The Queen's Lovers

Beyond 2012 2

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 30,699
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This latest installment of the Beyond 2012 Series further explores the destruction of earth and the only woman left alive—a hybrid being who must procreate to survive.

When is enough enough? Queen Devlyn’s lovers cannot get enough of her body, but when their sexual appetites threaten to destroy the growing society, will any of them be able to resist her lustful ways?

Back in 2012, a Reptilian starship destroyed all lifeforms on earth except for one—a fertile immortal named Devlyn, who has been charged with repopulating the earth with Reptilian hybrids. Five hundred years after her lover, Reptilian Captain Nelek left her, he’s returned to earth to take back what’s rightfully his—her.

Devlyn has since taken a new lover along with some of Nelek’s most prized possessions.

Will he recover them? And will she recover her heart from the one man she’s never forgotten?

The Queen's Lovers
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Queen's Lovers

Beyond 2012 2

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 30,699
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Angela Waters

Earth 2020

Devlyn Marinos gazed at her former Reptilian lover through a round portal in the metal door between them. She locked Nelek out and it was all she could do to stop herself from pushing the newly installed button, releasing the latch and allowing him back into her life and into her bed. She held her breath. Her will remained strong. Thank the gods. She had never had any discipline or restraint where Nelek was concerned.

He glanced back at her briefly with beady questioning eyes. The scales on the sides of his jaw expanded and retracted with his labored breathing.

She had upset him. Good. He deserved it.

He apparently thought he could hide his agitation from her, but there was no one else in the whole universe who knew him as well as she did. She had caressed every scale on that rigid body, knew every nuance of his speech, his mannerisms, and his oh so magnificent penis.

He had tempted her ever since they had first met and he assumed she would again fall victim to his seductions. Just gazing at him brought back lustful memories and a rush of heat through her body. He counted on her weakness to allow him passage back into her inner depths.

Not today. She held up the only other item he perhaps wanted more than her—the gazing cube.

When Nelek saw it, he lunged toward the door, pounding his clawed fist against the metal. Now who was losing his cool?

Devlyn laughed. This was too sweet! She dangled it carelessly in front of the window, pretending to allow it to teeter from her clawed hands.

“Give it back!” he mouthed, although she could not hear his words any longer.

She rolled the cube around in her fingers, teasing and taunting him as only she could. Did he really think she was foolish enough to destroy the gazing cube? Apparently his coldblooded Reptilian head had become overheated from frustration.

This gazing cube, one of only a few in the entire universe, had once belonged to Devlyn’s father. Nelek murdered Hawkor and stole the cube from him when he boarded his ship.

He used it to see Devlyn and come after her. Theirs was a relationship destined by forces bigger than them both. Had Devlyn’s father not been murdered, had the Reptilians not sent bombs to Earth that destroyed Devlyn’s mother and all other lifeforms and ruined the Earth’s environment, her life would not be what it is today. The new hybrid race would never have been created. The entire universe would not have been finished as they knew it.

Of all the horrible memories of the past, the last painful moments her mother spent on Earth, writhing in pain under fallen debris from around their home remained among the hardest for Devlyn to deal with. And Nelek and his people were to blame for all of it. Why did she love him still? Why had she allowed him to consume her very soul, despite the fact that he literally murdered everyone else she loved? And worse, once she finally opened herself to loving him fully and placed all her trust of future happiness into his clawed and scaly hands, he left her, pregnant and alone. The more she ran over these thoughts, the more she hated him.

As far as Devlyn was concerned, the cube was again with its rightful owner—her. She shook her head and turned away from him, even though deep within her it killed her to do so. She craved his touch and wanted nothing more than to open the door, drag Nelek into her bedchamber and have her way with him.

She stepped into the new construction surrounding her former childhood home, barely recognizing this place since Nelek had assigned his drones to the remodeling project.

Her family land known as Molyvos, Greece, had been destroyed by the weapons launched against humanity in December 2012. A cloud of soot covered the once blue skies, the aqua hues of the Aegean Sea sucked up by a nuclear force. The only thing not barren on the planet was Devlyn.

With the help of her Reptilian captors, she had spent the last eight years of her life sequestered in captivity, flat on her back, either having sex or giving birth.

No more! Now that she banished Nelek and he murdered her lover, Salok, Devlyn vowed there and then she would never give in to carnal pleasures ever again. She couldn’t. She became pregnant so easily, she would no sooner enjoy orgasm than her belly would fill with the seed of her captors.

Now her hundred plus daughters would give birth to the new hybrids. And what could she do about this? Nothing. Unless she too wanted to be killed. Her daughters were destined to lie flat on their backs and create the new race, just as she had done before them.

Surely some higher power would punish her for allowing this. Devlyn always believed in the gods, but not lately. What kind of gods would allow such destruction of all she had known? Everyone she loved perished in the cataclysm and with her new alien captors, nothing of her world remained except the shell of her former home.

Once a gorgeous white palace atop a hill on the highest peak of the island, black soot now covered her family home so the stones were now gray and dull, like everything else on Earth.

She used to enjoy the outdoors, but the thick smoke burned her lungs and over time, she had decided it best to stay indoors.

On this day, with her legs finally regaining strength after not walking all those years, Devlyn decided to wander the halls of her new palace to see what exactly Nelek had done to her home.

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