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Abbie Carlisle lives in Kent, England with her wonderfully understanding husband and 3 children. She spends every spare hour either with her family or, with the immense support from her twin sister, her other passion "writing." For years she had dreamed of writing her own paranormal novel and then her first novel was born. Come visit "The Order of the Mist" at

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Q: Have you always been a book lover?

A: I’ve always enjoyed reading books but when my twin sister introduced me to a range of paranormal stories written by Laurren Donher, I was hooked. I couldn’t stop reading them until I had read the whole series. Now I read a range of authors that write in a similar genre. I find it so relaxing to just escape into amazing stories of love, intrigue, passion, and possession.

Q: What is the current series called?

A: The current series is called "The Order of the Mist." It is about a group of paranormal males who are trying to protect their race. Each book is intended to delve into the lives of each of the main male characters and how they meet their mates, the dangers they face and how they overcome adversity to be with the one they love.

Q: When did you start to write the current series?

A: I started to write it early 2014. It took time to plan and with support from my twin sister, the characters evolved as did their storylines. Having written the first few chapters, I found that my ideas changed and developed. It was fun to build the relationships between the characters as each of them are different.

Q: What made you want to write?

A: Having read paranormal stories, I was inspired by the passion and possession portrayed in the stories. I decided I wanted have a go at writing my own novel and ideas began to form. When I started writing Elijah’s Vow, I was focused on the main characters in the book. As I wrote more and more chapters, each of the males in the story came to life and I found it easier to create their relationships. The more I wrote the more I felt I was achieving a goal to write my own novel.

Q: What was your inspiration for the characters?

A: I think everyone wants to feel desired and protected and I wanted to create strong male characters and equally strong mates for these characters. My inspiration was not taken from any one individual but from what I perceived would be fun and interesting for the readers. I wanted readers to be able to relate to the characters and build an emotional connection.

Q: Who are your favorite Authors?

A: I particularly like Laurann Dohner and Lora Leigh but have enjoyed immensely J.R. Ward and E L James. Their books are written with great storylines with interesting characters that make you want to read more. They are able to hold the readers' attention, and relate to the characters situations and emotions.

Q: As you’re not from the United States, did you find it hard to write a series which was based in the States?

A: I didn’t find it too difficult as I’ve visited the United States. As expected, there are different words and phrases that Americans use but with the fantastic help from my Editor at Siren, they were able to amend words to keep the book consistent in its setting and visualization. I did find it useful to research the areas that the settings were located to enable the readers to immerse themselves in the surroundings and found many of them were similar to settings in the UK.

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