You're My Toy

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of five erotic short stories with mixed and varied themes including bdsm, spanking and role play.

You’re My Toy by Sommer Marsden

When Aaron buys Janie a sexy Christmas present she has no idea of the fun they’ll have with it, both in and out of the house. In fact they have so much fun, Janie begins to wonder just exactly who the present is for: her, Aaron or possibly even the waiter at a very posh restaurant they visit.

The Devil’s Harlot by Morgan Honeyman

Sophie advertises for a man to fulfil her fantasies. He has to be 20 years younger and prepared to dress-up. Jack turns out to be perfect in every way and they spend an exciting lust-filled few hours together. Trouble is, Sophie doesn’t want her fantasy to end – yet reality was never part of the deal. But turns out Jack has a few fantasies of his own that need fulfilling.

Hugs, Kisses, Dominatrices by Tara S Nichols

His new housemate is a Goth who gets up to all kinds of noisy and (he is sure) perverse, activities in her room. If only he had the courage to tell her to go, but he has fallen in love with her. One day he sneaks into her room when she is at work and inadvertently breaks one of her vibrators – even he can see this is no ordinary vibrator and he’s pondering about how to fix it when she returns and demands he take its place.

A Bonding Experience by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Karla and Eric know Ryo, but not his girlfriend, Jessie. When they go for a night of rope bondage to Ryo’s, who’s a bit of a master in the art of rope work, they don’t know what to expect. But soon the girls are tied together, face to face, and it proves to be a bonding experience for all of them.

Like Ribbons by L A Fields

Missy doesn’t usually proposition prostitutes, but life on the road with her band gets lonely and when she spots a stunning-looking young man in Phoenix she can’t resist inviting him back home for some light entertainment. Wade tells her he isn’t usually into girls – and Missy is pleased to be his first. But when her band mates return, she realises Wade has history with the lead guitarist, Darian, and the two have a lot of catching up to do.

These stories have also been published in Kinky Girls ISBN 9781907016561

You're My Toy
0 Ratings (0.0)

You're My Toy

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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All the next day I worried about it. Even when I answered the phone at work, in my head would be a big blue dildo on a black face mask. I could see Aaron coming at me, on hands and knees. A huge fake hard-on in front of him. I shook my head, trying to focus on what my customer was saying. But then my mind would switch it up. Me spread eagle against the basement wall, Aaron on his knees coming at me from behind. Fucking ms slow and sure and then fast and frantic with the bright plasticine dick.
‘What?’ I stammered. Three people hung up on me and my boss asked me if I'd had enough sleep.
I'd had plenty of sleep. I'd had sleep and sex all night long. Just the thought of using the toy on me had Aaron raring to go. Our whole evening had been spent in some form of debauchery or other. He had run me a strawberry scented bubbled bath and then run through our entire collection of toys. Rubbing my pussy and my tender clit with first the red marbled vibrator, then purple, then blue and then green. Who knew that we had such a rainbow's array of fake cocks in our house?
He had eaten my pussy until I babbled and then, giddy, exhausted and beyond coming again, I turned over and offered him my ass. Aaron had talked dirty the entire time. A fantasy-fuelled energized rabbit whose drum to bang happened to be, ‘I'm going to fuck you so good, baby. I'm your toy. Say it, Janie. Say it, baby.’
‘You're my toy,’ I sighed, head down, body twisted in a pain pleasure combo as my loving husband spanked my ass and fucked me hard. He came, balls deep, holding onto my hips for dear life, coming into my back door.
Work was too much, I had to get home. I couldn't focus. My boss sent me out early. And there he was. Already home, already prepping. Flowers and candles and food galore. Fuck Face.
‘I couldn't concentrate,’ I confessed.
‘Me neither.’
‘I came home.’
‘Me, too. Janie?’
He looked worried and my heart twisted a little. ‘Yeah, baby?’
‘You don't think it's too dirty, do you? It doesn't freak you out, does it?’
I touched the evident bulge in his dust covered blue jeans. A mistake at work on a construction site could cost someone life or limb, I was glad he came home. ‘No, Aaron. I think it's just dirty enough. So dirty, I could barely keep my head on straight. You've fucked me 60 different ways in that face harness today. In my head, but still ...’
‘And I want to do it for real. Now.’ His hands were down in my pants, pushing into my cunt. Intrusive but in the best possible way. He invaded me with his big warm digits until I sank back against he counter, legs splayed like a fuck slut. My hands rubbed the length of his hard cock and I listened to him panting in a nearly desperate way. One of my favourite sounds in the world – out-of-his-mind-horny man.
‘That would be good,’ I laughed. He had my pants tangled down around my ass and my panties got caught. Aaron grabbed a paring knife from the counter and slit the sides –one, two easy as pie. He pushed the whole mess of clothing to the side and got on his knees. I watched him rub his hard pole through his pants and my eyelids sank down. I wanted him naked doing that.
‘What?’ His mouth pressed to me, his tongue wetting me perfectly. My clit, so swollen he could nibble on it, screamed for more.
‘Take off your clothes. Do that naked. I like to watch you jack off.’ I blushed when I said it, but I said it anyway. He was out of his clothes and digging under the tree as I unbuttoned my work blouse and unhooked my bra. I stood, shivering with goose bumps in the chilly kitchen.
When he came back, he held the face harness out to me and kneeled back down. His flushed hard-on poker straight from his slim hips, a glistening dot of pre-come rested on the swollen head. He sank himself face first into my pussy and resumed eating me out until I was absentmindedly rubbing the fake cock in my hands like a worry stone.
‘Ready?’ He smiled up at me. He had intended to get me so horny and on edge that I couldn't give the face piece a second thought. And I didn't. I looked at it now and saw a big blue orgasm clutched in my hand.
‘Ready.’ I bent and strapped it on him. Aaron's hands trembled over the length of his dick, pumping so that he was close to purple and I knew from years of marriage, so close to coming a sneeze would set him off. ‘Fuck me, Aaron.’

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