[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Jimmy Torren wasn't expecting an attack when he was out on a mission. He also wasn't expecting to be rescued by a gorgeous human healer, Ryan St. Claire, or to be nursed back to health on the man's private island in the middle of a huge lake.
It would almost be the perfect setup for him to seduce the shy man he thinks of as a mate, if the situation wasn't so serious. Now Jimmy is trapped here. With a huge storm raging, he's not going anywhere, and according to Ryan, the vampires will be returning soon, so Jimmy has little time to recover and convince Ryan to leave with him.
But Ryan is hiding something. He's not a private healer to a group of vampires, he's a slave, and by helping Jimmy, the man he's grown to love, he's risking his life and his sister's, who he sold himself into slavery to protect.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Like a Wolf's Howl (MM)
9 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another wonderful addition to this, oh so much fun, series. I'll admit, these books aren't a real strain on my brain, and that's perfect! I read them because of that. They make me smile, laugh and sigh. They are easy reads and I always enjoy the different characters.
Ryan was so sweet and Jimmy needed his own HEA after Mason got his. I'm now looking forward to Aeducan's story.
Christy Duke




Jimmy came back to consciousness with the worst headache of his life. He never thought he would use a word like thick to describe a headache, but there it was. It was thick and painful in his head, and it was hard to push through it so that he could focus his eyes when he finally managed to open them.

He was so damned groggy, but there was a good smell all over the room. A good smell and a bad one.

Jimmy was finally able to focus, and he noted that he was definitely not back at his room. This place didn’t smell like home or his pack, but it also didn’t have the look or smell of a prison where a blood slave would be put.

He looked down and took note of the bandages that were on his hand and where he’d been shot. There was also a drip that was connected to his other hand. This could just be where they were putting him to recover until he could give blood. Though, why the vampires would spare him after he’d given them such a chase, he had no idea.

Jimmy tried to sit up, but then immediately hissed as pain knifed through him, and he fell back down on the bed. Holy God, he wasn’t going anywhere. What the hell happened? He noted the bandages on his body, but he shouldn’t be hurting this much. His healing should be taking care of this. A little pain was one thing, but he felt like utter shit.

The door opened and, pain or no pain, Jimmy was alert and sitting up.

It wasn’t a vampire who came into the room, however. No way would a vampire be wearing a red plaid shirt with faded jeans, or have skin that wasn’t as white as snow.

Then the scent hit him, and Jimmy’s heart rate went up. It was the same man from before, the one in the woods. Even when his eyesight was working as though he’d been underwater, he would recognize that black hair and those blue eyes anywhere.

“It’s you,” Jimmy said, the first thing out of his mouth.

The man’s eyes widened. Fuck, they were really nice eyes. “I wasn’t sure you would remember anything.”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Jimmy asked, and he felt his head, trying to be slow about it because everything still hurt, but he was pretty sure he didn’t have a head injury. He didn’t feel any bandages or anything.

“Nothing, I guess I just figured the trauma of your injuries…I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking. Can I approach your bed?”

He could do that and more if he wanted. “Sure.”

Jimmy watched the man’s legs as they moved across the room. He had decent muscle tone on him, and his clothes weren’t tight on him or anything, but Jimmy couldn’t help but notice how well they fit him. His sleeves were rolled up, and if the muscle on his forearms was anything to go by, then the rest of him looked pretty damn good, too.

Of course, Jimmy should have known that his little sexual fantasy was all for nothing because instead of walking over to him with a half-lidded “I want to be fucked” look in his eyes, the man just checked the drip, looked at Jimmy’s bandages, and then pulled out a syringe.

“Whoa, whoa, what the hell is that?” Jimmy asked.

The man’s eyes widened. “It’s a painkiller.”

He didn’t hear the man’s heart flip, but that wasn’t always an indication of lying, and Jimmy had never been all that great at detecting that sort of thing anyway.

The man above him sighed. “If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it by now. Trust me, there’s nothing more I want than for you to get healthy and get the hell out of here as fast as possible.”

Now it was Jimmy’s turn for his eyes to go wide. In fact, he was pretty sure he felt his eyes popping a little. “Not making a secret out of that, are you?”

The man’s face colored a little, and when he leaned forward and put the pointy end of the needle into Jimmy’s arm, Jimmy allowed it. “Sorry. This…this isn’t a great place for you. If you remember me, then I’m pretty sure you remember who chased you onto my property.”

“Vampires,” Jimmy said, snarling the word a little, and now he was a hell of a lot more suspicious of his surroundings. “I was wondering what that smell was.”

“Yeah, well, I’m the personal healer of the nest leader’s mate. I convinced them to let you go as a favor, but if you’re still here by the time any of them get back, then we’re going to have some trouble.”

Jimmy could hardly believe what he was hearing. “When do they come back?”

“Seven days,” the man said, and Jimmy wasn’t sure, but he thought he caught some of that heart flipping thing that suggested there wasn’t a complete truth happening here.

He looked out the window when a rumble of thunder sounded in the distance, and the room lit up with white light from lightning.

Jimmy was never going to make a good detective if it took him this long to realize that it was raining like crazy outside. He could barely see anything outside at all. The power was still running, but every time lighting struck, it got brighter in the room.

Jimmy had to figure out a few things here, namely Gorgeous’s name.

