Taming Tamara (LoveXtreme)

Night Runner Werewolves 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,034
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, werewolves, HEA for M/F]

Tamara Westland is one lady werewolf who knows what she wants and won't stop until she gets it. And what she wants is hunky Night Runner werewolf Nick Rogers. But until she can stop the advances of her pack's alpha male, she's stuck between two worlds.

Nick's hooked on the wild woman when Tamara runs him off the road and into the dirt. He's ready to claim her as his mate, but another werewolf has set his sights on her and isn't letting go. The two packs battle it out as Nick rushes to save Tamara from a life with the wrong man.

If Nick doesn't get to Tamara in time, she'll become another werewolf's mate, leaving Nick alone for the rest of his life.

Note: The heroine of each book will mate with the pack but will end up with one alpha hero. Each hero in the pack will take his own mate in subsequent books.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Taming Tamara (LoveXtreme)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Taming Tamara (LoveXtreme)

Night Runner Werewolves 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,034
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

4 RAVENS: "Really is it possible to subdue a strong, willful woman? I think not! In the provocative taleTaming Tamara by erotic, paranormal novelist Beverly Rae, Tamara Westland is a determined, strong energy force shifter who knows what she wants and will not stop until she has achieved her goal. Tamara Westland has been on her own since she was sixteen, alone without a guide to help her maneuver one of the most challenging segments of adolescence. Imagine having to cope with these issues in life without support. As you can imagine life was no bowl of cherries for a young girl on the streets who encountered experiences that would change her emotional and physical outlook on life. Ms. Louise, elder of the Walker Pack, finds Tamara and gives her an opportunity to join the Walker Pack. Beverly Rae’s characterization of Tamara Westland is a picture of strength, and sexiness with auburn hair with a body built to fulfill the desires’ of any man without sacrificing her own needs. Tamara is quite the tease, often without meaning to come off that way. Jackson Walker, alpha of the Walker Pack, fights to tame Tamara since he feels that she is his mate. The opening scenarios feature Tamara’s dreams focusing on her perfect specimen of an alpha mate with broad shoulders, a perfectly toned body built for sin, and dark hair with an highly intelligent persona. This delicious fantasy is of Nick Rogers, a shifter and alpha of the Night Runner werewolves pack. She infiltrates his dreams with her own and the desire between them becomes electrifying and irresistible destiny. Ms. Rae incorporates characters into this highly erotic paranormal story who are easily believable, and accompanied with spicy dialogue full of energy that matches the events taking place throughout the novel. I loved all the characters in Taming Tamara and the supportive cast were as strong as the leads: Nick, Tamara and Jackson. The members of their family and friends possess all the highly regarded components necessary to capture and maintain the readers involvement in this drama. These elements are ever present and holds the reader’s imagination and attention. I enveloped myself around the story of Tamara’s fantasy, her high-spirited attitude and her butt kicking tactics. I love a heroine that magnifies those qualities. Tamara is a woman who knows that talk is cheap; therefore, putting it into action is the only thing that counts. “Don’t let your mouth write a check your butt can’t cash”. Tamara and many pack members of the Walker pack cannot picture Tamara as Jackson Walkers’ mate. Jackson is the alpha of the Walker pack and feels that he should exercise his rights to Tamara using the pack law as the basis for forcing Tamara into becoming his mate. His imposing demeanor does not blend with Tamara’s personality and everyone see this as problematic. Tamara is between a rock and a hard place because she desires to be Nick Rogers’ mate and he hers although it may go against the principles of pack law. The carnal acts manifested early in Taming Tamara thanks to Ms. Rae’s skillfully created dreamscape is off the chain… OMG!!! Ms. Rae brings the fire and the smoldering embers of lust up close, leaving the reader fanning for a bit of relief from the heat generated through the dreamscapes. My fan’s motor barely kept up with the rising temperatures Ms. Rae’s smooth, pulsating beat blasts heavily from the first few chapters of Taming Tamara until the end. Let me offer a word of caution similar to those of erectile dysfunction commercials…if you have a weak heart for hot portrayals of lusty, intimate activities with multiple men and one woman, put this book down, walk away and call for emergency assistance from an erotic paranormal professional. I found Ms. Rae’s terrific storyline adventurous. I related to her characters, their dialogue, and well developed, captivating settings. The multiple moments of tribulations of loss were deeply felt. The combat scenes between Tamara and other female werewolves were as exhilarating as the fight scenes between Jackson’s and Nick’s packs. In Taming Tamara you will find all ranges of emotions: love, compassion, friendship, lust, humor, sorrow and a HEA. If elements of a hot, steamy, action packed paranormal novel is what you are hungry for please don’t let Taming Tamara get past you. Taming Tamara is the fourth book in Ms. Rae’s Night Runner series, but it reads well as a stand-alone; which is how I read it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am sure you will also." -- Naunet, Blackraven's Reviews

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Nick jerked awake and sat up, his claws digging into the sheet. His heart pounded and sweat formed on his brow as the transformation slowed. “Damn. Another sheet ripped.” Sara would not be happy.

