[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Pain from his past caused wolf-shifter Cameron Makenzie to panic and reject his mate, Bobby Wyndham, when they first met. The moment he realised what he had done he was heartbroken and spent months longing for his fated mate.
After Bobby claims Cameron, things are still not right. More consequences of Michaelson and his pet doctor's machinations come out when Cameron and Bobby discover a young shifter going through his first change by the lake late one night.
There isn't enough trust between them for their fragile bond to survive what comes, and the mates are set adrift. Cameron is lost inside his own head, and Bobby is left alone to deal with three shifter kids who have become their responsibility. The only time Cameron now responds to Bobby is each night in their bed. How long will Bobby be able to cope with everything before it all becomes too much? And will Cameron ever be the same again?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Keeping Cameron (MM)
13 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Cameron and Bobby's story.
Cameron works for Alpha sec Bobby is Perry's brother. Both are wolf shifters.
Enjoyable entertaining read.
Great set of characters.
Professional Reviews

5 Hearts: "When Cameron and Bobby first meet they instantly know they are mates, but Cameron had always wanted a wife and children. He rejects Bobby, but regrets it very soon after. When Cameron pulls a little stunt at a pack barbecue, Bobby comes after him and they make out. Bobby feels he pressured Cameron into it and runs, leaving Cameron confused and wanting. Cameron follows him as soon as he has permission to go but something is going on inside his body. He finds Bobby and they mate under strange circumstances. Not long after their mating they hear a noise. The noise turns out to be a very young boy who’s going through his first shift. Something isn’t right with this and Bobby and Cameron take the boy home to the pack. It turns out that it’s again the work of the evil stepfather of Charlie. The pack rescues the other children who are in the same home and take them in. In an argument Bobby says some things that hurt Cameron. Another strange thing happens to Cameron and their mating is on the line. Again Michealson’s work makes their lives difficult. To me this book was the best one so far in this series. I loved all the strange things that seem to happen. I am glad though that it all gets explained properly in this book, because I would have been too curious to wait for it. Bobby and Cameron have a very complex relationship. It’s wonderful to read how they struggle with a lot of things but their love is so obvious in all the inner turmoil, their actions and their thoughts. The pain inside Cameron is so wonderfully written, my heart ached and my eyes watered. It doesn’t make sense, yet it so does. Bobby’s reaction is also heartbreaking. The secondary story line with the children and Michealson keeps me intrigued. So all in all a very good read. " -- Marieke, Love Romances & More

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His mind drifted back to Bobby, as it always did, while he went over the security system. It hadn’t taken long for his shock at the fact that his mate was male to give way to thoughts of how damn hot the man was. Cameron had watched Bobby, covertly, every chance he got over the days that had followed, biting his lip to hold back the whimpers of need which threatened to escape as he saw the way Bobby’s hard body moved. They were around the same height, he had noted with satisfaction, just over six feet. He thought of how their lips would be on the same level, how he would only have to tilt his head to nibble at his mate’s neck where his claiming bite should go. He wanted to feel Bobby over him, pressing his body into the mattress, spreading him open and taking him. Cameron groaned and shifted his dick. It had hardened at the thoughts of getting up close and personal with his mate, and his jeans felt uncomfortably tight. He had been surprised the first time that little fantasy had made itself known. Thinking he was straight for most of his life so far, he had expected to want to be the one taking Bobby, but the thought of the other man’s cock pushing into his hole had him gasping and clenching with need while his heart rate and breathing sped.

A movement on one of the cameras caught his eye, jerking him out of his own head. Someone was pulling up in a silver Ford hatchback, and they parked beside his own dark green Audi A5 coupe. He had been so lost in thought he had not even noticed the gate alert flashing up. Every member of the pack had codes to get through the gate, but a notification, time-stamped and logged, still went up in the security room every time someone entered a code and again when the gate was opened. Cameron’s throat went dry, his mouth suddenly full of sand, as he watched Bobby get out of the silver car. The faded blue jeans Bobby was wearing with the teal T-shirt and leather jacket were simple, but looked good on his tightly muscled six-foot frame.

