Saving Mandy (LoveXtreme)

Night Runner Werewolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,812
3 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, werewolves, HEA for M/F]

Mandy Garland's father skipped town, leaving her mother alone to raise her. When Decker Royce locates her missing father, Mandy thinks she's found the one man she can trust.

Jimmy Lingo knows Mandy's his true mate and has sent her dreams of six men who pledge both their bodies and their hearts to her. But Mandy's father is a girl's worst nightmare. Owing thousands from gambling losses, her father is under the thumb of a rival werewolf pack and isn't above selling Mandy to the leader to pay his debt.

Determined to save Mandy from marriage to the other pack's leader, Jimmy takes her to the Matheson Ranch, but the rival werewolf refuses to give her up. A battle for love and money brings the truth to the surface. Will Mandy sacrifice her happiness to save her father? Or will she accept Jimmy's love and become a Night Runner werewolf?

Note: The heroine of each book will mate with the pack but will end up with one alpha hero. Each hero in the pack will take his own mate in subsequent books.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Saving Mandy (LoveXtreme)
3 Ratings (4.7)

Saving Mandy (LoveXtreme)

Night Runner Werewolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,812
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I am lovin how this whole series is working out, wasnt to sure what to expect, Its totally awesome and hot with some yummy shifters.
Barefoot Okie



“Look, kid, I know what you’re doing, who you’re waiting for, but why not let it happen on its own time? We’ll hear if someone new, especially a pretty woman, comes into town.”

“I’m not too sure we would. In any case, I don’t want to risk missing her. She’s coming. I can feel it.”

Michael’s silence said more than his words ever could. Every werewolf could sense when his mate was near and Jimmy was no different.

“Fine. But be careful. And be back before nightfall. We’re running tonight.”

Jimmy smothered a grin. “Will do, boss.”

“Don’t call me boss.”

“Okay, bro.”

A growl brought the smothered grin to the surface. Sometimes he couldn’t help but bait Michael.

“Jimmy, I’m warning you.”

“Check you later, dude.” He ended the call on the heels of Michael’s curse and slid the phone into his back pocket. Too many eyes fixed on him made him nervous. Maybe he could keep watch and out of sight beside Sherri’s Hair Salon. From there, he could see the daily bus arrival and most of the traffic going through town.

“Where are you?” He leaned against the wall and hooked his thumbs in his pockets. If only he knew her name. Although the dreams could take the pack to her, they hadn’t revealed her name or location. But she was coming. He could feel it in his bones.

Ten minutes later and Jimmy was sure he’d died and gone to heaven. The girl exiting the bus was perfect. Her long, black hair shone under the bright Texas sun as she thanked the driver handing her a suitcase, then scanned first one way, then the other down the main street. Although he was several feet away, he could see the freckles speckled across her nose and the turned-up corners of her soft, pouty mouth. She was everything she’d been in the dreams and more.

The blue skirt she wore wrapped around her legs, highlighting the long, strong legs and firm buttocks. The white sleeveless blouse was anything but sensual, yet on her, the simple shirt was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. The curves of her full, perfect-for-his-hands breasts shot his lust higher, egging him to take her in front of the entire town.

He growled, the sound catching the attention of an older man. Jimmy swallowed a second growl. Without thinking of how he’d greet her, he broke into long strides, getting halfway to her before he had the presence of mind to slow down.

Take it easy, man. You’ll scare her to death if you run up on her.

He forced himself into a casual stroll, his gaze fixed on the beautiful woman he planned to claim as his mate. He shoved his hands in his pockets to keep from grabbing her, throwing her over his shoulder, and sprinting the ten miles to the Matheson ranch.

“Hi.” Good. Keep your voice light and friendly.

Emerald eyes locked onto him and he thought for a moment that his heart had stopped. Interest sparkled in the green depths along with intelligence and kindness.

“Hi.” She brushed back her hair and honored him with a smile.

“You’re new in town, aren’t you? I saw you get off the bus.” He covered his wince. Damn. Could I sound any creepier? Stalkerish much?

She blinked before narrowing her eyes. “I am. So only new people get off the bus?”

She was playing with him and he liked it. He shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant. “99.9 percent of the time. You’re also carrying a suitcase, which is a dead giveaway, and we don’t get many visitors. In fact, I’m not sure why the bus company bothers coming through here anymore.” He hurried on and stuck out his hand. “Not that I’m not happy to meet you. I’m Jimmy Lingo. Welcome to Lost Hills.”

She took his hand, her delicate fingers wrapping part of the way around his large hand. The sizzle rippling into him made him check his skin for signs of burning. She did the same then lifted her gaze to his.

It was true what the pack said. Their bodies recognized each other. Better, she felt it, too.

“Thanks. I’m Mandy.” She pulled her hand from his.

“Where you from, Mandy?” Her name fit his mouth and he ached to say it again.

“Oklahoma City.”

She’d been a few hundred miles away. If only he’d known.

“Maybe you can help me find someone.”

“Sure thing, Mandy.” Down, boy. Keep it loose. “Who’re you looking for?” Please, let her say my name. He swallowed and pushed the silly fantasy out of his mind. She’d just met him, so why would she say his name?

“His name is Glen Garland.”

He’d heard the name before. The man was a drunk and a gambler. His benders in Dallas and other cities always cost him what little money he had and often had him landing in the local jail. Why would someone as terrific as her want to talk to a man like him?

