Zen Mackie

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As is true for many authors of erotica, my first erotic writings were simply attempts to put into words the fantasies that had retained their hold on my imagination for the longest time. The very first, after many years and much re-writng, became Chapter One of the novel Invisible Girl. The second became the basis for the Teaching Carol novella And many of the individual stories that followed are now gathered together in The Library Crawl.

The above-mentioned writings have the exploration of sexual domination (male) and submission (female) as their theme, for the most part. Its been a great pleasure for me to discover, from the reader feedback Ive received, how many people there are whose fantasies (and even experiences) share at least the essential nature of these stories, if not the specific details. Ive even heard from people who say they read the stories out loud with their partners and act them out while doing so, which is certainly the most flattering feedback of all.

And for those who like their erotica with a somewhat lighter touch Ive also written a number of spanking-romance stories which are available on the wonderful Discipline & Desire website (http://disciplineanddesire.com).

I hope youll enjoy what Ive written so far. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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