“Who are you? You said you’re a healer?” He hoped that came out sounding as smooth and confident as it was in his head.

The man smiled a little on the corner of his mouth. It looked good, and he put away the syringe. “Yeah. I used to be a strictly human nurse, but then took this on. My name’s Ryan,” he said, and he held out his hand for Jimmy to shake. “Ryan St. Claire.”

Jimmy took the man’s hand, and there was a shock that went up his arm when their palms gripped each other.

He had to wonder if Ryan felt that same thing, because he looked a little stunned as well.




That didn’t matter now, because soon enough it would settle once it realized that Jimmy was getting the both of them exactly what they wanted.

Ryan was kissing him back. Ryan had his arms around the back of Jimmy’s neck and the man was holding onto Jimmy tight as Jimmy ground his cock down onto Ryan’s hip.

Jimmy shifted his body weight, putting his and Ryan’s dicks together and thrusting forward.

Ryan moaned against Jimmy’s mouth, opening his lips wide so that Jimmy could push his tongue inside of that warm space.

Jimmy had just had an orgasm a few minutes ago, but he felt as if he hadn’t touched himself in a month. His balls were aching and tight and each forward thrust of his hips pulled another lewd-sounding grunt from his mouth and brought him closer to the edge.

Ryan started pushing against Jimmy’s chest, and he immediately pulled away, terrified that he’d come on too strong and Ryan was changing his mind.

The man hadn’t actually said yes, after all.

But then he was no longer pushing at Jimmy. Ryan was suddenly pulling at his clothes with wild abandon.

“I need to get out of these clothes,” Ryan said, his voice breathless and his cheeks flushed a shade of pink that was gorgeous on him.

Jimmy helped him undress. It was easy, he wasn’t wearing much, but it was an excellent excuse to put his hands all over the other man’s body.

Jimmy released a hard breath at the sight of Ryan’s cock. It wasn’t as big as Jimmy’s, or as thick, but he was a good size, more than good, and the head of his dick was dark with the blood flow, and his shaft practically sprung from his shorts when Jimmy pulled them down his hips.

He put his hand around it and watched as Ryan’s head dropped back as his mouth fell open. Ryan closed his eyes and silently moaned.

“You look so fucking beautiful,” Jimmy said, and as he fisted Ryan’s cock, he kissed and nipped the side of the man’s shoulder and neck, tasting his skin and his lust. “The most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Please shut up and fuck me,” Ryan said, panting the words, but then he reached over to his nightstand and pulled out some lube and condoms. “Put these on right now.”

Jimmy couldn’t help but smile. “I like that you’re pushy in bed.”

“Yeah?” Ryan said, still grinning as he pulled Jimmy’s mouth back on top of his for another brief kiss. “So hurry up and get to it before I come to my senses. Holy fuck, is it a werewolf thing that I’m this horny around you?”

Jimmy laughed and started opening the condom packet. “Sort of.”

“That looks really uncomfortable,” Ryan said, and then he switched his position around, quickly and unexpectedly, before leaning in and putting his wet lips around the head of Jimmy’s dick.

Jimmy was so taken aback with that, that he nearly dropped the condom. He did drop the lube, but luckily it stayed on the bed, and Jimmy stayed on his knees, gasping as he looked down at the man between his legs.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, and he shifted his weight on his knees before putting his hand behind Ryan’s head, threading his fingers through the man’s hair. He had soft hair, and Jimmy almost felt bad for gripping it as tightly as he did, but there wasn’t much he could do about that since he’d pretty much lost all of his control.

He arched his back and ass, thrusting his dick farther into Ryan’s mouth, watching the thick shaft vanish again and again between his lips, and Ryan pulled his mouth back and surged forward like there was nothing else in the world he’d rather be doing.

It was like watching the world’s best porno. Ryan was down there, on his knees with his ass in the air, lips tight around Jimmy’s cock, and Jimmy bit down on his lower lip, threw back his head and groaned.

He was going to come again, but he didn’t want to shoot his load down his mate’s throat. That sounded fun and everything, but he wanted to claim the man as his first.

“Stop, baby,” Jimmy said, but he couldn’t get his hands to push the man away. He stroked the back of Ryan’s head instead.

Luckily, Ryan was the sort of man who was able to stop when told to do so.

The man looked up at him, gorgeous blue eyes bright with lust. “What is it?” he asked.

Jimmy couldn’t resist letting his hand slide through his hair one more time right before he grabbed for the lube. “I want to come with my cock in your ass first. That can come later.”

Ryan smiled at him, a sexy, confident smile that showed off the whites of his teeth. Jimmy was fairly sure it was the first time he’d ever seen a smile like that on the man’s face, and his dick pulsed.

“How do you—gah!” Ryan yelled when Jimmy grabbed onto him and all but threw him down onto his back. He bounced a little on the mattress, but then Jimmy’s body was on top of his, their body heat coming together.

And Jimmy was kissing the man again.

He didn’t need to tell Ryan to do it, or to give him a signal of any kind for the man to willingly spread his legs, letting Jimmy in between his thighs.

Oh fuck, it was so damned perfect.

Jimmy opened the lube and squirted some of the stuff onto his hand, and he stroked two of his fingers with the slick substance.

Ryan watched him eagerly, his hand on his heavy cock the entire time. “God, please hurry,” he said.

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