[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]
Montana York loves working at the Silver Bullet. Wild nights, half-naked men, and hanging out with his friends. What more could a single male want? One night while playing pool, he notices a gorgeous man checking him out from across the room. A lethal kiss leads to confusion when the man sinks his teeth into Montana, claiming they’re mates.
Conner McMillian is on a mission. He’s in New Orleans with his two younger brothers, Liam and Kevin. The three men are looking for Sam, the oldest McMillian. When they visit the Silver Bullet, hoping to talk with Sam, Conner meets his mate. He can’t control his animal instincts and instead of acting like a gentleman, he claims the wolf.
There are problems though. One, Conner doesn’t have a scent, and Montana doesn’t believe they’re mates. Two, Sam hasn’t seen his brothers since being kicked out of his family streak. Will a rocky start lead to happily ever after?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Montana's Man (MM)
24 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
What a great book like always!! I am always ready for the next one to come out!! I love all of these books!!




Montana stayed in the shadows as he followed the stranger around the pack’s property. He was careful to avoid the bright, full moon as he stalked the man. This wasn’t the first night the stranger had come to the property. So far, he hadn’t done anything, just looked around. It seemed with each night that he didn’t get caught, he became a little less cautious, moving closer to the pack house.

Keeping some distance between them, Montana watched and waited to see what would happen next. The man glanced over his shoulder, nibbling on his lower lip—which made him appear young—and strode closer to The Castle. He lifted his face, scenting the air as he peeked through the windows. What the fuck are you looking for? Who are you? Montana followed the Peeping Tom, his mind full of questions.

Each and every night, since that first night when the guy showed up, he waited and followed. The mystery man didn’t carry a strong scent, which made it impossible for Montana to decipher if he was human, vampire, or shifter. Not knowing bugged the hell out of him. The guy didn’t appear to be dangerous. He was dressed casually in a pair of jeans, T-shirt, and tennis shoes. He didn’t have a weapon, or the bulky muscles of a fighter. So, what the hell does he want?

Montana carefully moved closer, hoping to get a better look at the guy and perhaps catch a scent. He wondered briefly if he should’ve told the Alpha or his other pack mates about the mystery man. Unlike the other nights, the pack was having a barbeque. Most of the men were inside or on the back porch enjoying the night. Soon, they would be going for a run. And here he was, tip toeing around the damn property.

Could he be wrong in his assessment of the stranger? The wind moved in his favor and Montana inhaled…nothing. He paused and jerked back in surprise. How could there not be a scent? Swallowing hard, he realized then that this guy might be a danger to their pack after all. Shit! Shit…shit…shit!

The front door opened and Montana jerked his head to the side, plastering himself against the house. He stared at the man, watching close just in case he became aggressive and attacked whoever was walking out. He cursed himself for not being more suspicious. If anything happened, it would be his fault.

Andrew and Jayden strode outside, Jayden talking a mile a minute and Andrew only nodding and smiling. The stranger had no reaction, just watched the men get into Andrew’s vehicle and drive away. He breathed a sigh of relief until the front door opened once more. Sam and Charles stepped out. Hand in hand, the two men cuddled close as they walked down the stairs. They stopped by the passenger side of the car and Charles plastered himself against Sam, taking his lips in a passionate kiss. Montana looked back toward the stranger and was surprised to see a look of sadness in his eyes. Do you have a little crush on Sam or Charles? He stared at the couple, watching the scene with a little too much interest.

He let out a little noise and started to retreat, moving away from the house and back toward the tree line. Montana shook his head and prepared himself for a confrontation. He couldn’t let the man leave, not when he finally had a clue as to why he kept coming around. Jogging, Montana went straight for the guy. Instead of yelling out, he tackled the man to the ground and quickly rolled him over, lying on top of him.

He wrapped one hand around the man’s throat to stop him from fighting and applied a little pressure. The man froze and Montana was finally able to get a good look. He was cute, damn cute. Lying under him, Montana guessed that he was probably a few inches shorter than his own six foot two inch frame and about thirty to forty pounds lighter. He felt the man swallow, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down and moaned internally. Fuck! The man is sexy.

