Chasing Cally (LoveXtreme)

Night Runner Werewolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,700
8 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, HEA for M/F]

Doing the Coyote Ugly routine at Sadie’s Wild Riders Saloon isn’t helping Cally Sheridan’s dream of writing songs for a living, but she isn’t giving up, not like she’s given up on her biggest dream, the one she hides deep in her heart. Finding the right man to love and a home filled with a family is an impossible goal, so why keep dreaming about a fantasy that won’t come true?

Max Matheson wants a night out to knock back a few brews and watch pretty women dance on top of a bar. But when he sees Cally belt out a song and shake her tight little tush, he knows he’s found his mate.

Trouble, however, follows the beautiful blonde wherever she goes. Taking Cally into the pack is one thing, but playing her knight in shining fur may be harder than he thinks.

Note: The heroine of each book will mate with the pack but will end up with one alpha hero. Each hero in the pack will take his own mate in subsequent books.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Chasing Cally (LoveXtreme)
8 Ratings (4.4)

Chasing Cally (LoveXtreme)

Night Runner Werewolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,700
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
There was a great spark between the hero and heroine, and I enjoyed following their undeniable attraction. Just like in Book 1 I think that the author jumps to fast to the end, and leaves the story and characters undeveloped. It's evolving though, so I'm sure I will stick around for the next one.
Lori King
This was a fantastic book, the whole series so far has been wonderful, the characters are so amazing.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Hot, hot, hot! That's the best way to describe the talented Ms. Rae's work. From the beginning of the story ‘til the very last page, Ms. Rae creates a scorching lovefest of werewolves and a sexy lady! The story unfolds and drags the reader to the center and keeps them firmly planted until the last word is read. Cally is a young woman working in a bar, singing, dancing and waitressing to make a buck. But she has a secret. She can't take anyone home to her house. So, when she meets a guy in the bar who's sexy enough to heat her up, she goes to her friend and co-worker Roxy's home. Then she meets the super sexy, hot and hunky Max Matheson. She knows she's heard that name before but can't quite place it. And there's something different about him. He's always coming to her rescue, not to mention the other super sexy guys with him. After a night at Roxy's that's filled with more pleasure than Cally can ever imagine (after all, Max just shared her with his buds!), she quickly finds herself falling for Max. Still, she can't tell him her secret. Max will do what he needs to chase down the beautiful, gorgeous Cally. She's his wolf's forever mate. He even wants to share her with his roommates at the ranch. But he has a secret and doesn't want Cally to find out yet. Then he vows to find out the secret Cally's hiding by following her to her house. What he finds there is unexpected, yet once again he's coming to her rescue and taking a leap of faith on having her join him on the ranch. This is book 2 in the Night Runner Werewolves stories and I am happy to say that it easily reads as a stand alone, though I will most definitely be going back to read the first one, along with any others that release in this series! The writing style is amazing and the characters are gripping. I would love find me a Max.....or a Jimmy, Ranlon, William, Nick! I can't wait to read about the others in more sex filled, passionate love stories like this one! Well done, Ms. Rae!" -- ReviewsbyMolly, The Romance Reviews

5 HEARTS: "While working towards her dream of writing songs, Cally Sheridan works at Sadie's Wild Riders Saloon. She dances on the bar and sings the songs she writes. One night after a performance she is attacked by one of the customers she turned down. Along comes Max Matheson to the rescue. Max just wanted a night out to unwind and watch the women dance on the bar, but after seeing and hearing Cally perform he knows that he has found his mate. While getting to know her better, Max has to rescue her more and more as it seems trouble has a way of following her wherever she goes. Now he just has to share his secret and bring her into the pack, but will her love for Max be enough to withstand the shock of what he is? Cally and Max meet at the bar where she works and he rescues her from a man she turned down. She brings him home to thank him and ends up having a wild night for all included. Cally has some secrets that Max will unearth, but when he shares his he will have his hands full convincing her of his feelings. She is trying to help out a friend, but finds herself in the middle every time. I loved reading about Cally and Max and the trouble that follows Cally causing Max rescue her again and again. The antics of the characters will have you laughing one moment and wanting to hit them upside the head in another. Overall, this is a hilarious story with some very hot sex scenes that will have you moaning along with them. This is the second in the Night Runners series, but can be read as a stand alone. However to get the background on some of the things mentioned, you would need to read the first book. This is definitely a story I would recommend to everyone who loves shifters and the things they do to claim their mates. I cannot wait until the next book in the series as this series is shaping up to be one of my top favorites!" -- JCaraway, The Romance Studio

