Lucian's Temptation (MF)

The Order of the Mist 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 86,658
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, HEA]
As a lord of The Mist, Lucian Dark’s only concern is to keep The Order safe. His life is controlled, and a female would be a distraction he neither wants, nor needs. Meeting Amy, she tempts his control, and his mind becomes consumed with finding out who she really is. Will he reject her once he knows the secret she’s been hiding?
After losing her mom, Amy Jackson has moved to Portland to rebuild her life. Fearing the past, she’s had no other option than to hide her true identity. When the handsome Lucian almost runs her down, she knows she can’t allow him to protect her, but can she keep away from him? Will her secret destroy their path to true happiness?
As Harvey continues his war against the Order, can Amy protect the male who can give her her freedom, the one thing she truly desires?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lucian's Temptation (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lucian's Temptation (MF)

The Order of the Mist 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 86,658
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Lucian!” A voice cried out through the room.

Lucian released Amy quickly and shot his gaze toward the door that led into the pool area. He heard the sound of footsteps running and moved quickly toward the pool edge on the opposite side. He turned and nodded to Amy, and saw her understanding to get out of the pool. Something was wrong, and he needed to grab his clothes and dress quickly to find out what it was.

Tegan came running into the room, and Lucian saw the distress on her face. He climbed from the pool and grabbed the towel from the lounger, and rubbed himself down quickly.

“Tegan. What is it?” Lucian asked, pulling his sweater over his head and easing it down his body. He didn’t worry about his shorts being wet and turned slightly so the female couldn’t see how hard his dick was. Being close to Amy in the pool had made him stiffen like steel. The last thing he wanted was for Tegan to be embarrassed.

He was aware that Amy had exited the water too and she was close by, wrapping a towel around her body. She gave him a small smile, clearly understanding his predicament.

“It’s Ellie. I… I can’t find her. She was on the climbing frame, and I went in to get her a drink, and when I came out she was gone. Elijah and Luca have gone to check out another vehicle, and you were the only one I could think of who was quick enough to go out and find her,” Tegan cried.

Lucian frowned deeply and turned to Amy. Her worried expression mirrored his own. The little girl was only six, and his first thought was that one of Harvey’s guards may have entered the property. He hadn’t heard the alarms though. He needed to get out onto the grounds and make sure she wasn’t just trying to train Sky somewhere new.

“Have you checked the house?” Amy suggested.

Amy walked past him and headed to Tegan. She placed her hand on the female’s arm. Lucian felt proud of how Amy was attempting to calm the female.

“I did that first. Gideon is outside trying to see if he can hear her, and you were the first person I thought to turn to. Lucian, I have to find her,” Tegan said, tears falling down her face.

Lucian pulled on his pants, then his shoes and turned to face Amy. She nodded, and he smiled, grateful for her understanding that he had to leave. His duty was to protect them all, but it was also more than that. Ellie was tiny, and vulnerable, and she meant a great deal to him. Having spent time with her, helping to train Sky, it’d been similar to when he’d helped take care of his little sister. He was older now, and knew she wasn’t Laurann, but it’d helped to heal his pain. Now a sudden fear rose inside him, and he had to find her.

Lucian walked up to Amy and kissed her on her cheek. He turned to Tegan and placed his hand on hers.

“I’ll find her, Tegan. Try not to worry,” he said, knowing it was the last thing she’d be able to do.

He turned and ran from the pool area and disappeared through the door. He headed outside, and saw Gideon standing on the patio a short distance from the building. The male was looking from side to side, and Lucian knew he was using his power to listen for Ellie’s voice. A child’s faster heartbeat would help them figure out where she could be. Lucian approached carefully, desperate not to make too much noise in case it affected Gideon’s ability. He stopped a few feet from the male and flinched as a hand grabbed his arm. Surprise tore through him as he turned and saw Amy standing next to him. Her finger at her lips was instructing him to remain silent.

“She’s over to the east side of the property. She gone beyond the outer fencing, but because she’s small, she’s not tripped the alarms. I can hear her, but it’s faint. She’s moving farther into the wooded area,” Gideon explained.

“Can you pinpoint her exact location?” Lucian asked, still in awe at how Amy had gotten to him so fast. She’d managed to dress in her T-shirt and shorts, butshe was showing too much skin for his liking. It was the scene at the apartment all over again, and as fast as he was, she seemed to get to him without him even noticing. Lucian frowned as he stared at her before returning his attention to Gideon.

“I can’t. She’s in the area beyond the trees, but the wind is making it harder to hear her. It’s ruffling the branches and her voice is becoming faint. You need to be quick, Lucian,” Gideon stated.

“Go now, Lucian. She’s not alone,” Jenson’s voice shouted.

“What!” Lucian said, turning to Jenson as the male ran toward them.

“There’s someone out there. You need to get to her as quickly as you can. I don’t know who it is, but I can hear thoughts. Go!


“Wait,” Amy said quickly.

Lucian turned and stared at her. He didn’t have time to discuss anything, and saw the distress on her beautiful face. He’d talk to her as soon as he had Ellie safely back inside Genesis, but for now he had to go.

