Clearly Blue (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,801
11 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, MM, HEA]

Undeniably, relentlessly blue.

Without doubt, Jacen Blue had lived up to his surname, experiencing significant trauma through most of his life, until the night he tried to end it. The best method - drowning himself in a stranger’s pool. However, things don’t go to plan when fate / famous horror author Ezra Omen intervenes.

The mysterious, radical and self-absorbed writer quickly takes interest in the nineteen-year-old, asking him to move in and in turn, revitalizing his life. Feelings quickly become mutual when Jace finds there is much more to his renowned new housemate.

Things abruptly change from passionate to complicated though when Ezra’s bubbly and gorgeous estranged wife, Anika Omen, moves back in. Jace can’t help but grow attached to her too, and begins to wonder if there is in fact a good and a bad Omen, and whether he’s fallen for the right one. Despite the challenges on the horizon for Jace, his life certainly deviates from blue to red hot.

Clearly Blue (MM)
11 Ratings (5.0)

Clearly Blue (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,801
11 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Very captivating novel! Had me from the very start, right until the end. Thankyou much much A. C. LIBERTY!
I am so thoroughly impressed by this novel. I have never read an erotica so deep and intense. From the very first page I was drawn in and I could not stop reading. The characterisation is brilliant, thought provoking and real. This keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole novel because the characters are so easy to connect with and I empathised with them so strongly. Especially Blue and Anika. It was almost as though the author painted such a good picture in my head of everyone and each "scene" it felt similar to watching a film.
The tension between Omen and Blue grows so organically, and reaches such a raw and emotionally unbridled level its enthralling.

I was moved. It was dark, gritty yet also very hot and sexual with still time surprisingly, to have a good dash of humour.

I re-read and found that reading even more captivating, the subtle things that Liberty has sprinkled in which you only realise after a second read is really impressive. I really appreciated the ending, yet like when you finish a good television series or movie, I feel a little lost. Regardless, this is one of the most moving books I have read in forever.


My heart was in my throat as I walked outside to the pool, the autobiography flapped open in one hand, that tiny runt of a cat in my other arm, a scowl furrowing my forehead. As I came to the end of the pool, I sat and dipped my feet in, putting the kitty down to chase a butterfly. I watched Omen’s magnificent muscles as he swam back from the other end toward me. The water was warm that day, the sun was blaring, and the whole feel of the area was completely different. It made me realise how crazy life was, and that when the second hand wasn’t wrapped around your neck, time could be kind.

As he came up for air, Omen looked like a god of the water himself. Poseidon maybe. Then again, if Hades was as hot as well, Hades. That seemed to suit him better. I was immediately hard with lust. He brushed his long hair back from his handsome face and overly affectionately rested an arm on my leg, wetting my knees just as my precum wet the inside of my briefs. I’d forgotten why I had stormed out there in the first place.

‘You coming in?’ He smiled handsomely. ‘Just promise me you won’t inhale the water this time?’

I shook my head, like I was trying to get him out of it, but the truth was nothing would.

‘Whatcha reading there?’ he asked, and went to touch the book.

I closed it and threw it to the side, startling Calibri who had the butterfly in her mouth. She let it go in shock. I’d wrecked her prospect for an early lunch.

I was exasperated from what I had read so far. ‘When you were eleven, you witnessed your father shoot your mother in the face with a double barrel. How…how has that not come up? How have you dealt with that?’ I blurted out, astonished and blown away by the trauma the man had endured. He leant his chin on my knee and looked up at me with his deep brown eyes. It took my breath away.

‘Well,’ he replied. ‘For starters, I didn’t drown myself,’ he baited condescendingly, and I went to absolutely bite his head off, but before I even could, he launched from the pool, grabbed me unexpectedly around the middle, and dragged me straight into the water, shorts, T-shirt, and all.

It took me way off guard, and I clung to him, his strong, bulky muscles holding me as we both went under. The lukewarm pool water was still jolting to my body, yet this time I entered the water I wasn’t full of despair. I was full of an abundance of emotions, but I couldn’t describe any of them at that point. All I knew was I loved the feeling of him close to me, so I chose to escape that before I couldn’t take it any longer, whatever that meant. As he brought me up for air, I pushed him away and tried not to laugh.

‘You’re a fucking dick,’ I snarled, wiping the water from my face, as I shoved him back.

‘Says you! I’m trying to have a relaxed swim, and you wanna come interrupt me with my bullshit past.’

I felt a stone drop to the pit of my stomach at how truly insensitive I had been. Regardless, I snarled back. ‘You told me to read it.’

‘I didn’t think you gave a shit,’ he laughed, and my God, I loved it when he laughed. He paddled near me and I pushed at his shoulder.

‘You shouldn’t have written it if you didn’t want people to know.’