He raced through the house to the back door, pausing out of sight for a moment to collect himself. Why is Bobby here? What does he want? There was a loud knock on the door just as he approached it, and he delayed briefly before reaching for the handle so it wouldn’t look as if he had been lying in wait. Why is he even knocking? Everyone in the pack can just come in.

“Um, hi.” Oh yeah, Cam, that’s smooth! Bowl him over with your wit and charm!

“Why?” Bobby growled at him without looking up. He had one hand braced on either side of the doorframe, with his head and shoulders down, the black leather of his jacket bunching at the shoulders. Cameron was taken aback at the ferocity pouring off the usually fairly mild mannered man. Though a kind and fair man, Perry was every inch the Alpha, and someone you didn’t want to mess with. Cameron had not been seriously trying to rile him earlier. He had just wanted to give him a prod to get his butt moving to go claim his mate. Charlie was his friend, and he had been miserable. Bobby was not like Perry. Both he and their other brother, Henry, were normally a lot more easygoing.

“Uh…” He was unsure of how to answer him. Cameron felt blindsided by Bobby’s appearance. Why is he here? What does he want? The questions repeated in his head. What does he mean, why? Why… what?

“You. At the BBQ. With Charlie. Why?” The words sounded forced out.

“Me and Charlie? There is no me and Charlie.”

“Don’t play games with me!” Bobby shouted, making Cameron jump. His hands were gripping the doorframe so tightly his knuckles were white. Cam could hear the wood splintering.

“I’m not. I swear!” Cameron didn’t understand what Bobby was talking about. His brain had, as it generally did around this man, stopped working. Cameron had to give himself a mental slap to make his mind function, to get it off the little details and figure out what was going on. Then he realised that the other man must have witnessed the little play he had put on for Perry’s benefit and his heart sank. He had never meant to hurt Bobby that way, only to try and help Charlie out.

“Then what the hell was that, Cam?” Bobby sagged in the doorway, defeat lining his face. “Please. I can’t take it anymore.”

“I…” Cameron’s hand lifted, reaching involuntarily for his mate, and his feet carried him half a step forward. His wolf was whining unhappily inside him at his mate’s distress. It wanted to rub up against Bobby and lick at his jaw and neck, then roll over and expose his belly. It did not want Bobby angry at him, nor did it like Bobby being upset.

Bobby finally looked up into his eyes, and the hurt that radiated from him drew Cameron even closer. He needed to sooth his mate’s pain. Bobby flinched and closed his eyes when the tips of Cameron’s fingers touched his face, rasping a line from the corner of his mouth over his stubbled cheek. Cameron’s fingers tingled where they came into contact with his mate’s skin and he moved closer still. Bobby’s eyes flew open again and then widened when he realised how close Cameron had gotten. Only inches separated their mouths. He straightened in front of Cam.

“Bobby, I…” Why can’t I talk to the man? Cameron was baffled by his inability to put a decent sentence together around the other shifter. There is one way to reach him, though. He leaned in and brushed his mouth over his mate’s lips, feeling them part, and the rush of air as Bobby swiftly inhaled.




Cameron’s eyes bored down into Bobby from inches away. There was something about him that seemed not wholly present, except for his wolf, which was most definitely there. It was as if he was running on pure instinct. Everything that was there was focused entirely on Bobby. It’s almost as if…no, that’s impossible! Bobby dismissed his thought—that his mate looked as though he was going feral—as quickly as it had entered his head. Cameron’s hips ground down in slow, deliberate circles, rubbing against Bobby’s rock-hard cock, sending waves of lust through him. Before Cameron had plastered himself up against him, Bobby had seen his thick shaft jutting from his body as if begging for attention.

“Mine,” Cameron growled above him. He kept up the purposeful motions of his lower body. His eyes wavered from wolf to human and the iris’s dilated until there was only the smallest rim of blue around the deep black pupil.

