[#358 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, light bondage]

Theresa is trying to live a quiet life and stay out of everyone's way, but her growing anxiety attacks are becoming harder and harder to ignore. Abandoned as a child, she's spent most of her life hiding how different she is from everyone else.

Caleb and Ethan are agents working for a specialized branch of the government that deals with unusual problems. While on assignment to track down and apprehend a dangerous terrorist, their mission suddenly changes when the guy they're chasing abducts a woman with unusual skills—skills she knows nothing about.

But when Caleb and Ethan manage to rescue her, they both discover an undeniable attraction to the feisty but frightened woman.

When their mission turns deadly and they find themselves unable to identify friend from foe, Caleb, Ethan and Theresa find they must rely on each other. Will one wrong decision cost them everything?

Note: Each book in the Altered Destinies series is a stand-alone and can be read out of sequence.


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author


Lost (MFM)
57 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Potential to be a very good book. Problem is that it hints at action other then relationship, but never goes into it.
This series is a must to read.. Abby your series of books are awesome!
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Abby Blake's Lost proved to be a gripping, non-stop action tale that hooked me from the start and held my interest until the very last word. The magnificent edge to the story kept me turning page after page, enjoying the sparks that flew. Theresa had found love with not one, but two very handsome men and in the process gained the knowledge that she was not an abnormal person because of her exceptional psychic abilities. I was in the same boat as Theresa; I don't know which man I loved more, Caleb or Ethan. Nevertheless, both men equally set Theresa's soul on fire and left me breathless with great desire. Whew! Add in thrilling suspense and you have a winner on your hands with Ms. Blake's introduction to her Altered Destinies series. I can't wait to get my greedy little hands on her next exciting installment." -- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 NYMPHS: "Lost is a very well written story. It is a paranormal tale about psychics and does a good job at describing how being psychic can affect the day-to-day life of a person with such powers. It is really a ‘coming of age’ story, even though Theresa is 27, in that she is learning to deal with new powers, a new view of life, and has to come out of her shell that she has built up around her to protect herself from the powers she didn’t even know about. The characters are very likable and soon the reader cares about what happens to her. The world of Altered Destinies is built in such a way as to make it very believable, even though it is about unbelievable subjects. The erotic scenes are very erotic, in that we feel the lust and desires of all three people in this ménage a trios. What could be a muddled mesh is handled deftly by the author and is very easy and clear to read. The plot is suspenseful and is full of twists and turns. I enjoyed reading Lost and if it is any indication, Abby Blake’s series Altered Destinies, even if unlinked, will be just as good." -- Rogue Satyr, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 CUPS: "I really like how Ms. Blake brings us this new and thrilling series that involves the elements of fantasy, paranormal, as well as a ton of heat. As Theresa, Caleb, and Ethan explore all of her powerful possibilities as well as their sensual sides, we really get to the heart of this tale. Lost is the beginning of the Altered Destinies Series and it is a good way to start the reader off. The ending left me intrigued enough that I want to see where Ms. Blake takes us from here." -- Danielle, Coffee Time Romance

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“Please, can you tell me what you know about me?”

Caleb sat beside her as he released the breath he seemed to have been holding.

“That’s the problem, sweetheart. We don’t know anything about you. Until this morning, we didn’t even know you existed.”

“But I’m telepathic like you two?” she asked hopefully.

“Absolutely,” they both sent to her mind. She smiled, feeling a little excited now.

“Can you teach me how to reply with my mind?”

“You seem to be able to do it subconsciously already. That’s how I was able to answer your question about the cop when we first came in,” Ethan explained.

“You’ve already got the block in place that separates your mind from everyone else’s thoughts. I suspect that’s something you did instinctively after you were diagnosed with schizophrenia. Did the doctors give you medication at the time?”

“Yes, but none of it ever worked properly. It dulled the voices but didn’t stop them. Are all schizophrenics telepathic?” she asked curiously.

“No,” Caleb replied, “as far as I know, schizophrenia is a real medical condition. It’s just that telepaths can exhibit the same symptoms. Most telepaths have at least one parent to help them through the transition. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you, not knowing what was happening or why.”

Ethan reached across the table to pull her hand into his. She sensed his need to touch her, his need to be physically connected to her the way he was emotionally.

“I think I have OCD as well. Is that part of this, too?” she asked.

