his cock like a tight, wet velvet fist. He gasped when she wriggled again and her muscles grasped him tighter. Sweet Jesus, if he didn't regain control soon, he'd come before Griffin seated himself into her ass.

"Ride him, Aliana." Griffin moved behind her, straddled Drace's legs and kissed her neck. "Ride him. Make him come deep inside you."

What the hell was Griff thinking? Drace stifled a groan as she raised and lowered herself over his hips. Her breasts jutted proudly upward, her dusky nipples dark against her pale skin. Sexy.

Honey blonde hair fell over her shoulders in glistening waves. Reaching up, she pushed her fingers through her hair in an effort to toss it back over her shoulders. The action thrust her breasts up and outward, the pouting tips rose and fell with every move, like an invitation to lean up and feast upon her creamy flesh. Unable to stop himself, he rose up and took one hardened peak into his mouth. His cock jerked inside her tight channel as her muscles gripped him tighter once again.

Giving the small diamond-hard bud one final flick of his tongue, Drace lay back and concentrated on nothing but holding back his inevitable release. If it were up to Griffin, he'd have him coming deep inside her luscious channel and they wouldn't have the opportunity to take her at the same time. Drace couldn't allow that to happen. He needed this. He needed the closeness of a triad bond, now more than ever. There was nothing like taking a woman together. The sensation, the sense of closeness to his best friend was unlike anything else he'd ever experienced. Now there was more. He wanted to feel the closeness, the rightness of it all with both of them. He could only pray she would accept them both into her life permanently once this was all over.

Gritting his teeth, Drace tried to keep himself from climaxing. He imagined everything from insects to battle and still found it difficult to detach himself enough to keep her from milking his semen from his body.

Her scent, the feel of her silky skin sliding against his was nearly enough to lose himself in her. Finally grabbing her hips to keep her still, he held Aliana close against his hips. Every time her silken channel gripped him tighter, every time her passage pulsed around his shaft seated so deeply inside her, his cock bucked, begging for its release.

"Use her own cream to ready her for your entry, Griff." Drace gritted his teeth. Sweat beaded on his brow and his body grew more rigid by the moment. A soft whimper escaped Aliana's lips and she wriggled, driving him even closer to the edge. Soon nothing would stop him from shooting his release deep inside her waiting channel and she would be his, theirs, to share if she would have them.

Her lips moved over his bare chest, inciting a riot of feeling deep in his gut. He wanted this woman more than he'd ever wanted another female before in his life. Gentle hands brushed over his sensitive nipples, a curious tongue following shortly after. Supple fingers traced the lines of his face and jaw. He drew one into his mouth, then the other, suckling, waiting, needing to feel Griff's slow invasion of her perfect ass.

* * * *

The sound of Drace's hoarse command drew Griffin from his trance. The sound, the scent of his best friend and the woman he intended to take to mate making love had his senses reeling. His cock jerked, bucking upward as if it couldn't wait to sink inside her beautiful ass.

He watched as Drace gritted his teeth and did his best to hold her unmoving and still she managed to wriggle about and make him groan. He stroked the length of his cock and shuddered, unable to stop himself from imagining the way she would feel. His cock was longer, bigger than he'd ever seen it before. If he thought on it much, he may think the same of Drace's. Not that he paid much attention to the size of the other man's erections. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that they both were finally making love with the woman they intended to take to mate. Or perhaps, he thought with a wry grin, it was just because she made them horny as hell. Whatever the reason, he didn't care.

Reaching down, he thrust two fingers between the two already joined. Aliana whimpered and wriggled downward. Cream seeped from between her legs and he pulled it from where Drace's cock was firmly seated within her to her back entrance. Smearing the slick cream over her tight rosette, he inserted first one, then two fingers. After making sure they moved easily within her, he scissored his fingers back and forth, stretching her even more.

Aliana groaned, wriggling her ass down onto his hand and he smiled. Our mate is passionate, Drace. Can you feel how she begs me to enter her?

Drace nodded, his eyes closed and teeth clenched. Corded muscles stood out on his neck. Are you trying to kill me?

Griffin chuckled. Doesn't the anticipation make it better?

Of course it does. Drace glared at him over Aliana's shoulder. But that doesn't mean you need drag it on indefinitely.

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