“Uh, are you sure? I mean, you’re sure that’s his name?”

She frowned, her lovely features closing in. “Yes, I’m sure. Why do you ask?”

“Well, it’s just that Glen Garland is…I mean, why would anyone like you want to have anything to do with a loser like him?”

Fire flashed in her bright green eyes. Fire that scorched him from the outside in. “That loser is my father. I’m Mandy Garland.”




“You look tense.”

Tense? Hardly. Excited? Hell, yes. “Do I?” She wished she looked sexy.

“Yeah, you do. And sexy as hell. Come here.” He motioned for her to turn around. When she did, he pulled her close, placing her back to him and running his long legs along the outside of hers. She inhaled slowly as he placed his hands on her shoulders and started massaging her neck. Sighing, she leaned against his chest and tucked her chin.

His shaft, firm and long against her back, made her pulse double-time. Jimmy reached for the sponge resting next to a silver bowl filled with soaps. “Now that I’ve got you relaxed, let me give you that bath you wanted.” He soaked the sponge in the water then rubbed one of the fancy soaps on it.

She breathed in the lavender aroma then moved her wet hair off her shoulders. Ribbons of water tracked passages down her chest and into the water below.

“Lean forward.”

She did as he asked, loving the soft texture of the sponge against her back. He made circles, starting with small ones then moving outward to larger ones. “You, Jimmy Lingo, know how to treat a woman right. You must’ve had plenty of practice.” A twinge of jealousy made her neck tight again.

“There’s only one woman I want to treat right.”

Her heart skipped a beat. He must’ve sensed her reaction, pausing for moment before moving his hand again. Was he just saying the right thing to seduce her? Or did he mean what he said? She couldn’t ignore the thrill his words gave her.

She smiled and leaned forward at his urging then widened her eyes as he ran the sponge along her spine down to the crack in her butt. The touch of his tongue against the nape of her neck sent a rush of desire pummeling through her, driving all pretense away. Reaching behind her, she laid her back against his chest and slid her hand around his neck. “Jimmy.”

He answered by moving both hands around her and tugging her closer. Using the sponge, he washed her breasts, his warm breath tingling her skin. Her pussy tightened as he circled her nipple with the sponge and used his thumb to circle the other.

She shivered then ran her hand behind her to graze his cock. His shaft twitched at her touch, and she smiled, satisfied with the power she held over him.

“Easy, baby. You wouldn’t want me to end this too soon, would you?”

“With just a touch?”

“It could happen. With your touch.”

She might be able to make him come with her touch, but he could make her come with his words alone. He took her hips and rocked against her. He blew into her ear then raked his teeth down her neck to bite the curve of her shoulder.

Again, she reached behind her to take his cock and slide her hand along the sleek length. She could feel the veins that lined him, the swell of his mushroom cap. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the warmth of his desire flowing into her palm.

“Damn, that’s good.” He bumped against her harder then moved his hands to her stomach. Reaching lower, he parted her folds and slipped his finger between them to the sensitive nub. She moaned, letting go of him to clutch her breasts.

“That’s it, babe. Pinch your nipples.”

She pinched them and wiggled her bottom against his shaft. He sped up, increasing the pressure on her clit until she quivered, moaning with the need to release the delicious torment racking her body. He nipped her, continuing the movement of his hand. The bites, the slip of his tongue over her skin stoked the fire blazing inside her, and she wondered if the steam rising above the water came from the heat of the bath or the heat escaping from within her.

Kissing her shoulder, he held on to her as she rode his hand, squeezing his fingers and trapping him with her legs. Heat flowed over her clit then spread into her abdomen. She cried out and gripped his legs, digging her fingers into him to keep her grounded. At last, she let go, releasing one orgasm only to follow it with a bigger one. She shuddered, making small waves that flowed outward.

“Turn around.”

She moved to face him. Jimmy kissed her forcefully, his tongue diving into her mouth, licking up every taste. She moaned and felt the heat start again.

When she thought she couldn’t hold on any longer, he broke the kiss. She gasped, dragging in much-needed air. He chuckled then trailed his kisses along her shoulder to dip lower and take her nipple. He tugged her tit, first sucking and then using his teeth. She arched, silently urging him to take more.

Cupping the other breast, he took turns, moving between them, sucking, nipping, biting. She braced her hands on his shoulders and dug her fingernails into his skin. Grabbing her ass with his hands, he lifted her, spreading her legs to straddle him.

Taking her face between his hands, he met her gaze. “I’ve wanted you from the first second I saw you.”

She swallowed, her mouth going dry. The truth hit her, hard and fast. “I felt the same way.”

He palmed her cheek. “Nothing’s going to stop me now.”

“Not even a big pig?” She made a funny face just to hear his laugh.

“Not a chance in hell.”

Letting out a growl, he plunged into her, driving hard and deep as he thrust his hips upward. She gasped, pressed her breasts against his chest, and rocked against him. Water and bubbles sloshed around them to splash over the edge of the tub. She held on with her hands, her pussy tightening around him.

“Harder, Jimmy, harder.”

He roared his answer and slid down into the water until only the tops of his shoulders showed above the splashing waves. Impossibly, she took him deeper inside her. He shoved his shaft into her again and again, his hands holding her hips to keep her on top of him, his mouth on her taut nipples.

Her body tightened, readying for yet another release.

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