Jonah's Salvation (MF)

The Order of the Mist 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 74,557
1 Ratings (3.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, HEA]
Alana Bayer has lived a life no one should have to suffer. Imprisoned, her life is no more than an empty existence. The love she once knew is a distant memory until her heart is awakened by a tall, handsome stranger, but can she trust him? If she does, will it cost her the one thing she’s been trying to protect for years?
Jonah, the First Lord of The Mist, knows nothing but protecting his race. He doesn’t want or need a female in his life and has learnt that love only causes pain. Everything changes when he’s captivated by the beautiful female of his dreams. Can he forgive her enough to love her? As the war with The Phoenix League grows stronger, Jonah must do whatever it takes to protect the one who has stolen his heart. Even if it costs him his life.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jonah's Salvation (MF)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Jonah's Salvation (MF)

The Order of the Mist 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 74,557
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love this series and cant wait for the next one. i hope it is jensons but my only problem with this book is there were alot of conflicts goin on but yet none of the guys used the one power they all have that is to mist like jumping fences or out of balconys when they could just mist instead i think it loses some of the specialness of their super paranormal powers when they dont use them in practical ways and would make the story more interesting. oh well hopefully the next will be better it was still good enough to keep me buying the series who knows maybe she will throw in a menage or something to spice it up. keep them coming abbie




As Alana turned, she froze, her heart leaping to her throat as she stared at the enormous male standing across the room. Harvey’s stare bore into her as she jumped back against the closed door. Her heart thumped hard in her chest and she could feel the hard wood of the door against her back. His arms crossed over his chest and the firm line of his taut jaw told her that he was angry.

“Where were you?” His tone was sharp and laced with hostility.

“None of your goddamn business.” Alana didn’t care for his tone. Didn’t care for him at all. As far as she was concerned, he had no rights over where she went.

“Why were you out so long?” He knew she wouldn’t tell him but he still wanted to know where she’d been.

Alana stared at him as she felt the heat of her anger grow from the pit of her stomach. “Like I said, it’s none of your business what I do or where I go, as long as it’s as far away from you as I can get. Please leave!”

“You know I can stop you leaving whenever I want. It wouldn’t take much to convince you and you know how I’d do it.” Harvey smirked.

“I stay because I have to, not because I want to. I want you to leave. Now!” She felt sick with his threat and began to shake with anger as he moved toward her.

“I could stay here all night if you let me. We could have some fun.” He moved closer to her until he stood, towering over her. He inhaled her scent as he stared into her alluring brown eyes.

Alana stiffened as she felt him press against her. The firm line of his abs brushed against her body, making her stomach turn. Wincing, she felt the strong muscles of his legs hold her in place. She hated his excited scent that seemed to emanate all around her as he lowered his head toward her face. She turned away so he couldn’t get close enough for her to feel his breath on her skin.

He repulsed her. The feel of his hand brushing lightly over the inside of her coat and up the slim curve of his waist made her stiffen. She froze as he swept his hand over her neck to grasp her jaw, forcing her face toward his.

“You know you belong to me, don’t you? You can never leave, so why not just give in?” His confident tone made her stomach turn.

“Never, you disgust me!” She struggled to try and release from his grasp but he was too strong.

“Come on, it would be fun. You know how you excite me.” The fun of the chase made his cock throb.

Alana pushed at him with every amount of rage that had built inside her. The feel of his arousal had infuriated her and she wanted nothing more than to impale her knee straight into his groin.

Harvey smiled as he stepped backward.

Cool air brushed between them, making Alana inhale deeply at the release of his intense restraint. She hated the way he wanted her. His confidence that she would relent irritated her as she stared at him. He was becoming more physical in his demand for her and his threat had terrified her. Not that she would ever let him know that.

“Just leave. It’s never going to happen, so just get over it.” Her hatred for him grew stronger every moment he was near her.

Harvey’s smile widened. She was so much fun to tease. Anything worth having was worth waiting for. He stepped back to allow her to move away from the door. The thought of her soft, satin skin beneath him would be so sensual that he couldn’t help but growl. He would bide his time. One day she would relent, and she was definitely worth the wait.

Alana moved to the right and walked across the room. She glanced over her shoulder to see Harvey reach for the door handle and pull the door open. He turned and smiled at her, making her skin crawl as he winked and walked out the door, closing it behind him.

