Bedded by the Viking Warlord (MF)

Gods and Giants 1

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,960
3 Ratings (5.0)

Born a farmer's son, Ryak was far below the notice of an Eaorl's daughter. Or he should have been.

But something about that arrogant young man drew the attention of Saila Gottriksdottir, even when she tried to look elsewhere. She was waiting for something important to come for her, and it certainly couldn't be him.

That was ten years ago and much has changed since then.

Now Ryak has returned a ruthless warlord, leading a band of Viking raiders who have conquered and ravished their way across the countryside. And he hasn't come back to make friends.

He wants proud Saila's submission, and this bloodthirsty warrior stops at nothing to get the woman he wants.

Bedded by the Viking Warlord (MF)
3 Ratings (5.0)

Bedded by the Viking Warlord (MF)

Gods and Giants 1

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,960
3 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Covers by K
A very enjoyable book

"Be still. There will be more room for us to sport in bed tonight, but I cannot wait that long to claim your maidenhead. The first time will be in haste. I am hot to fuck." He leaned down and took her left nipple in his mouth. His tongue flicked over the taut peak and then he sucked on it.

Saila cursed, twisting, pushing him away, suddenly losing her calm demeanor and her resolve to put up with this. "Do you know nothing of wooing?"


"Tenderness! Gentleness!"

"Never heard of such a thing."

"You may be a thick-headed beast, but even you might learn how to treat a lady," she exclaimed, spraying him with spittle from her angry words. "It's never too late for an education in something new!"

He gave a scornful laugh and launched himself at her again, nipping her breast in his haste.

Perhaps she could not go through with it after all. She'd kill him now. Yes, now!

She thumped her hands on his head and shoulders until he released her, and then she flipped over and scrambled on her front toward the hayloft window.

But he let her escape only a short way before he was on her again, his legs straddling her, pushing her face down in the hay. She had nothing at hand to stab him in the throat. All her clothes were left below, as was his sword and belt, and her father's brooch— anything with which she might have wounded him. That, she realized now, was why he'd brought her up into the narrow, empty space of the hayloft. She was trapped and unarmed, with only one exit— the narrow, rickety ladder.

His cock, now freed of his breeches, pressed against her bottom as he landed over her, panting hard in her ear. "Turn over or I'll take you this way, woman. My balls ache to spend."


"No? You told me your body is mine in exchange for my protection." He rubbed the broad head of his manhood on her arse cheek and it felt wet. "Did you lie to me, Saila?"

He would hurt her sisters. He might kill all three of them if he lost his patience. Although he did not say those words, his tone was heavy with warning. Finally she went still. As she lay there trying to catch her breath, Ryak suddenly moved off her, slid his hands between her legs, under her hips and lifted her lower body out of the hay. She cried out, fingers clinging to the edge of the small hayloft window.

"Get off me, villain!"

And then she felt his mouth on her sex.

He had lifted her to his face, his wide shoulders holding her thighs spread while his tongue lapped over her private cleft. Once, twice, three times.

Saila shuddered, her fingers tightly gripping the splintered edge of the window, her eyes wide, staring out at the clouds. What did he do to her?

No! No! She refused to enjoy it. This was not to be a joy. Ever. He could take her as many times as he wanted, but she would never show him another glimmer of emotion.

Oh, but now his tongue plunged between the wet lips of her nether mouth. It curled in and out, drinking from her as if she was a dish of rich cream and he a spoiled, greedy cat.

Her spine arched, flexing deeply as her head went back and a low mewl rocked out of her. She felt the warm sides of his tongue thrusting again and again into her tight passage, easing a little deeper each time. Such a long tongue he had. Slippery as a snake. Sly too, knowing how to tease the tiny, panting sobs out of her.

Saila's feet kicked at the air, having nothing to which she could press her soles or toes. Only his strong hands gripping her by the hips kept her lower body up to his mouth.

He opened his lips wider and pressed them to her hot, aching flesh, sucking and licking in a frenzy that took Saila roughly and savagely to a quivering peak such as she'd never known. Or even imagined.

Suddenly she wanted more of it. Wanted that sensation to go on and never end.

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