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Violet Joicey-Cowen is the proud owner of one rather chaotic life. This includes her son, her menagerie (currently – two dogs, one cat, one guinea-pig, one fish and 5 stick-insects), her friends and a rather battered laptop she would be lost without. She lives in North Yorkshire in England. When she is not writing she plays a lot of pool and is on a couple of teams.

She has been writing since she was about ten years old and has always loved escaping into other worlds where the people living there would tell her their stories and she would just have to write them down. She always dreamed of having her stories published so her characters could get out there and meet other people who might begin to love them as much as she does. She loves to hear from readers and can be contacted through her wordpress account or you can find her on Facebook.

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Q: Why M/M?

A: M/M stories are just what come to me. I have written in other genres in the past and I am sure I will again. The series I am working on does have other pairings in it too.

Q: How did you get into writing?

A: I can’t remember. I have been writing since I was about 10 and still have all my old files and folders stuffed with reams of paper. It feels like I have been writing my whole life. When you asked other people what they wanted to be when they grew up they would give various answers like doctor or something in computers. When they asked me I never knew what to say because I was already doing what I wanted to do, I just did not know it. It has only been in the last year (2012) that I really decided to make that push and actually get my stories out there.

Q: How long does it take you to write one book?

A: Hard to say, it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month to get a first draft down, but then between second drafts and editing you can probably times that by four. At any one time I tend to have several books on the go, all at different stages of the process. If I cannot figure a scene out I go and do a bit of editing. If I am tearing my hair out over the editing I go make notes on a first draft so I can write the second draft, and so on. So with everything going on at once I have never really noted how long one complete book takes me.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: Anywhere and everywhere. It might be a picture I see, random ‘what if’ thoughts, dreams. At the moment I am writing a series and the ideas are piling on top of each other. Side characters in the first book began telling me they had their own story and what it was, so I wrote that. Then side characters in that book told me theirs, and so on. I don’t think I get the ideas, I think they do, and they cannot wait to tell me.

Q: Why do you write?

A: I write because I have to. The ideas come and they won’t leave me alone until I write them down.

Q: What do you love about writing?

A: I love the first draft of a story I write, seeing the characters that already feel real to me developing on the page.

Q: What do you like the least about writing?

A: When I just can’t figure out the words to finish a scene I know I have to write. It’s very frustrating.

Q: Who are your favourite authors? In the genre you write and elsewhere?

A: I am a massive reader and always have been. Even if I were just to list my favourites we would be here all day! So random pick… Outside the genre, I adore Anne McCaffrey’s books, the Pern series, Brain and Brawn, The Tower and The Hive, all of them. Within the genre, Lynn Hagen, Stormy Glenn, Gabrielle Evans, lots of others.

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