Bobby groaned and bit his lip where it had healed from the nick earlier. It drew his mate’s gaze to his mouth. Never stopping the thrusting against Bobby’s naked thigh and groin, Cameron’s mouth came down on his own and lapped at the tiny drop of blood that had welled up under the pressure of the tip of his fang. Bobby had not noticed until then that his fangs had lengthened in anticipation of the claiming bite. Cam licked at the fang, the edge of his tongue sliding down it as Bobby gasped, withdrawing the tip from where it was still embedded in his own lip. Then Cam’s tongue was on his lip again.

The heat pooling in Bobby’s groin began to spread, bringing a fiery warmth to his whole body, and he pushed his hands between them, trying to reach for his mate. He couldn’t get access and he growled in frustration, shoving at Cameron to get him to lift up so he could get at what he needed to. He had to touch him.

“No!” Cameron grabbed at his hands and pinned them above him. “Not this time. Not again. Need you. Not going to push me away.” His disjointed words were said between kisses. The words made perfect sense to Bobby’s wolf, which whined inside him, urging him on, wanting him to claim his mate. But it took Bobby longer to realise that Cameron must think he was rejecting him.

I have to touch him, though. The need clawed at him, but Cameron was holding him down with more strength than he should really have, even as a shifter. At least there is nothing to separate us now. He felt stupefied by the desire flooding through him which had brought him to a raging erection. Cam was naked and pressed up against him. All six-feet-two-inches of his gorgeous, muscled, perfect body was sliding against his own. It felt like the top of his head was going to blow off with the heat his body was generating with his mate so close. That and the abnormal heat still coming from his soon-to-be-claimed mate. He could feel the flush that stained his cheekbones and covered most of his body. His breathing sped, and he panted as the rigid length of Cameron’s penis rubbed, equally hard, against his own.

He was hardly able to believe that not only was he finally with Cameron, but that the other man was the one pinning him down while dry humping him. Then Bobby groaned, and not in a good way. He thumped the back of his head against the ground. Damn it! “Shit. Fuck. Lube, baby, we need lube!”

“Covered.” Cameron managed to spit the word out as he sucked and bit his way down Bobby’s body, and then his mouth closed around the head of Bobby’s cock.

“Oh god! Seriously?” Bobby couldn’t help the words that escaped him. His mate lifted his head and looked at him with a hazy frown as if he couldn’t quite understand what Bobby had just said. Bobby couldn’t blame him. It could have sounded as though the words were in response to what his mate had said. Cam made as if to pull back and away, but Bobby lunged at him and grabbed his arm where it still held Cam’s weight off the ground by his own hip. “Don’t stop!” He couldn’t explain what he had said before, couldn’t find the words just then to say that what he had meant had been, “seriously? You never did this before?” His mate had never been with another guy, that much he knew, and for a first time blow job it was staggeringly good. Cameron’s tongue licked and swirled across the head, and then he bobbed down and took Bobby to the back of his throat and swallowed around it, then back up and pressed his tongue into the slit and began again. He was struggling to hold back his orgasm by the time Cam rose to his knees, his lips parting company with Bobby’s cock with a pop.

From the way Cameron had taken charge, he kind of expected to be the one getting fucked. In a move that Bobby had not been expecting, Cameron crawled back up his body as he lay there, breathless and fighting the need to come. Cam reached back, and Bobby felt slick fingers grasp him and position him against Cam’s entrance.

“Wait! Need to prepare you,” he rasped, not in full control of his voice but trying to get the words out and reach Cam before he hurt himself. Cam hadn’t done this before and might not know that he needed more than a lubed cock to ease the way, especially for a first time. Hang on, slicked hand? There was definitely lube on his hand when he touched me. When did he get it? Is that…? His very thoughts stuttered in his head as he looked up at the man above him who stared back with such raw lust that he could feel it down to his very bones. The head of his cock slipped inside a well-lubed and already stretched hole.

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