Although the sun hadn’t risen yet, he threw the comforter off, swung his legs over the edge, and gripped the bed. Every morning for the past two weeks he’d awaken abruptly, his body gripped in the middle of a transformation, thrown out of a dream he couldn’t remember. And like on the previous days, he tried to recall the image hiding in his memory and failed.

He was certain the dream included a woman, yet he couldn’t say what she looked like. He sniffed then focused on a fragrance of lavender and tried to pull something from that one bit of information still clinging to him.

He had no doubt the dream had something to do with his future mate, and the other members of his pack agreed. Yet unlike Michael and Jimmy before him, he hadn’t sent the dream to her. Instead, she was the one in control.

Not only did he sense that she was summoning him, he also had the impression that she’d used a dream similar to the one the Night Runner werewolves used. Had he and the others gone to her? Had they taken her, foretelling the initiation they held for all their future mates? To think he’d had dream sex with his future mate and couldn’t remember rattled his nerves. If only he could remember more details, he’d go to her and make her his. But his body knew, his body still reacted to her.

What kind of woman had the power to send her werewolf mate a dream? He’d never heard of a human having such power. Instead, the pack took charge, bringing the female a dream. First, they’d welcome her with a dream and then initiate her into their pack in a sharing sexual experience. Only then could she be mated to her one true mate.

Nick strode to the window to gaze at the rising sun. Was his mate close-by? Did she smell of lavender? He paused and listened as though he could hear her thoughts. But nothing came. Grumbling, he yanked on his clothes and hurried downstairs.

He rounded the corner into the kitchen and skidded to a stop. Sara sat in the box window of the kitchen. She looked up, her gaze sinking into him, letting him know she’d heard him come awake.

“Coffee’s ready if you want a cup.”

He nodded his thanks, angling toward the counter where steam from a freshly brewed pot of coffee drifted into the air. He poured a cup then slid into a chair at the kitchen table. Sara had returned to gazing out the window.

“You had the dream again.”

It was more a statement than a question, yet he knew she waited for an answer. “Yeah. But it was different this time.”

She turned, her eyebrow arched. “How so?”

“I don’t know. I still can’t remember much. Just sensations and an impression of her. But I have the feeling that it came to a stop sooner than the rest. Like it got cut off before the end.”

She took a sip, mulling over what he’d said. “Do you still think it’s your mate calling you?”

“Again. I don’t know why, but yeah. I do. Is that even possible?”

“Anything’s possible. You know that. But probable? I just don’t know.”

“We’re in the dream, too, right?”

Nick dodged Ranlon’s playful slap as he and the other Night Runners filed into the kitchen. Michael shot Sara a grin, and Max kept his arm around Cally. Jimmy whispered in Mandy’s ear, making her giggle. William and Ranlon eased into the chairs next to Nick and waited as the couples took their seats.

Michael strode past him toward Sara. “She must be strong if she can bring everyone into the dream.”

Mandy scowled. “I’m not sure I like some woman dragging my mate into a sex dream.”

“Provided it is a sex dream. We don’t know that for sure.” Jimmy laughed at her pout then hugged her close. “Remember, we’re not really there. We just add our powers to the mix for the dreams we send. We’re there and our power, our images participate. That’s all.”

Mandy jerked away from him. “That’s all?”

Jimmy stammered, but Michael jumped in to save him. “Our dreams are for the pack’s survival. It’s the way it’s always been. When we send a dream to a future mate, we remember her. And we get a sense of whether she’s right for the pack. She remembers our essence, but not our faces or names. Still, it’s different each time.”

“But you’re talking about when you send the dream. Who knows how it is when she’s doing the sending?” Sara rose to get the coffeepot.

Nick gazed at the large table. The pack kept getting bigger, longer tables and, if the dream was any indication, they’d need to make room for another chair. At least he hoped so. He was more than ready to settle down with his intended mate. Providing the pack accepted her.

