The Surrender of Persephone

Myths Behaving Badly 1

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,106
7 Ratings (4.0)

Sheltered Persephone, Goddess of Spring, never gets to do anything— thanks to the suffocating love of her mother, Demeter. Sephie is being carefully groomed to follow in the footsteps of the two “virgin” goddesses, Athena and Artemis, and while they sure do have a lot of fun together, she longs for something deeper—and darker. When Aidon, the God of the Underworld—generally known as Hades—appears in his chariot to claim Persephone for his bride, the young goddess gets more than she wished for.

Held captive in the Underworld, she suddenly longs to return to the safety and security of her mother’s protection, but the dark and commanding Aidon binds her to him, claiming her bit by glorious bit as his own. Her coming of age is one of sexual awakening as she learns the bondage her new master imposes fulfills her darkest desires. Persephone finds herself submitting to and obeying Aidon’s command and discovers being taken and consumed in the heat of passion by a man—a god—is what she was truly made for. Persephone can’t deny her own nature, or her growing feelings for Aidon, as she submits to his domination and surrenders as his wife and prepares to rule as his Queen.

As she finally admits her own feelings, Persephone faces the looming specter of her history, which threatens to shatter the newly formed bonds between the couple. She must now face not only her past, but her present, and her future—no longer only the Goddess of Spring, but also as the wife of Aidon and Queen of the Underworld—and the choices she will be forced to make will change the world forever.

The Surrender of Persephone
7 Ratings (4.0)

The Surrender of Persephone

Myths Behaving Badly 1

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,106
7 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Selena Kitt
Truely Awsome read! This story kept me tied in from start to finish!!
Professional Reviews

Candy Cay, Coffee Time Romance, 4/5 CUPS

“Flaming, scorching, and sizzling are just a few of the adjectives to describe this story. Tingling and pulsating are a few other words the reader will feel as Aidon takes Persephone on a journey of sexual ecstasy. I was captivated by every page and consumed by every word. This is story no one should miss.”

Dee, Night Owl Romance, 4.5/5 STARS -- NIGHT OWL REVIEWS TOP PICK

"The Surrender of Persephone provides us with a glimpse into a fascinating new underworld that leaves us panting for more. Selena Kitt mostly follows the story line of Greek Mythology, and to do so may ultimately expose more readers to both genre of Greek Myth-- and bondage. I’d love to see more Greek Mythology stories by Ms Kitt as they are written with an attention to detail and have captivating settings."

Bitten by Books, 4/5 STARS

“Selena Kitt does a good job with the Greek myth, though her interpretations of the deities occasionally vary quite a bit from their original depictions in antiquity. She…nicely blends myths together to keep up a constant storyline, and the romance is heated with the occasional flavor of light BDSM. This story has a nice setting and is especially fun for fans of mythology.”

Patrice, Joyfully Reviewed

“Each encounter between Persephone and Aidon is lavishly lurid. Their exploits explode throughout the realm of the dead. This dark place becomes Sephie’s new playground and it’s interesting to watch her blossom into womanhood under Aidon’s dark mastery as she accepts her role as his wife and equal. Be warned. The sexual escapades are explicitly intense, equipped with instruments and acts to test your knowledge and comfort zone. I was thankful this pair falls deeply in love.…Selena Kitt does an excellent job of fine tuning an old story with vigor, humor, intelligence and passion.”

Mistress S, Bound to Review, 5/5 CANES

"I'd recommend this story to anyone who likes [the BDSM] genre. The story is hot. I like seeing Persephone grow from an uncertain young women into a decisive Queen of the Underworld. Ms Kitt's writing style draws you in and keeps your butt firmly planted until the end...I have to give Ms Kitt 5 Canes for The Surrender of Persephone."

Clare C., HEA Reviews, 4/5 CUPS

"Kitt has a great writing style. Her characters are well-developed, realistic, and likeable. The sex scenes were hot. I recommend this to anyone looking to spice up those old myths."

Cia, Siren Book Reviews, 5/5 SIREN STONES

"Warning, this read is white hot! Scorching. Please read with a misting fan close by. I was thoroughly entranced by this fantastic read!"

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Consciousness returned slowly to Persephone. The bed beneath her was firm but not uncomfortable. Shaking her head to clear the fuzz, she moved to sit and found her wrists shackled above her head. She felt a strain under her arms, in her ribs.

How long have I been like this? She opened her mouth to speak, but her lips felt so dry she could barely part them.

She managed a low moan as a strange, yet familiar face bent over her. It was a dark figure, his cheeks gaunt and pale, his mouth red and smiling. She had dreamed about him. His eyes reflected like large, violet pools, and she found herself transfixed in them. Her breath slowed, her heart’s murmur tamed to an easy, steady beat. He lifted a bottle full of tiny luminous crystals, like glowing sand, and began to open it.

“No, Hypnos.” Aidon’s voice came out of the darkness. “No more. Leave us.”

The figure frowned but stepped back into the shadows and was gone. Persephone strained to see Aidon, noticing her wrists bound but her ankles free. She recalled everything—her abduction, her trip into the Underworld, her desperate run toward the Pool of Lethe to purge herself of her memory. Yet she still remembered…

“Please.” Her voice was a thick croak. “Release me.”

