Jenson's Honor (MF)

The Order of the Mist 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 92,339
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, HEA]
Emilia knows pain better than anyone. Held captive by Harvey, the leader of The Phoenix League, she is blinded with her need for revenge. No amount of time will heal her from her tormented past, that is, until she meets the handsome 2nd Lord of the Mist. He shows her that life can be filled with love and passion. Can she learn to trust again or will her past forever dictate her future? Will their relationship end before it’s begun?
Jenson lives life to the fullest. Dictated by the words of his father, he fears repeating the past. Captivated by Emilia, she reminds him that the future is a choice, but will he choose to accept the honor inside him? Will his father’s accusation haunt him forever?
As The Order faces a danger sent by The Phoenix League, Jenson must do whatever it takes to protect the one who’s destined to own his heart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jenson's Honor (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Jenson's Honor (MF)

The Order of the Mist 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 92,339
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The movement was faster than Emilia’s mind could register. The air around her turned to ice, and she felt the release of Jenson’s hand only moments before her mind registered that he’d let her go. The flash of males moving across the room was instantaneous, and she blinked rapidly, trying to focus on the vision before her. Jenson had leaped forward, while Lucian and Tobias had scaled the couches, and all the males were mere inches from Kion. Emilia inhaled, terror for her mate gripping her heart as she saw Carrick move in her direction from the corner of her eye.

Elijah closed his eyes and misted. Kion’s instruction had related directly to her “friends,” and if The Order hadn’t known about his involvement with Harvey, they could have missed the intentional threat. All the males had realized at the same time of Kion’s objective to get near Emilia, and Elijah knew instantly that Kion had no intention of divulging the whereabouts of Tarrant and Gideon. Elijah appeared directly behind the male in case he turned. Shock gripped him as Kion misted in front of his eyes.

“Shit. He’s a fucking Original!” Lucian shouted as he skidded to a halt in front of Elijah. He turned and searched the room but saw no sign of Kion reappearing. His heart hammered as he shot across the room in Emilia’s direction. He would be the fastest one to get to her and keep her safe until Jenson reached her.

Tobias stopped and shot a glance around the room. There was no sign of the male, but that wasn’t to say he couldn’t just appear anywhere. Tobias turned and glared at Jenson. He saw the horror on Jenson’s face. The male had known the reaction he would create by threatening the female, and it had drawn them away from Emilia. She was in danger now that she was alone on the other side of the room. 

Jenson’s heart stopped as he turned. Emilia stood vulnerable, and he ran rapidly, scaling the small table in front of him. Terror tore through him as he watched Kion materialize directly behind her. As the male grabbed Emilia around the waist, he roared out as Kion lifted her from her feet. Jenson landed on two feet, blinded by his need to reach his mate and grab her.

“If you come near, I will snap her neck. If you mist near me, then she will take her last breath,” Kion announced loudly as he stepped backward and wrapped his hand around Emilia’s throat.

“Release her,” Jenson demanded as Elijah misted directly beside him.

“What is it you want?” Elijah asked, gazing into Emilia’s terrified eyes.

“The females and the list. I want them brought here,” Kion said coldly.

“Release her now!” Jenson roared. Pain tore through him as he stared at his female.

Jenson. Step back. Tell the others to move to the back of the room. When I release my power, it will travel outward, and when it does, search in his mind. He’ll not be able to control his emotions, and it will leave his mind open. Search for my friends. See where they are. Move, now,” Emilia instructed.

Jenson frowned. He gripped Elijah’s arm and pulled him back as he stepped backward. He glanced around at the other males and nodded, indicating for them to move to the back of the room. He saw the confused looks on their faces but just frowned harder, hoping they would understand to get the hell away from being anywhere near Emilia. She had warned that her power would fill the room, and he knew firsthand the effect it would have on them. Kicking the small table out of the way, Jenson moved back slowly, keeping his eyes fixed firmly on Emilia.

Kion stared at each male in turn. What were they doing? Confusion spread through his mind. This wasn’t the way he’d expected them to react. He had the female in his grasp and had threatened her life. He’d expected them to agree to his demands and bring the females and the list to the apartment. What the hell was going on?

Emilia felt Kion’s grip around her throat. It hurt, but it wasn’t strong enough to restrict her breathing. His scent swirled around her, and a sense of evilness filled the air. She glanced around the room. The large flat screen TV was placed in the corner and against the wall was a cabinet with glasses and bottles of alcohol. She stared at each male. They had all moved a distance away and each face showed concern for her safety. It warmed her racing heart that they cared about her safety. Emilia stared directly at Jenson.

His torment ripped at her soul. She feared for his life more than her own, and if anything happened to him, her life would end in an instant. The love that had grown in her heart for him gave her a reason to live, and now it was down to her to protect him as he’d protected her. Even though she could feel her own terror swirling through her veins, she knew what she had to do. Emilia closed her eyes, picturing Jenson’s handsome face.

