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101 Funny Cat Jokes For Kids

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Heat Rating: SWEET
Word Count: 2,159
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101 Funny Cat Jokes for Kids

Everyone loves cats! What’s not to love? In this book you will find 101 Hilarious jokes about the cats, and everything we enjoy laughing about our feline friends. Fill your days with laughter, give this book as a gift, or use it to entertain your loved ones. These punny jokes make great icebreakers and will lighten any mood. Great to use in a classroom, near events, or times when you just need a laugh.

This collection of jokes is clean fun and family friendly, with no violence or offensive language. The dirtiest jokes within these pages are about the litter box.

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101 Funny Cat Jokes for Kids
(Puns, Riddles, and Knock-knock jokes every child will love)
by Michelle Georgi
Copyright ©2014 Michelle Georgi

1. Question: What is a cat’s favorite color?
Answer: Purrr-ple
2. Question: What creature has more lives than a cat?
Answer: A frog because he croaks every night.
3. Question: What’s worse than raining cats and dogs?
Answer: Hailing taxis.
4. Question: What kinds of cats like to go bowling?
Answer: Alley cats.
5. Question: Did you hear about the cat who drank seven bowls of
Answer: He set a new lap record.

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