4 CUPS: "Cally has a dream of writing songs for others to sing. Dancing across the bar in a Coyote Ugly routine, she meets the man who makes her think of another dream. Max is expecting a night of care free entertainment when he sees his mate shaking her tush. Unfortunately, Max has one secret that could cost him everything and could give Cally more than she could ever imagine. Before Cally and Max can truly be together, she must first be accepted into the pack. Cally never dreams Max would want more than one night, and Max will settle for nothing less than eternity. The Night Runner Werewolves is a very erotic story. The werewolves are hot and their ladies are worthy of their love. I found the pack mentality in this series quite different than other packs, but quite interesting all the same. Ms. Rae writes an engrossing love story which drags them in and makes them want to do the Coyote Ugly to find themselves a hot mate." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance & More

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Cally closed her eyes and prayed someone would come down the hall. Please. Someone, help me.

Burke’s shout made her open her eyes to find him flying away, his body slamming against the opposite wall. Burke shook his head as though clearing his mind, then growled out a curse and hurled himself at her rescuer. The dark-eyed, sexy man from the other table planted his feet, took one swing, and knocked Burke back against the wall again.

“Cool it, man, before I knock you off your feet for good.”

Burke, however, didn’t listen to his advice and launched another attack. The man once more thrust the brute back, this time taking him to the floor. Her rescuer set a foot in the middle of the big man’s stomach and gazed down at him with a serene expression.

“Let me up!” Burke hollered then groaned as a crowd started to form at the neck of the hallway.

“I’ll be happy to. But you have to do something for me first.” He turned toward Cally. The angry glint in his eyes betrayed his casual tone. “Are you all right?”

Cally nodded, unable to resist letting her gaze slide over him. He had broad shoulders, a trim waist, and a body any man would envy. His denim shirt and jeans along with worn boots fit him perfectly.

Oh, my God. I’ve found a real, live hero. A real, live, hunky-as-hell hero. “Yeah. I’m fine. As long as he keeps his hands off me and never comes back in this bar.”

“You got it. I’m Max Matheson, by the way.”

“I’m Cally Sheridan.” Matheson. Where had she heard that name before?

He leaned over and slapped Burke on the cheek. “Did you get that, asshole? The lady doesn’t want you anywhere near her. Plus, I think you’ve lost your drinking privileges.”

He took Burke by his shirt collar, hauled him to his feet, then pointed at Cally. “Now say you’re sorry to the lady.”

Burke grumbled something between a curse and a grudging apology, but Max wasn’t letting the jerk off so easily. “What’d you say? Because I couldn’t hear a damn thing and I have really good hearing. Speak up, lamebrain.”

By then Burke noticed his friends skulking on the sidelines. “Hey, guys. Come on. We can take him.”

Max shifted to see the men discussing whether or not to join the fray. “Doesn’t look like your buddies are up for a fight. But if they are, I have a few friends of my own who would love to have some fun.” He tipped his head at the other group of men who stood, arms crossed, with grins on their faces. Seeing Max’s friends, Burke’s buddies slipped back through the crowd, leaving Burke to fend for himself.

“Dang, man, your friends suck big-time. They lit out like the pack of losers they are. Which means you’re going to have to make this decision by yourself. So what’s it going to be? Are you going to give the lady a sincere, honest-to-God apology? Or do I break your nose?”

Burke’s bravado deflated faster than a balloon in a room full of needles. “I’m sorry.”