‘I don’t care what people know. Life is trash for everyone. If someone reading my trauma makes them feel like they haven’t had it as tough, or if they then know they can follow their dreams regardless of what’s happened to them, then I’ve done my job,’ he said with feeling, as we paddled there together.

I ran my hands through my hair, watching him with uncertainty as water dripped from the end of my nose. It was endearing and I truly wanted to say so. He really was something, so admirable, yet in an unrestrained and unorthodox way. I felt my heart racing as his leg touched mine under the water. I didn’t speak a word, but he read me like a book, like I’d handed him a transcript of my inner monologue.

‘Hey, don’t get all sappy on me,’ he laughed, and splashed water in my face.

I shook my head and sniggered, the freshness of the salt water breaking me out of my seriousness. I splashed him back, and then something took over me, as though my body moved of its own merit. I jumped at him, trying to dunk him under. He threw me back off him with ease, and then grabbed me, laughing.

‘I’d dunk you too, but you probably wouldn’t want to come up so…’ His blasé concept of suicide was offensive, and yet, it got me out of that dark place. He always did. He didn’t take anything or anyone too seriously, and that was something I adored about him. He was more fucked up than me, and yet, I think he enjoyed it. It made him who he was and that was incredibly attractive.




‘I want you to know I don’t, but…you don’t regret anything, do you?’ I asked softly, so frightened of the answer. But the one I got was more than I could ever have wished for. He moved forward, put his hand to my chin, and gently tilted my face so he could kiss me meaningfully on the lips. He tasted phenomenal, and I revelled in him for a moment, my erection growing instantly. Pulling back, he then said something to me huskily, something that sent shivers down my spine and made goose bumps erupt over my whole being.

‘The only thing I regret is not taking you up on what you said to me, about me having free rein over your body. I wanted to start gentle of course, please you, because that’s my first priority always. But I haven’t been able to stop thinking about all the things I want to do to you.’

I was beside myself with desire, as I watched the same emotion fog over his eyes. I was quaking, but I acted instinctively because I wanted to please him.

‘Don’t regret a thing…’ I breathed, and suddenly I was possessed with an urge to please. ‘Everything I said last night still stands.’ My eyes were begging him to make a move, and he didn’t disappoint after I said something that I could see drove him wild. ‘Use me as you will.’

He made a small noise of satisfaction, and I didn’t even know myself as I then did something so instinctively, because I was desperate to gratify him. I grabbed at his wrist and pulled his hand from my chin, and seductively slid his index finger into my mouth, lapping my tongue around it, sucking on it, wishing it were his impressive cock. My blue eyes tempted him, and I watched his mouth part with want. He looked at me as though he wished to devour me, and it immediately sent pleasure to my groin out of pure reaction.

His words sounded strangled, like he was having trouble controlling himself. I didn’t know what act he was talking about entirely at that point, but I didn’t care as he confessed something in a guttural drawl. ‘I want it to be rough, but I don’t want you to feel—’

I cut him off, withdrawing his finger from my mouth and almost begging him to do his worst. ‘I want it rough, anything…’ I promised, and I watched his face contort into a look of complete and utter lust, like he could no longer control himself. I was grateful, for I wanted him to unleash on me, and yet I was also a little fearful of what was next. Though in the most arousing way possible. I wanted to see every side of him, know everything about him, have him express each and every desire that ever crossed his mind.

Suddenly he ripped his blue T-shirt up and over his head, throwing it onto the bench beside us, revealing his Greek god like physique. Then he unsheathed me from my black shirt. Everything was happening so fast, and before I could take a breath, he was at my mouth, passionately kissing me again. I felt my heart erupt in my chest or in his possession, wherever it was located, as he ran his hands up through my hair. Drawing my tongue into his mouth, he sucked on it seductively before doing something that, just with the movement, took my arousal to such a level I was shaking uncontrollably. I involuntarily began to salivate. He broke from our kiss and pushed on my shoulders, forcing me to my knees. I felt them hit the floor and, in doing so, reverberate want through my entire being.

That moment I looked up at him with my bright blue eyes, I knew it sent him into a new level of lust. I watched, mesmerised, biting my lip, as he undid his belt, the clack of the metal echoing around us. The mammoth mound of his arousal was teasing me, and thank fuck I didn’t have to wait too long, because before I knew it, he was at his fly. I was so eager I was helping him pull down his jeans and underwear in one. I was completely shaken as his huge cock sprung free. I was aware it was large, but having his perfectly thick, well-over-nine-inch circumcised member right in front of my face made me groan with want. His flushed knob was leaking precum, and I tried to mentally map every part of his nakedness—the well-manicured hair framing his delightful cock, the substantial vein that ran up the underside of it, those smaller ones branching off, his well-hung heavy-set balls. He was everything I imagined and more. Even the masculine scent of him was seducing me. It was abundant sensory overload.

‘You like what you see?’ he murmured.

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