Beautiful golden eyes looked at him through thick lashes, light brown hair and an athletic build—which made him Montana’s type. He could feel the younger man’s muscles. Leaning forward, Montana placed his nose into his neck and inhaled. Nothing. He couldn’t even catch the barest hint of anything. It wasn’t normal. As a shifter, he should be able to sniff anything out and identify human from paranormal in seconds.




Conner didn’t know what to say, so instead of ruining the moment with words, he climbed into bed and lay down. He looked at Montana as the man got comfortable under the blankets. They stared at each other for a moment until finally, Conner closed his eyes. He crossed his arms across his chest to keep from reaching out, even though he really wanted to touch his mate.

“Are you telling me the truth?” Montana asked, his voice a low growl, and Conner opened his eyes.

“The night Kevin came here to find Sam, that’s the night I knew you were my mate. He walked inside the hotel room covered in your scent. Fuck! Your musk was all over him and for a minute, I was consumed with absolute jealousy. Hell, I had to pull myself back because I wanted to beat the shit out of him,” Conner told him honestly.

“I want to believe you, more than anything, I want it to be true. I think you’re sexy. When I was playing pool, I couldn’t keep my head in the game. When the ball rolled over to you, I thought, shit, this is my lucky day. The kiss, your hands on my body.” Montana licked his lips and Conner stared, transfixed on that sexy mouth. “The bite was unexpected, but when I came in my jeans…Hell, I’ve never come so hard in my life.”

They stared at each other and Conner wondered if Montana was playing the scene through his mind, just like Conner was doing at the moment. He could still remember what the man tasted like.

“I wish you could scent me. It would make things a hell of a lot easier,” he murmured.

“Touch me like you did inside the club,” Montana said, and Conner stared at him in shock. “Yes, I just gave you permission.” Conner chuckled and moved closer to the warmth of Montana’s body.

“I’ve been thinking about you nonstop since the second I caught your scent. And I’ve been dreaming about touching and tasting you again. The few minutes inside the Silver Bullet weren’t nearly enough,” Conner murmured as he slid his hands under Montana’s T-shirt.

Muscles rippled under his palms and Conner pulled the shirt up a bit, looking at the dark hair spattered across the man’s chest and the line that made its way down passed Montana’s belly button. Conner leaned forward and ran his cheek along Montana’s hard abs. The smell of soap and Montana’s own amazing musk invaded his senses, making him feel desperate.

Conner looked up, making eye contact with his mate, as he lifted the shirt up higher. Montana helped him, throwing the material to the floor. Without the barrier, Conner nuzzled the man’s chest, kissing, licking, and sucking on as much exposed flesh as he could reach.

Montana’s chest rose and fell rapidly, which spurred Conner on. Conner’s fingers played at the band of Montana’s pajama pants. He pulled the elastic waistband back, slowly lowering the cotton material. Montana lifted his hips, allowing Conner to remove them. He balled up the pants and tossed them over his shoulder. Pure naked skin met his gaze and Conner licked his lips. Damn…he is so sexy. Leaning in, he took a deep breath and rubbed his nose against the base of Montana’s cock, feeling his pubes as they tickled his nose and cheek.

Montana growled and Conner grinned. He wanted to take this slow. He wanted to savor every moment of this. Conner licked his lips as he stared at Montana’s impressive erection. It was thick, cut, and long. In other words, his mate was perfect. Pre-cum dribbled from the tip and Conner leaned in, licking the liquid. He moaned. He tasted as good as he smelled. Delicious.

He gripped Montana’s shaft, pumping it slowly, his tongue lapping at the head. He felt Montana’s fingers touch his head, caressing him in a loving manner, running his hand over the short strands of hair. Conner started licking along the shaft, flicking the slit and swallowing his mate’s cock down. Conner gently massaged Montana’s balls, keeping a nice, tight suction on the man’s cock.

Deep moans and groans grew louder and he took Montana in deeper, faster. He bobbed up and down Montana’s length, humming, as his tongue played along the throbbing pulse in his cock.

Fingers tightened in his head, Montana digging his fingertips into his scalp. “Oh, God! Your mouth, so fucking good. Shit! I’m close.”

Conner sped up his movements, the cock in his mouth pulsing on his tongue. Conner used one finger to circle Montana’s hole. With the other, he massaged his balls. He hollowed his cheeks and sucked down to the root.

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