The male was vile. She wrapped her arms around herself. She would have fought him if he’d tried to kiss her, suddenly feeling sick at the thought. He would never give up as long as she remained at the Headquarters and that made her desire to help The Order even more resolute.

She turned and walked toward the French style doors and stared out of the long glass panes. She knew James was down below as she stood solemnly at the window. Jonah would be there soon. She just wished that he’d forgiven her enough to help her escape her hell. Tomorrow she knew she would need him, especially if she ran into the guards. Life was about to change and she knew her choice to help The Order had been the right one. She just hoped they could find what she was looking for and fast.




“I don’t want you to move. I want to undress you and touch every inch of your body but you are not to touch me. I want to please you until you cry out my name and beg me to fuck you.” Jonah’s gaze was filled with fire for his female and his desire for her pleasure had his cock as hard as steel.

Alana lay and watched as Jonah stood from the end of the bed and pulled his top over his head. His huge shoulders engulfed his frame and she wanted desperately to jump up and run her hands over his muscular chest. His flawless, toned abs had her insides clenching and it felt like a torment to not be able to trace each line with her mouth. She wanted to touch him, taste every ripple of his toned body down to his cock.

As Jonah kicked off his shoes, he pulled off his sweats and boxers.

Alana gazed at the stunning length of his desire. Her breath panted at the thought of taking him in her mouth and encasing it all the way to the back of her throat. Alana knew that Jonah was teasing her as he held the shaft in his hand and gently ran his hands up and down the length. The thought of feeling him buried deep inside her had her skin blazing.

Jonah leaned forward and ran his hands over her thighs. The feel of her slim legs felt delicious under his hands as he moved up her body and over her hips. She was so small against his immense size. Moving his hands across her waist he lifted the end of her t-shirt and pulled it upward, over her head and tossed it aside. The paleness of her skin was like cream and he leaned forward and kissed her stomach. She tasted heavenly. His hands moved under her body to unclip her bra. Gently sliding the straps over her arms, he released her breasts and growled deeply at the sight of her. As he moved up her body, he trailed kissed over her skin, making Alana cry out softly at the touch of his lips.

Alana could feel every minute sensation of his lips on her skin. Pleasure overtook her senses as he moved higher to her breast and she moaned at the delight bearing down on her clit. It throbbed at each brush of his lips. Moving closer to her breasts, she watched as he took one hard bud into his mouth, sucking hard. The warm sensation against her sensitive skin mixed with the gently pain caused her pussy to spasm and Alana cried out his name.

Jonah loved to feel her rock hard nipple against his tongue. He licked and sucked at her breast, feeling the tension of her skin. Her pleasure was his driving force as he ground his hard length against her pussy. He could feel her heat through her clothes and it drove his mind wild. His hand encased the soft skin close to his face and he squeezed, pushing the bud further into his mouth. He wanted to taste more of her. Releasing her, he moved over to her other breast and gave it the same intense attention. Pulling hard, he sucked and licked as he felt the vibration of her moan against his mouth. He could hear the pleasure she felt and it made his cock throb more intensely.

“Tell me you want me to touch you all over. Tell me you want it as bad as I do.” Jonah moved lower down her body as he grasped the top of her jeans and pulled gently to remove them. Pulling at her boots, he slid the jeans from her feet.

“I need to feel your mouth all over me. Please Jonah, I need to feel you.” Alana found it hard to speak through her breathlessness.

Jonah stared at Alana’s silky, creamy thighs and slowly ran his hands in circles toward her beautiful pussy. The soft satin covering of her underwear felt smooth under his hands as he trailed his fingers over the soft line of her crease. Jonah ran his fingers inside the top of her underwear and pulled them down her long slim legs. As he knelt at the end of the bed he growled deeply. The sight of her bare had his heart hammering and his cock straining to be inside her. He leaned forward, inhaling her sweet scent.

“Open up for me, beautiful.” Jonah kissed the inside of her thigh, pushing them further apart to give him room.

Alana could feel his breath inches away from her. The nerves of her clit fired with anticipation as she grasped at the covers above her head. He’d told her not to touch him, to concentrate on the pleasure he was giving her but her mind spiraled at each delectable touch of his mouth. Alana gasped as his tongue licked across her clit. He took it into his mouth and sucked hard, making Alana cry out his name. The carnal pleasure that shot though her body had her tensing, begging for more as he licked and sucked harder.

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