He came out of the darkness to stand beside the huge bed. “How is your head?” His fingers rubbed through her hair and she winced when he caressed a knot there that throbbed dully with her pulse under his touch.

“What happened?”

He frowned. “You fell before you reached the Pool of Lethe. Your memory is intact, although you’ve got quite a bump there. I had Hypnos give you his pain-sleep until you were healed.”

“How long have I been here?”

His fingers trailed down her cheek. “A day…no more.”

“Please, I’m begging you. Take me home to my mother.” She implored him with her eyes, but he didn’t see her pleading orbs as his gaze swept over her body, uncovered against the black velvet bedclothes.

“Do you know what you look like, lying here?” His finger traced the velvet around her body, not touching her skin. She shook her head, feeling her hair brush her cheeks with the motion.

“The brightest jewel in my kingdom.” His smile was determined, almost cruel. She shivered as he continued, “Did you know I own all of the riches below the earth? All the gold, the silver, the diamonds...they all belong to the ruler of the Underworld.”

She shook her head again, not trusting her voice. He knelt beside her and she saw he was naked. Swallowing hard, she looked up to his face. “You shine brighter than any diamond. I had to have you, Sephie.”

Persephone closed her eyes, shaking her head and feeling tears slip down her temples. Shocked by the weight of him next to her on the bed, she stiffened. His palm stroked the skin of her belly, neutral ground between two sensitive poles. The warmth of his hand was like a brand, setting her skin afire.

Persephone sought to distract him and perhaps delay the inevitable. “Water. Please, Aidon.” He reached out and retrieved a chalice, lifting it to her lips. She drank greedily, the liquid spilling down her chin.

“Easy, now…” His eyes lingered over the droplets on her throat.

She tilted her head, indicating she’d had enough. “Thank you.”

“Now, try this.” He reached for a second chalice, this one containing an amber liquid, and held it to her lips. She took a hesitant sip, then closed her mouth and turned away. The liquid burned her throat. She made a face, coughing.

“It’s an acquired taste.” He chuckled.

Her thirst abated, she felt warm, though her head felt a little fuzzy again. “Can you untie me?”

“I don’t think so.” He shook his head, his admiring gaze running up the slope of her arms raised above her head. “Only a falconer knows when it’s time to untether the falcon.”

She looked at him, tears brimming. “Where can I go? I’m in Hell.”

Aidon frowned and then sighed. He reached above her head and untied her arms. She groaned, rubbing her flesh to let a little feeling back. They tingled and throbbed as they came back to life.

“Thank you.”

Aidon lifted her hand, kissing the marks on her wrists from the binding. Persephone watched him, his tongue flicking the inside of her wrist, making her shiver. Her skin was as soft and delicate as papyrus and she bruised very easily. Their eyes locked and his glowed a deep, warm amber in the darkness, something she hadn’t noticed before.

“It hurts…” She rubbed at her wrist. His hands swallowed her forearm as he massaged her. He bent to kiss the inside of her arm up to her elbow. Persephone’s breath came faster as she observed him. He pressed himself against her, tracing her mouth with his finger, his eyes following the line of her lips.

He kissed her lightly, licking the corner of her mouth. “You taste like liquid sunshine.”

She giggled and blushed. He kissed her again, his tongue pressing between her lips, tasting her more deeply. Persephone pushed against his chest with her hands, fighting his passion, but it was a useless gesture. He slid his leg over hers, the weight of him crushing her.

“No!” She turned her head and gasped for breath, twisting beneath him. Her refusal made him rougher and he took her wrists in his hand, lifting them above her head as he sucked at the tender flesh of her throat. She felt the hard heat of his manhood against the soft flesh of her thigh and she shuddered, struggling for her freedom.

She willed herself to hold still while he tongued his way to her breasts. His mouth covered her delicate pink nipple, sucking hard. She arched her back, moaning, and she felt him smile. He let her wrists go so he could fill his hands with her breasts, kneading them, pressing them together.

Persephone held her breath, her eyes scanning the perimeter of the darkened room, looking for the hint of a door. She glimpsed a large bowl brimming with fruit on a table next to the bed.

His tongue traced circles down her belly and she opened her legs for him. He looked up at her in wonder, and she smiled. Grabbing her hips, he breathed in the scent of her before leaning in to taste the sweet nectar flowing between her legs. Persephone whimpered, ignoring the thought that she didn’t want this. With his tongue moving there, she forgot everything. When his finger found the entrance to her heaven, she remembered, and found her strength.

Persephone’s legs had all her leverage and she used them, planting her heels against his shoulders and pushing hard. She didn’t succeed in moving him, but her body launched upwards on the bed. Rolling to the side, she bolted in the direction where Hypnos had disappeared. She heard him behind her as the handle slid in her hand. Locked! She turned, breathless, frantically searching for another exit. Then Aidon was upon her, his eyes blazing the color of fire.

He caught her arm, twisting it behind her and pressing her hard against the door. “Don’t move!”

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