Bloodred mist filled her eyes. Power bubbled from deep in her stomach and grew—intensifying as it swirled through her chest and through the rest of her body. More powerful than she’d ever felt, the power not only erupted from her hand but exploded from every cell in her body. The sheer force made every muscle in her body spasm. Emilia could feel every emotion, every sensation projected her power from her body, and she opened her eyes to see a shimmer of red fill the room. A shattering sound filled the air as the glasses on the cabinet exploded. The TV fractured, moments before the screen tore apart, and shards of black glass shot into the room.




Emilia stared at Jenson’s perfectly formed lips. She couldn’t wait to have them against hers and opened her mouth, biting down hard on her lower lip just to cope with the pleasure bearing down in her lower stomach. Anticipation sparked across her skin with just the mere idea of his hands on her body. The pressure building in her breasts made her clasp her hands tightly by her sides as she watched him stalk toward her.

As Jenson reached her, he pressed her back against the wall. She reached her hands up and caressed his toned arms. She had to ease her head back to gaze up into his vibrant stare. The intense desire on his face matched her own need, and flames burned deep in her stomach to have him inside her. His firm grip on her waist sent shivers across her skin.

“Put your hands above your head, beautiful,” Jenson instructed.

Jenson’s deep, throaty tone made her insides clench. The intensity would have floored her if he wasn’t holding her upright. She complied with his request and felt him grip at her dress and slide it upward and over her head. His deep growl made her smile as her hair fell gently across her shoulders. He had a habit of growling when he was either pissed or turned on, but either way, she loved the passion that made him do it. Her body responded to him instantly as she felt the long length of his desire press against her stomach.

Jenson threw the dress behind him, not really caring where it’d landed. He gazed down Emilia’s body, impatient to feel her satin skin against his hands. Her soft curves teased his cock, which was already rigid, fighting to be released from his sweat. His mate was the epitome of femininity, and he could spend every moment of his life admiring every inch of her skin. His hands longed to hold her breasts, and his mouth frantically wanted to kiss her all the way down to her pussy. His whole body was ignited with desire to claim his mate.

Jenson ran his hands slowly down her shoulders and round her back. As she tensed in his arms, he growled loudly, knowing his fingers had run over her scars. She was still conscious of their presence, and Jenson stared into her eyes. The cutting sadness was painful to witness.

“You’re beautiful, Emilia. Don’t ever forget that.”

Jenson ran his fingers over the indents of her shoulder blades and down across her slim back. He’d never get past his own anger at how the scars had been placed on her skin, and if he ever came into contact with the guard who’d hurt his mate, he’d tear the male’s head from his shoulders. Whoever he was, he would pay dearly for causing his female to suffer, and no amount of time would ever make him forget the silent promise he’d made to himself. Jenson saw Emilia smile gently, which assured him that she was slowly beginning to understand that he saw her as nothing less than dazzling.

Jenson moved his hand back up her back and unclipped her bra. Sliding his fingers through the straps, Jenson helped ease the garment from her body. He dropped it to the floor, groaning deeply as he slid his hands up her stomach and gripped a breast in each hand. Hearing her soft moan of pleasure, as he rubbed his thumbs over her taut nipples, was heaven. He stepped back slightly, bending down and taking one of her pink buds in his mouth. Her warmed skin was soft and delightful as he sucked her hard. Her cry made him ache to be inside her, and he released her and moved over to the other one. He teased her and nipped her gently before taking her deeper into his mouth.

Emilia ran her fingers through Jenson’s hair. Her heart stormed in her chest, and to regulate her breathing was becoming more difficult against his torment. She arched her back, her breasts tingling with pleasure against his mouth—his hands—and she wanted to give him all of her. Feeling him release her felt like a desolate loss. Emilia glanced into his heated gaze.

Jenson grinned at Emilia as he slowly lowered himself down her body. His eyes moved from her face and traced each curve of her waist as his hands caressed down her sides, gripping the top of her panties. He trailed gentle kisses from one hip across her stomach to her other hip. Her gentle giggle made him smile.

“Sorry. It’s just that it tickles.” Emilia stifled another chuckle as he kissed her sensitive skin. Against his lips, her skin responded with the force of a hurricane. She loved every touch of his mouth on her and sighed a deep longing sound as she watched him nuzzle his face between her thighs. At this rate he would make her climax just from touching her down there, she was so fiercely aroused.

Emilia’s scent was driving him close to losing control. He wanted to see her beautifully naked body, feel the soft folds of her pussy against his mouth, and if he didn’t unveil her of her panties soon, he’d end up ripping the garment from her body. He eased the satin material down her legs and lifted each foot, removing the panties before throwing them aside. He ran his hands over her calves slowly as he kissed her gently up her thighs toward the place his mouth longed to taste. He growled deeply, the vibration causing her skin to tingle. Her reaction would make her wet and ready for him.

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