“Uh-uh. That’s not good enough.” Cally gritted her teeth, glad her nerves were steady again.

Max tossed her a grin then shook Burke again. “She says it’s not enough.” Turning to her, he added, “What would you like him to do? Lick your shoes maybe? You name it, and I’m sure my new friend will be happy to do it. Right, Burke?”

Cally shook her head and stepped closer. “I wouldn’t want his spit on anything of mine.” Without warning, she brought her knee up, cramming it into Burke’s crotch.

Burke went down, groaning and cupping his hands between his legs. “Urggh. Get her away from me.”

“Cally, honey, is there a problem?” Sadie stood at the front of the onlookers, her trusty baseball bat cradled in her arms.

“Nope. At least, not any longer.”

Sadie scrutinized the men then gave a brisk nod. “Okay, then. But if things change, you’ll give me a holler, right?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Cally gave her friend and boss a quick salute.

Max laughed and signaled to one of his friends. “Hey, Ranlon. How about taking this bag of garbage and dumping it outside?”

The tall, lean man sauntered forward and yanked a still-moaning Burke onto his feet. “No problem. Then the rest of us are heading back to the ranch.” His dark gaze slid to Cally. “Unless anyone has a better idea.”

Cally recognized a come-on when she heard it. She let a real smile slide over her lips. “I just might.”


Adult Excerpt


She was hot, so hot the heat was oozing into his jeans to torment his cock. Breaking the kiss, he traced a path to her neck with his tongue.

God, she’s so soft. So warm.

He slid his tongue along her shoulder and the tips of his fangs broke through his gums, urging him to bite her and make her his.

It’s too soon. Slow down.

Although he managed to retract his fangs, he couldn’t leave her. Instead, he hoisted her up, holding her with one hand under her bottom as he pushed aside the tight material of her shorts to find her without panties.

Moaning, he pushed aside the folds of her pussy lips. She threw her head to the side, once more tempting him to bite her.

“In the closet.”

Had he heard her right? His mind was too clouded with lust to know for sure. “What?”

“There. The second door on the right. It’s the supply closet.” She panted her words, her eyes glazed over.

Growling his need, he set her on her feet, dragged her to the door, opened it, and yanked her inside. Shelves filled the small room and a dusty light swinging from its cord cast a dim haze.

She shimmied out of her shorts as he unbuckled and shucked his jeans to the floor. Not bothering to remove either of their shirts, he pushed her shirt up her chest, tugged her bra out of the way, and filled his mouth with her breast.

“Fuck me.”

Her voice was harsh, filled with yearning as he lifted her again and draped her legs around him. Pausing, he gazed into her eyes, saw the answer he sought there, and plunged into her. She cried out then slapped a hand over her mouth to cut off her sound.

She’s tight. Even tighter than I remember.

The beast inside him went crazy, clawing to be set free, but he didn’t give in to the urge to go wild. As much as he ached to sink his teeth into her smooth skin, claiming her as his, he resisted. He wouldn’t take her by force. Not now. Not ever.


* * * *


Oh, my God. He’s huge.

Her thoughts buzzed like bees flying around a honeycomb. A few made sense. Others were emotions incapable of forming into words. He stirred so many feelings within her, new and old, familiar and mystifying. She’d never known any man like him, had never sensed such a strong connection with anyone before him.

He sucked on her tit and she let him hold her as she put her back against the shelf. Rocking back and forth, she tried to keep up with him, but he moved faster, harder than she ever could. Instead, she gave up and held on, giving way to the climax tearing her apart. Again, she muffled her cry, this time against his shoulder.

But he wasn’t finished with her yet. Gripping her bottom, he pushed a finger into her butthole and thrust into her pussy. She moaned, unable to cover the sound as the two sides of her seemed to meet deep inside her abdomen. Another orgasm ripped into her, making her tremble.

All at once, Max stopped and, for one horrifying moment, she thought someone had found them. He lifted his head to search her, his dark eyes flashing with bits of amber.

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