“I’m sorry, Lucian,” Amy said sadly.

She disappeared before Lucian’s eyes, and he stood, shocked, unable to comprehend what he’d just seen her do. One minute she was standing a foot away from him, and the next all he could see was the patio. He’d heard her speak, and her apology had confused him, and now he was just dumbstruck that she was gone. Realization hit him like an explosion. She’d misted, and was therefore an Original.




Amy turned as he exited the shower. She inhaled as she saw his amazingly tanned skin dripping from his hot shower. Her eyes lowered to his cock, which was stiff and bulging at the end, and she bit her lip, remembering how much pleasure he’d given her in the bedroom. She wished she could just drag him back in there so she could spend the rest of the night licking every inch of him. Amy inhaled, attempting to keep control of her composure.

“Come back to bed, Lucian,” Amy suggested, moving closer to him.

He wrapped a towel around his waist, but his broad chest was still exposed. Water droplets ran down his pecs, but Amy didn’t care about getting wet. His body was too enticing to worry about a little water. Amy eased closer until she was standing directly in front of him. She ran her free hand over his chest and he stiffened. He reacted to her touch like she reacted to him, and hopefully she’d be able to convince him to come and snuggle up with her again.

“If you do that, I won’t be responsible for what happens next. We won’t make it as far as the bed,” Lucian panted.

“What would happen, Lucian? Would you take me here?” Amy said provocatively. If she was lucky, he’d lift her onto the sink and pound his cock into her body again to repeat the blissful pleasure they’d already shared. She lowered her hand and gripped his cock through the towel, sliding her hand up and down it, and loved how soft his skin felt. His inhale told her that she’d hit the right spot.

“Amy, don’t do that. I won’t be able to control myself,” Lucian warned.

“Wasn’t it you that told me that you can’t control everything? Let me make you feel the pleasure you gave me. I want to touch you, and kiss every inch of you. I want to take you in my mouth and lick you until you come. That’s what you did to me. You drove me to the brink of insanity when you placed your mouth on me. Eye for an eye, and all that,” Amy teased. She kissed his broad chest, and felt his heartrate increase against her mouth. She knew she was getting the reaction she wanted.

“Amy,” Lucian whispered.

Amy eased down onto her knees. She dropped the duvet onto the floor and reached up. She pulled the towel from around his waist. Steam swirled around them, but all she could see in front of her was his now-rigid cock. Her words had caused him to get even harder, and his strong leg muscles felt tense as she ran her hands over them. She stopped as she reached the curve of his groin and trailed her hands to cup his balls. Lucian’s loud groan made her smile. He enjoyed her touch like she enjoyed his, and she lowered her face, brushing her tongue over the swollen end. This was her male, all six feet, four inches of pure, masculine glory.

“You’ll make me come too quickly if you continue to do that,” Lucian warned between inhales.

“Oh, I do hope so,” Amy replied before wrapping her lips around his cock. She took him farther into her mouth.

His shaft was divine. A slightly salty taste touched her tongue, and she withdrew slightly, opening her mouth and licked at the rounded end. Her lips encased his soft skin, and she took him deeper inside her mouth again, sucking hard as she moved her head closer to his groin. He inhaled sharply, and she withdrew almost to the end again and circled her tongue around the crown a second time. Lucian’s hands in her hair sent a shiver down her spine. She took him into her mouth and began a rhythm of sucking and licking. Her heart beat in time with her movements, and his cock flexed as his enjoyment grew.

“Don’t stop,” Lucian spoke rapidly.

Amy increased her speed. Her need to make him orgasm became blinding, and she loved how he reacted to her. He was under her control, and she wanted to own her male in every way possible. She sucked harder and felt a growing pulse as his orgasm grew. Within seconds he would explode inside her mouth. His fingers, gripping her hair, told her that he was close, and she wrapped her hands around the base, drawing up and down his cock as she sucked down his shaft and back up to the rounded end. His roar as he climaxed was glorious. He came over and over, and the heat inside her mouth matched the fire running through her body. She released him and he came over her breasts.

Amy stared up at Lucian and his head was tilted backward. She picked up the towel and wiped her mouth before cleaning Lucian.

“Oh, baby. You can definitely do that again,” he said.

He panted hard before looking down at her. The satisfied pleasure in his eyes was all she wanted to see. He bent down and helped her up from her knees before turning to the sink. He picked up a towel and handed to her. She took it gladly and wiped his release from her chest.

“You need to get dressed. Naked, you’re a temptation I can’t resist. Go. Now, before we end up back in bed with my cock buried deep inside you. We really need to sort out this situation about Vikki,” Lucian instructed.

Amy smiled before turning and walking from the room. Satisfaction filled her soul, and she knew she had Lucian’s heart, body, and soul. He was her mate, and while there was still a rocky road ahead of her, they would deal with the situation of the Order’s reaction to her. She was grateful Lucian hadn’t been mad at her,but she continued to worry about how Vikki had been sedated. She wondered if her friend would be okay.

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