Ranlon took the cup Sara offered him then held his nose over the edge to take a whiff. “Sara, you make the best coffee.” He took a sip then scowled when it burned his tongue. “Shit. I always do that. So, Nick, are we in that dream or not?”

Nick started to shake his head then didn’t. “I think so. But if I’m right, why don’t any of you have the dream, too?”

“They aren’t the one she’s after. But then again, I’m only guessing.” Sara laid a palm on his cheek. She was their alpha-female and claimed all of them. “We’re dealing with uncharted territory here.”

“Leave it to Nick to follow a different path.”




“Lie down.”

She did as Max requested, falling away from a complaining Nick to lie on her back. One look at the expressions on their faces brought a smaller climax. Amber eyes blazed at her as she spread her long hair over the blanket, bent one knee, and beckoned to them with outstretched arms.

“Love the tattoo.” Nick pressed a palm against the tiny star tattoo below her belly button then slid his hand higher.

Max took her other breast as Nick did while Michael skimmed his fingertips along her flat stomach. Ticklish, she trembled.

Tamara motioned for Jimmy to settle between her legs. He was the youngest, with an engaging, boyish smile and dirty-blond hair. William, the one who always kept quieter than the others, stayed where he was at the edge of the hay. He’d join in later as he always did.

Nick and Max each took a taut nipple in their mouths and sucked at the same time. Michael took his shaft in his hand and watched as Ranlon kissed the crease of her leg. Jimmy slid his arms under her legs, pressed his face against her mons, and inhaled.

“Lick me. I want to feel your tongues on me.” She closed her eyes again.

They obeyed her, thrilling her almost as much as the sensation of six different tongues pressing against her flesh did. They traced their tongues, their warm breaths across her skin, dipping into curves, teasing her bellybutton. Someone flicked his tongue around her earlobe, then tracked it along the curve of her shoulder making her wish he would take a bite. Jimmy pushed her legs apart to whip his tongue along her inner thigh, down her leg and between her toes. Yet as difficult as it was to do, she concentrated, looking for her one special man.

She shivered and sighed. Yes, she was right. She could distinguish his tongue from the others. She knew the feeling of Nick’s tongue better than she knew her own name.

She moaned and reached out. The soft tip of Nick’s mushroomed cap pressed against her palm. Curving her hand, she captured it, the wetness of his pre-cum moistening her skin. She toyed with it, sensing him tense in anticipation. When at last she tightened her hand around his shaft, he groaned, sending warm breath over her breast.

Jimmy pushed against her clit, dragging his tongue hard over the sensitive nub.

“Easy, Jimmy. Don’t rush.” Michael’s voice was rough, edged with need.

“Turn on your side.”

Ranlon again. Almost every night he wanted the same. To enter her from behind. She shifted, taking Jimmy along with her as he rested his head against her leg and tugged the other leg over his shoulder.

She opened her eyes to find Nick’s cock an inch from her face. In one swift motion, she drew him in then took Michael’s shaft in her hand.

“Take it easy, baby.” Ranlon kissed her, sliding his tongue then his fingers in to loosen the tight rings. He worked her, preparing her for entry. Then, taking it slowly, he slid his cock inside her.

“Do it, Jimmy, or move away and let me.” Max’s voice was rough, and she sensed he wouldn’t last much longer. He growled then paused in his strokes, heralding his climax.

“Not a chance.” Jimmy shifted position, pressed his cock against her pussy, then pushed inside. He went deep, thrusting into her hard and fast.

Heat rushed through her, sending her soaring, and she held on. Pumping faster, she brought Michael to a quick climax. He roared his release and fell away. William took his place, leading her hand to his cock.

She glanced up, needing to see the expression on Nick’s face, needing to know she pleased him as much as they pleased her. Yet she wanted more from him. For him.

Her mind blurred as wave after wave of release whipped through her. She clung to the men, with her hands, with her pussy. Perspiration dotted Jimmy’s brow and, all at once, he tensed then howled his climax.


As though he’d heard her thought, Nick shoved Jimmy out of the way and pushed into her. Ranlon pulled out a second before he exploded. He stumbled away, leaving only William and Nick with her. The two men held her, steadying her as Nick pushed into her.

She covered William’s hand on her breast and quickened her pace. His chest muscles rippled with the strain of holding back his climax. She slid him into her mouth, loving the veins rubbing against the inside of her cheek. Sucking, releasing, then sucking again, she brought him to his pinnacle. He groaned and turned her loose to pull away.

Just Nick now. “It’s just me and you now.”



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