“Compulsive repetition? Not sure about that one. You may have developed it in response to the block you created?” Caleb suggested. Seeing her confused expression, Ethan tried to explain.

“A block in your mind is kind of like a rhyme you say in your head over and over. The repetition helps to block unwanted incoming thoughts from others and keeps yours inside your head. When I touched the block in your mind, it felt like numbers, like you’re continually counting from one to ten in your head.”

“Is your block made of numbers?” she asked Ethan.

“No, I built my block with music. My mother is very talented on the piano and it’s one of her compositions that plays in my head over and over.”

She smiled. “So you have the soul of a musician,” she suggested, relaxing a little.

Ethan rolled his eyes and laughed. “The soul, maybe. The talent, definitely not. I think it may have skipped a generation.”

“What about you, Caleb?” she asked, feeling happier now than she’d been in a long time, though she really couldn’t explain why. “What did you build your block with?”

“Same as you. Plain old numbers,” he hedged. Ethan snorted as he filled in the rest.

“He means a nursery rhyme about numbers.”

“Well, that’s what happens when telepathy kicks in at age four,” Caleb said indignantly.

She turned her face to look at Ethan and then lifted herself out of her seat and onto Caleb’s lap.

“I think that’s very sweet,” she said as she kissed him. Just a gentle brush of her lips against his, but the electric current that seemed to run through them shocked her. She pulled back a little, trying to read the expression on his face.

She scrambled off his lap quickly and backed away from the table.

“Tell me what that’s about. Why do I feel more comfortable with you two than I have with any other person in my entire life?”

Caleb shrugged his shoulders.

“I’d guess that’s maybe because it’s the first time you’ve been around people you have something in common with,” Ethan suggested warily.

“And what about the sex thing?” Shit, did I just say that out loud?

“Yes you did.” Caleb chuckled in her head.

Double shit.




Ethan’s hand smoothed over the soft material of her work pants, curved up over her hip, and slid under the silky fabric of her shirt. He gently cupped her breast and ran his thumb over the lacy material of her bra. He groaned when the nipple leapt to life, begging for more attention. Heat flooded her veins as she dragged in a deep breath.

Ethan pressed his erection more firmly against the soft globes of her backside, then lifted her shirt over her head and threw it away. Caleb pushed aside the material of her bra and eagerly fastened his mouth to one of her throbbing nipples. Heat snaked through her again. More insistent. More intense. She began to squirm against Ethan, wanting, needing, desperate now for something her inexperience couldn’t define.

Ethan rolled her forward a little harder onto Caleb’s mouth so he could undo her bra and Remove the obstruction. Then he lowered his hands, undid the buttons of her slacks, and pushed them and her panties down her legs. Large hands cupped her ass cheeks, molding them, learning her shape, as gentle kisses and stinging little bites inflamed her senses.

Lower he kissed her, biting and soothing the erotic stings with his tongue, as he pushed her clothes all the way off her legs.

She lay before them both, naked, vulnerable, and so incredibly turned on she writhed against the bed covers, needing more, needing them.

With shaking hands, Ethan grabbed her ankles and slowly dragged her to the end of the bed. He lifted her knees over his shoulders as his tongue sought her heat and tasted her essence, her arousal fuelling his own as her emotions filled the room and drowned them all in their need.

“Theresa, I need you. Caleb groaned inside her head. She opened her eyes to see him undressing urgently as he fisted his cock, trying to control his rampant desire.

Opening her mouth for him, she reached out to guide him to her. She sucked his long, hard Cock deep into her mouth, loving the feel of him on her tongue. She felt his excitement raging, barely controlled, as he began to carefully, steadily rock in and out of her mouth.

Her own excitement grew, convulsing through her. Her blood pounded, and her hips writhed against Ethan’s tongue as she sucked harder on Caleb’s cock.

Her world began to fracture, splintering into a million different colors, thousands of pinpoints of ecstasy, as her muscles quivered violently. She shivered even harder when Ethan rose over her and pushed his solid cock deep into her throbbing pussy and set off her own intense release.

Her orgasm raced through her veins like liquid fire as she felt Caleb swell in her mouth, pumping harder, stronger, as Ethan did the same in her pussy. Both men pounded into her, no longer able to control their actions or resist her arousal.

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