Beverly tried her hand at many careers until she found the perfect career. She was a professional singer, a secretary, a programmer's assistant, a retail computer salesperson, a teacher, and a party consultant. She even owned her own singles newsletter. Yet all these jobs didn't excite her. Then she found love. Talk about exciting!

Little did she know how much her husband, the man of her dreams and her best friend, would change her life. Through his support, she's doing the jobs she was born to do. First and foremost, she's Mom to a gentle, talented and beautiful child. Next, she's partner and best friend to a romantic and loving man she calls her hero. But her family knew she needed more in her life and kept supporting her through a series of misadventures and mishaps they laughingly call her "career search." Then one day, her husband said, "I think you'd be a great writer. You're always writing things. So why not write that book you've always talked about?" And you know what? She did, and hasn't stopped. Her passion has now become her obsession.

Q: If you could be a character in one of your books, which would it be? 

A: Every one of them, male and female, paranormal and human. Every character, good and bad, has a little part of me in them. Choosing one would be like choosing one child as my favorite. 


Q: What do you do when your characters stop talking to you? 

A: Are you asking if my characters talk to me? Um, I’ve never had that happen. If they do, I hope they’ve become real through powerful magic. Otherwise, someone better recommend a good psychiatrist to me! 


Q: What is the one movie you can watch over and over? 

A: I wish I could say my favorite movie is a love story, but it’s not. My favorite movie is Planet of the Apes. I like all of them, from the original with Charlton Heston, to the 2001 remake with Mark Wahlberg, to 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes with James Franco. Hmm. Maybe it’s just the leading men I like. 


Q: Do you like writing sizzling love scenes? 

A: You bet! Almost as much as I enjoy the real thing! 


Q. What makes you happy? 

A. A kiss or hug from my sweet hubby or my brilliant, beautiful child will put a smile on me faster than getting an armful of presents. Kisses and hugs from my four other “kids”, my dogs, are good, too. 


Q: How much does reader reaction mean to you as an author?

A: I love it when a reader emails to tell me that my story made them laugh, or cry, or think. My readers are the best! 

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